Monday, April 18, 2011

The AlphaSphere Instrument May Be the Future of Electronic Music.

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Looking at the AlphaSphere instrument, it would not be surprising to find that some may consider this funky device to be the future of electronic music. This glowing sound orb looks like something that belongs in Tron: Legacy or even Avatar, if you think of it as more organic that electronic.

Developed by the Nagoya University of Arts in Japan, the AlphaSphere instrument is covered with 48 pads, all of which are capable of manipulating sound, volume, oscillation and pitch. A tactile instrument, it uses MAX MSP software and has the ability to directly connect to other MIDI instruments.

A unique invention, the AlphaSphere instrument’s futuristic look and electronic appeal will surely be popular in this dance-heavy music scene we are all in right now. 

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