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What is Jolicloud 1.1 ?

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From the Jolicloud Blog:
Jolicloud 1.1 is an upgrade of Jolicloud 1.0 that resynchronizes our back-end operating system with the Long Term Support (LTS) provided by Ubuntu. The previous version of Jolicloud was synced on Jaunty (9.04), with an upgrade of selected packages from Lucid (10.04). This upgrade will provide a three year maintenance update, up to April 2013.
Jolicloud is all about the experience, the elegance, and the performance, providing the best possible user interface with an efficient operating system. This is why we have developed our own front end leveraging HTML5 technologies on top of the Chromium browser. Therefore, Jolicloud doesn’t need to upgrade all of the user-interface packages included in Maverick.
This release is designed to upgrade the components required to improve battery life, system stability, supported hardware, and overall quality of the operating system.
We’ve worked hard to provide the most out-of-the-box experience with Jolicloud 1.1. This is what makes us stand out from other operating systems. By providing support for exotic components (like Nvidia ION, Intel Poulsbo, and touchscreens) and enhancing support for the latest CPU hardware (like the new Atom N550), you will find that Jolicloud 1.1 provides the best level of experience on all types of computers, not only netbooks.

Below is a summary of the software changes introduced by Jolicloud 1.1. By using Jolicloud, you will have access to the latest, most stable software on the most fun and user friendly operating system available.
·         Resync to Lucid (10.04) for base packages
o    Maintained by Ubuntu for security and bug-fix purposes for three years.
o    Future patches from Maverick (10.10) will be released under Jolicloud 1.1.
·         Kernel upgraded to
o    Faster bootup/suspend/resume.
o    Latest drivers for WiFi, video cards, sound cards, and webcams.
o    Automatically integrated Poulsbo, Nvidia, and Broadcom enhanced drivers that work out-of-the-box. No need to manually install any drivers or modules.
o    Newly optimized kernel selected for Atom CPUs, further enhancing the performance of the latest Atom N450 and N550 hardware.
o    For all other non-netbook hardware, a standard kernel is used to maintain legacy support.
· upgraded to X11R7.5
o    Better touchscreen support
o    Better accelerated video support
o    Support for newly released video hardware
·         Gnome, Nautilus, and Metacity upgraded to 2.30
o    Better battery life
o    Faster system startup time
o    Better external monitor support
·         Plymouth used for boot-up theme
o    New animated and graphical boot splash screen
o    Cleaner boot-up and shut-down experience
·         SLiM Login Manager
o    Simpler and faster than GDM
·         Ubiquity and OEM-config upgraded to 2.2.25
o    More user-friendly installation process
·         Miscellaneous internal OS upgrades
o    Mostly non-critical bug fixes and feature enhancements from upstream Debian software vendors.
o    Many internal libraries and command-line programs upgraded, like zip, wget, gcc, xterm, etc.
·         PackageKit 0.6.8 to manage packages
o    Easy installation and upgrade of packages through our HTML5 interface
·         Upgraded native apps
o    VLC 1.1.4
o    Chromium 7.0
o    Dropbox 0.6.3
o    Abiword 2.8.2
o    Banshee 1.6.1
o    Firefox 3.6.10
o    Gimp 2.6.8
o    Miro 3.0.1
o 3.2.1
The Jolicloud 1.1 tester release should be available shortly for download so you can see these improvements for yourself.

The jolicloud version 1.0 is available for download  here:


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