Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Palm webOS:Jon Rubinstein: aggressively rolling out new devices. 12-18 new smartphones?

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Today at web 2.0 summit live stream we watched to Jon Rubinstein  SVP-GM  of Palm Global Business Unit HP, speaking about their projects , here are some parts of his speech:

“Several products that will clearly be hits when they come out“,

aggressively rolling out new devices. Pool will grow dramatically in next 12-18 devices.

That includes a "great tablet," which is coming soon. Rubinstein didn't provide any specifics about the tablet, like when it would actually hit the market.
He said HP has a separate group working on Windows tablets, and it made one for corporate customers that is selling well , that sounded like he was saying WebOS will be for consumers, and Windows will be for corporations.

Concluding the event, an audience member asked for a timeframe for smartphones and tablets. “Stay tuned. We’ve got some great things coming.

 I am very happy they are not giving up at all.  12-18 devices for 2011 mean an average of 4 smartphones every 3 months and 2 tablets every 6 months.

The Palm Pad in my opinion is the priority number one for 2011 and that will be announced first in CES 2011. The Palm Pad with the Palm Pre 2 will be showed syncronizing , pairing each other and making HP 
e-print friendly demos.

Unless they want to launch the first  group of 4 new smartphones on March 2011. They will give us a hint at CES 2011.

February 2011 the rumor, buzzes and leaked screen shots will start coming up for the new Palm smartphones.

If you are a Palm webOS fan stay tuned for what is up next.

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