Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hot November: The road to CES 2011. A Palm LTE smartphone upcoming ?

WorldWideTech. Francisco De Jesús. Nov. 2 ,2010

Six LTE (4G)  smartphones is going to announce Verizon at CES 2011 Link: http://tinyurl.com/26wkfm4

 And I was trying to get a convergence point to know if at least one of the devices is a new Palm LTE smartphone on that Verizon road.

Verizon has launched already a LTE innovation center website.  Link: http://tinyurl.com/2evvzar

And there is no doubt  Verizon needs a premier debut of their LTE networks . They said will just begin with LTE usb modems , but  Verizon is under Sprint pressure, who will have something big to tell us too, at CES 2011

HP and Palm by the other way will have their announcements, as well. The Palm Pad and new hardware designs for the next generation Palm webOS 2.0 devices. And I won´t be surprised if they come with one of  the 3  announcements , with a LTE  or maybe  with a new kind of Global phone (LTE/Wimax) (GSM/CDMA). Asking too much. Everything is possible.

Palm  need an stunning hardware to go beyond the competition. They have the world best smartphone OS already. HP said will double down the efforts to get Palm on track again. Then  I don´t see reasons to delay a new hardware. Is inminent. Don´t you think. A golden egg maybe.

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