LG cooking two new WebOS powered smartwatches. Pictures.

The LG Urbane LTE WebOS powered  was presented at the MWC 2015 and is not around yet in the west at all , but still in Korea. However this version is now available on amazon but is not selling at a reasonable price.

Now LG is coming with two new WebOS powered thanks to the presence of  a headphone jack and CDMA connectivity . The LG`s Urbane LTE smartwatch is the only smartwatch with cellular connectivity and it is the WebOS version.

The two models are: the LG-VC110 and the LG-VC200. (this last is coming to Verizon, see picture above). The VC-110 measures 56mm x 41.5mm, with a 45mm screen. On the other hand, the VC-200 has the same overall size of 56mm x 41.5mm, but its screen is listed at only 33mm. Both with mini USB port in the back, Bluetooth 4.0 LE ,WiFi,

These two models passed through the FCC.

VC-110 pictures:

There are currently no Android Wear smartwatches with cellular connectivity, and there has been no indication that Google would support it.

DT , FCCausdroid


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