Friday, April 15, 2011

HP webOS expanding differentiation. Pre3/TouchPad new Touch to share feature.Maps ? Video.

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At the Gadget Show Live 2011 in the UK on this video above, the presenter, says something about maps that will touch to share between the HP webOS TouchPad and the Pre3, besides the url for web sites, that was showed first on the HP webOS event in Feb 9th.

Is not clear on the video if he said something about calls too. But in the latest Engadget Show Jon Rubistein said something about to make Touch to Share for  IM as a good idea.

We  think the Touch to Share (TTS) feature will expand rapidly for more services between the two devices. The HP webOS Veer will have the Touch to Share feature as well, after launch probably in this May, via an OTA update.

TTS is a cool feature. All the TTS features can be implemented using wireless, but the physical touch will make it quicker and simpler. HP webOS is increasing differentiation to 
take advantage of,for business and daily life.

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