Monday, June 2, 2014

Apple`s iOS8 is catching up Palm WebOS features after 5 years.

Francisco De Jesùs.

Opinion: Apple steals more Palm WebOS features in iOS8.

Apple today went big on their announcement about their new OS updates on their Mac and iOS devices with their Mac OS X 10 along with iOS 8. Amongst the announcement from Apple came their latest feature which they like to call " continuity" allowing users to easily share data across devices that are powered by apple operating systems. And of course, Apple being Apple(no pun intended) they like to brag about their superiority of their software operating system(name calling other OSes inferior to theirs) unveiling features like if they are the first ones to introduce or innovate them. They introduce others features like an improved "spotlight" search and improvements to the Apple App Store such as mobile "app previews". 

One thing that Apple neglected to mention is where did they stole those features, one of the saddest thing is that im sure most of the bloggers and tech journalist will praise Apple for their innovative features like "continuity" that allows users to share data and answer calls from tablets to phones. Those features that many journalist will write in their blogs, those exact same new feature that they are padding themselves of the back(meaning Apple Inc) for making them available for their operating system has been available for years in Palm WebOS. 

Lets see at a closer look, the features that were stolen from WebOS: 

Apple's continuity in iOS 8: The ability of sharing data across devices have been dreamt by programers for centuries, and slowly mobile operating system creators had integrated into operating system from palm WebOS to blackberry 10 and even android. But never an operating system has impressed me on that level of integration like Palm WebOS, with it's synergy functionality. Even today, no OS has been able to match its functionality despite of its competitors cheaply copying its feature like Apple and even Google. Talking about copying or stealing features, Apple introduced today, continuity in iOS 8 giving users the ability to sync and hare data across of those functionality in continuity is the way users can receive text and make calls on the iPad and iPhone. 

Journalist right now are writing articles about continuity and how ingenious it is, let them remind those tech bloggers someone else created those exact features way before Apple even thought of adding that to the mac os X and iOS and that company was "Palm" yep! That's right take that, Apple fanboys bloggers. The ability to share data/calls or text has been capable thanks to WebOS when I pair a Pre 3 smartphone to my TouchPad tablet (via touch to share) making it easy to receive texts or calls on the touchpad tablet giving me(users) freedom to answers calls directly on my tablet or phone even while they are charging across the room thanks to WebOS. And lets not forget when user pairs a touchpad tablet to an HP Veer or Pre 3 smartphone via Bluetooth, anyone can view or reply a SMS text message conversation with a friend while it shows up in the messaging application in one easy convenient thread. 

Apple's spotlight for iOS 8: Apple in spotlight has been giving users the ability to search contacts or content from their phones, all while having the capability to search in files, photos and music. Today, Apple added more functionality to their spotlight feature on iOS 8, giving users to search through the Apple's App Store apps or now also on emails as well. Again someone has to remind Apple, that those features has been invented by "Palm" and it's simply named "JustType" a navigation bar in top of the home screen that allows for quick search through the phone, palm catalog and website simply by typing on it from phone home screen.

App Store app previews: Apple announcement some pretty decent upgrades to their App Store in iOS 8. The latest feature is called "app previews" giving users videos or description on the application that they are viewing on the App Store. Developers can embed videos on the app preview page to give users easier way to see what an app is capable of doing once it's installed on the device. Palm app catalog has been doing that since the beginnings of the creation of the palm catalog, palm open up the catalog with the ability for developers to attach videos describing their apps on the catalog. Since Apple, was the one introducing it on a big event today to the press is daunted across the web as the milestone of innovation.


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