Sunday, November 1, 2015

Apple`s products vintage and obsolete.

iPhone products obsolete in the U.S., Asia-Pacific, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Latin America: iPhone (original)

According to Wikipedia , currently Apple classifies discontinued products in three categories: Vintage, Obsolete or Legacy, based on the level of support they continue to provide. Apple's current hardware support policy provides for service and repair of products for up to five years following their discontinuation, except only in California, USA (as required by statute), where products are guaranteed service for up to seven years after being discontinued. 

Products which fall into this additional two-year window are referred to as Vintage.

Products which have been discontinued for more than seven years are considered Obsolete and no service of any kind is offered, nor parts obtainable from Apple.

All the Apple`s products listed as vintage and obsolete at this time are available on a long list on APPLE `s site.

On December 8, 2015, the products listed here will be also classified as either vintage or obsolete in Asia-Pacific, Canada, Europe, Japan, Latin America, the United States, and Apple Retail Stores, as well.

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