Thursday, August 6, 2015

EPSON launches new line of AIO printers with ECOTANK for 2 years of printing. Good Bye ink cartridges. Video.

EPSON launches new line of AIO printers with ECOTANK for 2 years of printing.

EPSON is replacing the ink cartridges for the ECOTANK. It means you will not pay more for expensive tiny ink loaded cartridges, that will finally squeezes your money pocket everytime you need to replace them.

What is the catch?

1.- You will not pay anymore for a cheap printer.
2.- You will not pay anymore for expensive ink cartridges.
3.- But will pay the real price for the printer.
4.- And you will recieve back a very ink loaded ECOTANK
, that according to EPSON will last 2 years .Based on average monthly print volumes of about 300 pages (ET-4550).
  1. ET-4550 yields based on the ISO/IEC 24712 pattern with Epson's methodology. Actual ink yields will vary considerably. For more information, visit
You have several New EPSON All In One printers options with ECOTANK

Model ET-4550 includes a ECOTANK with Black Ink for 11.000 pages and 8500 color pages.

Models ET-2500 and ET-2550 print 4000 Black pages and 6500 color pages.

Models for Business Printing WorkForce ET-4500   4000 Black Pages and 6500 color pages and WorkForce ET-4550 11000 Black Pages and 8500 color pages.

The Heavy-Duty Model WorkForce Pro WF-R4640  20000 Black Pages and 20000 color pages.

Comparative Costs:

The starter model, the ET-2500, costs $380. It comes with enough ink for 6,500 color pages.

Cost for 6,500 color pages:
  • EcoTank printer + ink: $380
  • Standard printer + cartridges: $870

If you take the printer’s price out of the equation and look only at the ink, the savings get even better. 

A replacement set of EcoTank bottles goes for $52. (You can buy them individually for $13 each.) 

That’s another 6,500 pages.
Ink cost for 6,500 color pages:
  • Epson bottles: $52
  • Cartridges: $800
If you buy the office model the ET-4550, the savings are even more compelling. This printer costs $500, but it’s a much higher-end machine. It comes with a 2.2-inch screen, a keypad, two-sided printing, an Ethernet jack, faxing, and two sets of ink bottles, good for a total of 8,500 color pages or 11,000 printed in black ink. 

Cost for 8,500 color pages
  • Epson 4550 + ink: $500
  • Standard printer + cartridges: $2,070


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