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Electric Car invasion in Ecuador.

Toyota Coms. Ese vehículo es para un máximo de dos pasajeros. Su autonomía es de 50 kilómetros. La velocidad máxima que alcanza es 60 km/h y se carga en 6 horas. Foto: Julio Estrella / EL COMERCIO

At least six automotive brands keep models of electric vehicles on display or in testing stage, in the country. However, the marketing of cars is waiting for the installation of infrastructure such as charging stations (points of battery power charging) as well as increased incentives to potential buyers. In Ecuador, the brands involved in this segment are: Nissan, Renault, Toyota, Green Wheel, Kia and Byd. Early last month, the National Public Procurement (Sercop) presented the catalog of electric cars to the public sector entities to  acquire these vehicles. These cars also be exempt from tariffs, are free of quotas.

Renault Twizy. Este vehículo es para un máximo de dos personas. Su autonomía es de 100 kilómetros. Su carga demora 3,5 horas y la velocidad máxima es de 80 km/h. Foto: María Isabel Valarezo / EL COMERCIO

Diego Andrade, national director of Nissan, indicates that this brand leads the sale of electric vehicles worldwide. So Nissan brought to the country the Leaf model that can travel 160 kilometers without requiring a new load. The cost of this model range between USD 40 000 and 45 000. Andrade indicates that besides the strong momentum that the Government seeks incentive tariffs and other definitions as the possibility of a subsidy, which do not apply the expected peak and plate , preferential enrollment rates plus parking spaces and mobility with more advantages than other vehicles. It should also analyze a strengthening of electricity networks to allow multiple users to simultaneously charge the battery in addition to the implementation of charging stations for semifast load (one to two hours) or fast (in 30 minutes).

Nissan Leaf. Tiene una autonomía de 160 kilómetros. Se carga en 13 horas a 110V. La máxima velocidad alcanzada es de 153 kilómetros por hora. Es para 5 pasajeros. Foto: Eduardo Terán / EL COMERCIO

This is because, for example, a vehicle such as Leaf needs 13 hours to charge at a voltage of 110 volts (V) and three hours at 220 V. Therefore, evaluation is still in the pattern before being marketed so that wait until 2016 for that. 

Another brand that is already in the country models of electric vehicles is the Renault Twizy has the car (for two people) and Kangoo (a van that can be adapted to transfer passengers). Luis De los Reyes, national director of Renault, said that there is great opportunity for the political decision of the government to support this technology. Indicates that the model Twizy price is USD 17 000 while the Kangoo reaches USD 35 000. 

Any customer's can acquire, but has not yet made a massive advertising campaign because government incentives are expected and that the company has more familiarity with the technology.

Green Wheel. Es un vehículo chino que tiene una autonomía de hasta 45 kilómetros para cuatro pasajeros. Se carga en 6 horas a 110V. Su velocidad máxima es de 60 km/h. Foto: Armando Prado / EL COMERCIO

Another dealer to have models of electric cars is Ambacar, company that sells Chinese cars. Jaime Guarderas, representative of the firm, explains that  two years ago two models of the brand Green Wheel of China were imported to test  These vehicles are being tested at the Technology Transfer Center for Training and Research on Vehicle Emissions Control (Ccice) National Polytechnic.

After this process, Guarderas explains that it can examine whether imported or assembled in the country in about two years. Gerardo Velasco, adviser of the brand, points out that this vehicle would pay around USD 0.80 energy, for a distance of 40 kilometers. That is, some USD 5.6 USD weekly versus about $8.4 for the same distance in a similar vehicle with extra gas. 

Ccice director, Angel Portilla, indicates that so far in the center where vehicles approvals for import and sale becomes, no model has entered the process except Green Wheel. Another brand that has imported another car is Toyota who are testing the model Coms. 

Luis Baca, commercial director of the mark indicates that delayed its introduction because it must create a  import numered section and strengthened networks for charging. 

Two other brands announced the marketing of electric models were Kia and Byd but did not respond to inquiries from El Comercio newspaper.

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