Sunday, August 30, 2015

IFA 2015: SONY to present the 106 mph drone VTOL, TV remote/wireless speaker, Withings and .....

The VTOL 106 mph drone  is designed for enterprise and business. The drone was created by Aerosense, a joint venture with Japanese robotics start-up ZMP, which SONY  announced a few weeks ago.

Aerosense plans to start offering services to customers in 2016. “By making it automated, drones will be considerably safer because many accidents today are caused by human errors” said Hisashi Taniguchi, chief executive of Aerosense and ZMP, at a news conference.

Speaking of exciting devices, take a look at SONY latest gadget. Is it TV a remote or is it a speaker? 

Actually it’s both! The SRS-LSR100 wireless speaker has a full TV remote control on the top that will change channels and adjust the volume. It’s perfect for those wanting to take TV audio around the home with them, as it connects to the telly via a 2.4GHz wireless connection.

The speaker is also great for those with slight hearing loss, or if the family are being too rowdy in another part of the room, as the speaker can be used in the same place as the TV. 

What else?

SONY will introduce the launch of Lifelog’s first partner card – Withings.  You’ll now be able to see Withings Smart Body Analyzer data (including body composition, high-accuracy weight and body fat measurements and Body Mass Index) in Lifelog.
This is the first of many partner cards that will add to Lifelog’s already existing capabilities by introducing new data, creating more in-depth and innovative insights for users. 
SONY is not allowed to say any more yet except that it’s big… and you’re going to want to stay tuned: 02/09/15 16:45 CET #SonyIFA. 
The Xperia Z5 smartphone and family for sure as we said before.
Want ot watch the SONY ZMP VTOL drone video again?:

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone with 4K UHD Video Camera

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