Monday, November 29, 2010

UK: Motorola Milestone 2 Now Available

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Costing £379.99 it can be bought online, SIM free and unlocked from Expansys.
The handset features Android 2.2 and MotoBLUR plus 3.7 inch 480×854 touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera, 8GB of internal storage and a slide out QWERTY keyboard.
MotoBLUR is Motorola’s newish networking system that overlays the operating system. It allows for the transmission of Facebook, Twitter and email and text messages straight to the home screen of the handset.
Further, MotoBLUR also backs up all of the Milestone 2 content to an online account. This facility is very useful if you happen to lose or damage your phone. The content can also be transferred to a new device.
MotoBLUR also allows tracking of a lost or stolen phone. If required this feature it will allow the information on the Milestone 2 to be wiped, thus protecting it.
Incidentally, the Motorola Milestone 2 is not the same phone as Motorola’s Milestone XT720.
If you are thinking of getting your hands on this new phone, but don’t want to pay out nearly £380 for one, unfortunately you might be unlucky.
It seems, like the Palm Pre 2, the UK networks are not offering the new Milestone on any contract. It isn’t clear why this is happening. Some experts think that the cost of subsidising expensive phones such as the Motorola Milestone may be becoming too high. Consequently, the networks are getting a little picky as to which devices they will offer; perhaps more so, since Apple recently tried to bypass the networks, albeit without success.

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