Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Gates Notes: Machine turns feces into drinking water.

Technology is not only about phones, smartphones, tablets, gadgets, accessories, drones, flying cars, flying board, stars wars bike , smart tvs, streaming music and games, smartwatches and so many things that we are now used to see everyday and help us to communicate to each other, play music, play games etc.

It is  also to see the ways to help people to take advantage of one problem they have in a city or in a entire country and turn it in an unexpected solution.

The raw material for transforming something that is usually disgusting to the view of anyone could be that great solution.

In this case Dakar, Senegal in Africa is transforming the feces into drinking water, electricity and ash thanks to JOP or Janicki Omni Processor as part of a pilot project that could ultimately save lives and reduce disease in poor countries.

The idea behind every Omni Processor design is to solve poor sanitation by making sanitation affordable for the poor. Watch the video to see in someway how this project works thanks to the Bill Gates Foundation:

Sanitizing in Senegal
By Bill Gates
August 11, 2015
The next time you flush a toilet, consider this: 1 billion people defecate in the open. Another 4 billion use rudimentary toilets and their waste is never treated.

I have visited communities where this is a sobering fact of life. The smell can be overwhelming, but even worse, the sewage seeps into the water supply, spreading disease. Poor sanitation is linked to the deaths of some 700,000 children every year.

Our foundation is funding the Omni Processor, a machine that we hope will make sanitation affordable. In this slideshow you can read more about the OP and see what a difference breakthrough sanitation ideas can make.

Bill Gates Blog

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