Monday, November 25, 2013

13 years old boy Quin Etnyre, teaches engineering at MIT. Video.

13 years old boy Quin Etnyre, teaches engineering at MIT. Video.

In the past three years , Quin Etnyre , 13 , learned to program electronics and created his own company.

Recently, he began teaching students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ) , one of the most prestigious schools in the world and technological development.

Quin teaches Arduino , a system for minicomputers that combine with open source software , easy to program , designed for people with no advanced engineering expertise to design all kinds of devices.

One objective is to revolutionize education and advocates the introduction of methods in schools to help children learn electronics programming.

" A special gift "

His parents, who have no training in engineering , which have proved very young Quin have a special gift .

According to his mother , from the beginning realized that his son had engineering skills , because I loved align all kinds of things and do puzzles. In only three years, and solve mathematical problems.

With Arduino modules , Quin has managed all kinds of devices, from robotic cleaner cap called a " gas cap " , an invention that has more to do with something you usually interest a child his age : farts .

What made Quin is to incorporate a methane sensor in a small device able to connect wirelessly to a cap full of lights .

The device goes into the pocket and when it carries a gas flops, methane sensors detect it and signal to the cap that makes the lights come on . A higher concentration of methane have higher intensity lights .

Interactive technology.

A year ago Quin founded his first company , Qtechknow dedicated to distributing welding equipment for beginners and intermediate interface boards for users.

It also offers a full to learn programming on the Arduino platform team .

Thanks to his passion for Arduino, now dedicated to teaching other children and adults in classes such as the MIT Club .

In five years, Quin wants to pursue his career at MIT to one day become an educator and an electronics engineer .

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