Thursday, November 5, 2015

The drops that reduce eye cataracts.

 A compound  could reduce cataratc eye disease that leads to loss of vision. The magazine Sciencie reported that the product reduces the cloud associated with cataracts, making it a potential treatment for the disease. 

This condition affects more than 20 million people worldwide and is the most common cause of blindness. In many cases it can be treated with surgery, but that option leaves out the people of impoverished countries. 

Cataracts occur when proteins that are located in the lens, called crystal, are damaged, incorrectly folded inside the eye and become insoluble masses. 

Specifically, αA-crystallin (CRYAA) and  αB-crystal (CRYAB), are the  crystal proteins  responsible for the dissolution of other proteins and favoring the formation of age-related cataracts. eye disease that leads to loss of vision. 

Cristalino con problemas por catartas. Foto:

To stabilize these proteins, Leah Makled team from the University of Michigan (USA), undertook to identify molecules that were capable of that result. 

 After analyzing 2.450 compounds, it was observed that the mixture 29 was able to fit perfectly between two crystal protein subunits CRYAB, achieving the stabilization. 

The drops could partially reverse cataract in mice and in human samples studied lenses outside the organism. Although it is only a test, the experiment is encouraging for patients with cataracts.

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