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Apple: iPad2 is coming for 1Q 2011 ?

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Ipad 2 is coming for 1Q  2011 ?

Reports are saying Apple have already finalized biden : Tripod Technology and TTM Technologies as their initial printed circuit board suppliers.  These three companies will supply Apple with any-layer HDI boards for the iPad 2. Apple already uses any-layer HDI boards in iPhone 4, fourth generation iPod touch and iPad. Four more suppliers would be added in February 2011 when shipments of iPad 2 start ramping up.

Back in September, research analysts stated that the iPad 2 would be slimmer and will have mini-USB. Honestly, I doubt Apple would ever go for mini-USB. Steve Jobs himself pointed that even Intel doesn't think that it's time for USB 3.0 yet, so forget the USB port. 

We believe is that the iPad 2 will sport front facing VGA camera for FaceTime and if the screen size is scaled down then Apple would certainly use Retina Display.

Did you get an opportunity to get your hands on the Apple iPad in India? It won't surprise me if you answer in the negative. Apple is yet to release the iPad tablet in several countries including India, but it continues to work up on its Annual Product Cycle schedule. While the first generation iPad is yet to get multi-tasking and other new features, Apple is busy working on the second generation iPad - we're calling it iPad 2. 

What iOS version will come on it?

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