Sunday, February 1, 2015

Download WebOS TV SDK v2.0.0

LG just announced at CES 2015 the new WebOS 2.0 for TVs making it faster than the version 1.0.

All the information for download the SDK you can find it here below and on the LG developer site.

Web SDK v2.0.0

webOS TV SDK is a tool that provides developers with tools for webOS TV web app development and emulator for testing. 

On January 2015, webOS TV v2.0 is released. For the supported webOS TV platform version, see Supported Platform Version for each SDK. Here below are key features you shouldn't miss at webOS TV SDK v2.0.0.

  • Choosing SDK version and emulator versions to install with installer.
  • Faster app creation speed and support for symbolic link file in app packaging.
  • Bundle browser, Chromium, is provided for app testing and debugging.
  • Emulates webOS TV v2.0 and changing remote control emulator skin is available in the emulator.
  • Packaging, installing and launching an app with simplified step in IDE and Sublime plugin.
  • Controlling apps on a target through IDE and code samples can be imported to IDE by drag-and-drop.
  • Auto-completion and snippets are supported in Sublime plugin. 

For detailed features of webOS TV SDK, see Release Notes. 

System Requirements

webOS TV SDK v2.0.0 Download

See the Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions. 

  • Using SDK package, you cannot choose the component 'Emulator v1.2.0' to install.
  • In case webOS TV SDK v1.2.0 is installed on your computer, do not use 'Add Components' and use 'Update Components' for updating existing components to the recent version.


Download the proper installer. With installer, you can choose whether to install the SDK through network installation or SDK package. Also, you can choose the SDK version and emulator versions to install through network installation.

SDK Package

Download the proper SDK package. To install through network installation, the SDK package is not required.

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