Friday, November 29, 2013

China opens a futurisitic airport terminal.

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Are you stunned, wowed and still with your mouth open? Yes I was like that and saying: what a beautiful design.

It is the new avant garde and eco-friendly terminal of Bao'an International Airport in Shenzhen, in southern China .

Estel futuristic building , 40 kilometers from Hong Kong , replaces three airport terminals , which closed operations on Wednesday after three tests in the new facility.

Shenzhen 's new terminal , designed by Italian architecture firm , FUKSAS , looks like a mocha , commonly known as a flying line.

Is the connection : the Chinese word meaning " blessed " sounds like " mocha  (mobula)" .

The new terminal , which cost 1,400 million dollars, according to reports, is three times larger than the current combined terminals and offers space for 76 aircraft .

The terminal has 200 counters for registering and approximately 200 stores .

The new terminal measures 451,000 square meters. Although far from being the largest city in China ( the new Terminal 3 of Beijing is approximately double ) might be one of the greenest .

It is the first airport in China that has a solar power plant of 10 megawatts , equivalent to the energy consumed by 10,000 homes in a month.

Ceiling windows , honeycomb , allow maximum penetration of sunlight, thereby reducing energy consumption .

Rainwater is collected and recycled in toilets and for watering plants is inside.

It also has 116 columns in a tree that fulfill three tasks : air conditioning, public address system and fire fighting equipment .

A way to go.

" My only regret of this project is that the metro line is not completed along with the terminal ," the spokesman transport committee of Shenzhen, Huang Min, said at the press conference launch.

The old terminals remain connected to the city via the metro line 1 .

The new metro line connecting the new terminal with the city will not be ready until 2016. In addition, a five-star airport hotel with 404 rooms is under construction.

The future of existing terminals not yet decided, but some proposals are turning them into shopping malls , exhibition centers or terminal for business jets and low-cost airlines , according to Zhang .

The Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport opened in 1991. Last year, concentrated transporting over 29 million passengers and over 855,000 tonnes of cargo.

With a growth of 18% per year , it is expected that the new terminal two tracks manage 45 million passengers and two million tons of cargo annually.

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