Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On battery life the Samsung Galaxy S4 beats them all.

On battery life the Samsung Galaxy S4 beats them all.

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iPhones still can’t match the battery capacity of those in the best Android phones.

The  Samsung Galaxy S4 managed an incredible 1,051 minutes of calls (that’s over 17 and a half hours!) or 405 minutes online.

The HTC One gave the second longest call time, managing 771 minutes , though it only came fourth in the internet test (339 minutes).

Samsung’s compact version of its flagship handset, the S4 Mini came third in call tests (746 minutes) and second in internet head to heads (394 minutes).

The new iPhone 5c lasted for 564 minutes of calls or 252 minutes online. Meanwhile, the battery in the iPhone 5s ran out after 651 minutes of calls or 298 minutes online.

These tests were made by Which and not included the MotoX, Motorola Razr Maxx ,LG G2, and Droid Maxx with good battery life.

Needing a factory Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4, just  tap on the banners below:


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