Monday, November 11, 2013

The Next Future: Curved, Bended and Foldable mobile devices are around the corner. Samsung FOLDIPLAY coming. Video.

The Next Future: Curved, Bended and Foldable mobile devices are around the corner. Video.

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Samsung LCD prototype:
foldable display samsung samsung display concepts for flexible / rollable OLED display

Flexible Display -1

Flexible Display

After the launch of  the two first smartphones with flexible display by Samsung as Round and LG  as Flex, the world of mobiles will see a new age of devices coming in the near future no more than 2 years from now, with the possibility of taking advantage of the new flexible display technology for to get besides curved, bendable/foldable smartphones and tablets.

Even a flexphone/tablet combination is very possible. Easy to carry , easy to fold and put in your shirt pocket or just in your wallet

All will depend on how accurate the working results will be, for transmitting all the information together across the smart flexible display and how the mobile OS will respond the communications challenge in and out of the mobile device for the user in a world now used to share everything possible with others, for personal use and for business.

Promises are yet to bring curved, bended and  foldable devices from 2013 to 2015, as you can see below on Samsung`s Timeline Technology Development, called FOLDIPLAY.

The first concepts were out before the curved Round and Flex, and you can read about them on the  pdf for download , after the pictures below:

metas samsung pantallas plegables Samsung conceptos de visualización para flexible / pantalla OLED enrollable

display foldable display concepts for samsung Samsung flexible / rollable OLED display

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