Monday, November 29, 2010

eReading: Hanvon e-Reader aims to be first with color e-Ink.

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The color e-Reader was shown off recently at a trade show in Japan and will be available in China from March next year.

Although the question of color regularly comes up in the debate over which e-Reader format is best, a number of manufacturers have chosen to adopt a wait and see approach and state that customers want vibrant color. Currently, all color e-Readers are LCD

E-Ink offers low power consumption and being readable in direct sunlight , with most users saying that they're also easier on the eyes than LCD. But LCD does have the multimedia trump card – in fact, Hanvon's new color e-Ink reader won't be able handle any fast moving video images and the colors won't be as sharp as on LCD.

Hanvon's color e-Ink reader will have a 9.68-inch touchscreen, giving it a page size about the equivalent of a sheet of A4 paper. It will use the latest Triton screen launched by E Ink Holdings where a colored filter array is added in front of the black and white e-Ink display to create a color effect. Triton technology offers 4096 colors, a viewing angle of almost 180 degrees and resolution capabilities in excess of 200 dpi.

The device will be both Wi-Fi and 3G capable but it's not been revealed exactly how much storage will be included – Hanvon saying only that there'll be room for thousands of e-books. Unofficial sources state 2GB of solid state memory with microSD expansion and also indicate that the device will run on a Freescale processor and Windows CE 6.0.

Not quite as bright as LCD but benefits from long battery life and can be viewed in direct sunlight.

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