USA: LG webOS Smart TV now available in 42,47,50,55,60,65 and 70 inch.

Francisco De Jesùs.

Finally the LG webOS Smart TV arrived to the USA in 42,47,50,55,60,65 and 70 inch

All sizes have 1080p 120Hz LED TV with WebOS Smart TV and IPS Panel, just in 65 inch size you have the option of a 240Hz LED TV  with WebOS Smart TV and IPS Panel.

42 inch  US$649.99
47 inch  US$749.99
50 inch  US$899.99
55 inch  US$1.099.99
60 inch  US$1.399.99
65 inch  US$1.699.99
70 inch  US$2.799.99

If you are interested on buying one of the LG webOS Smart Tvs sizes please select on the Amazon banners below: