Friday, November 19, 2010

Palm webOS: Palm Mansion 5 inches display for 1Q 2011 ?

WorldWideTech. Francisco De Jesús.

Rumor mill. About a few months ago was rumored about a Palm  Mansion smartphone with a fully touchscreen device with 800 x 480 WVGA display.

Now GoRumors have recieved some kind of leaked private information from a trusty Palm person , that Palm is working in a new device with a  slightly bigger than 5 inches screen display .

It remenbers me the Dell Streak tablet/phone 5 inches device.

The name of this apparently new Palm Mansion device  is not confirmed yet.

The source is confirming a launch for the end of the 1Q 2011: March.

I really hope Palm will come sometime with a new stunning harware  with great features in and no physical keyboard, just a virtual one with excellent performance.

At CES 2011 Jan 6-9, HP/Palm will annnounce at least 2 new mobile devices, the Palm Pad and the Palm new smartphone hardware with a bigger screen display. Will see.

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