Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cube mini cameras war: Polaroid is suing GoPro.

In 2014, Polaroid Polaroid launched Cube, a video camera as  a compact cube.

A few months later, GoPro did the same with his Hero4 Session, which has a similar design, but has different specifications.

Now Polaroid is suing on the grounds that GoPro is a plagiarism of his small cube-shaped chamber.

C & A Marketing, which produces Polaroid cameras, GoPro said had infringed the patent of American design.

Polaroid Cube was launched in 2014.

The manufacturer of the Cube is demanding that sales must be suspended and  to paid the profits generated by GoPro this model, plus an unspecified amount of money.

An expert told the BBC that GoPro might have to find similar designs in the public domain prior to the patent Polaroid to defend his product.

Legal battle

"Design patents are a series of drawings with a brief description of what the pictures show," said attorney Rob Jackson bouquet.

GoPro Hero4 Session has lagged far behind in sales expectations

"It's all about protecting an aesthetic. The fact that the design is simple, it does not mean that you can not protect. C & A Marketing try to prove that the product GoPro is too similar to yours."

Both cameras have a lens on one side, with a record button on another. In a statement, C & A Marketing, said: "We have invested considerable resources in the design and development of a unique product with Polaroid Cube".

"It has rounded edges, a slightly recessed lens and a single button on the top, all major design elements and used by GoPro in its Hero4 Session".

Meanwhile GoPro replied: "In addition to developing the Session Hero4 long before a rival announced its product or request a patent, Hero4 Session does not infringe the patent of the competition altogether because its design is not similar and does not include features required by the patent competitor. "

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