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Samsung Smart TVs using hand motions and voice commands Tizen OS powered coming in 2015.

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Samsung Smart TVs using hand motions and voice commands with Tizen OS powered might be coming to the public sometime in 2015.

The company will unveil its software development kit (SDK) for the Tizen OS-based TVs, in the three-day-long Tizen developer conference that kicks off in San Francisco on Monday. Tizen OS SDK can allow software developers to easily make new applications critical for improving user experience.

Tizen is an open source operating system, similar to Google's Android, and is being promoted by Samsung, Intel, Huawei, KT, SK Telecom, NTT Docomo and Panasonic. Samsung has played a leading role in the development of Tizen, which has been used on some of its latest wearables such as its Gear smart watches.
The company said that the SDK to be shown for the first time will be the Beta version of the hypertext markup language 5 standard, which makes it very easy for independent software developers to make new applications.
The Beta version will be available for download from the company's online developers forum site ( starting in early July.
Samsung also said that another SDK version of Tizen that is to be released later in the year will be set up so people can more easily make animation applications, and permit owners to operate smart TVs using hand motions and voice commands.
This system is, moreover, expected to offer better connectivity with various mobiles devices and wearables that can expand the scope of applications that can be developed.
Press Release:
* The Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK is the world’s first TV SDK based on an open platform offering a seamless user interface and debugging functions for easier app development. 
Samsung Improves Development Environment and Announces Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK .
Samsung Electronics announced plans to release Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK, marking the industry’s first Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows developers to build applications for the Tizen-based TV. 
Samsung’s Tizen-based TV SDK Beta will be available early July following the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco from June 2–4th. The Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK Beta supports the HTML5 standard through its framework called Caph and enables developers to write apps that run on a Tizen OS –based TVs. 
“We are excited to offer app developers the opportunity to experience this new platform in advance with the release of Beta SDK,” said YoungKi Byun, Vice President of Visual Display Business S/W R&D Team, Samsung Electronics. “With the ultimate goal of expanding the TV ecosystem for apps, we will continue our efforts to provide innovative functions and improve the development environment.” 
Samsung’s new SDK marks the industry’s first attempt at significantly improving the development ecosystem by offering new technologies such as an interface for virtual TV apps development. Developers can now virtually see all necessary TV functions without a physical TV. Developers can also remotely modify code on their PCs with the new debugging feature, whereas in the past they had to connect directly to the TV’s software to correct application errors. 
With increasingly sophisticated animation effects and designs, the Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK Beta also features various scenarios including Smart Interaction, allowing users to control their TVs with simple hand gestures and voice commands; and multi-screen, which can be used to link a TV with various devices including mobile and wearable gadgets. 
The launch of Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK represents another step in Samsung’s larger efforts to encourage innovation in the developer community and enable full flexibility in UX design. Samsung will continue to actively work with Tizen to enable developers and operators to extend their reach to other connected devices. 
Samsung’s Tizen-based TV SDK can be downloaded at the Samsung Developers Forum website,, starting in early July, 2014.

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