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IFA2013: A Dutch BURG left behind Koreans Samsung and Apple with the design of a smartwatch.

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A Dutch  left behind Koreans with the design of  a  smartwatch.

Tomorrow Samsung will unveil its long-awaited smartphone -watch , the Galaxy Gear. Although Koreans crossed the finish line before their biggest competitor , Apple , failed to enter the first .

Burg , a Dutch manufacturer , launched its first smartwatch for over four years. In 2009, his first design was awarded first prize for most innovative product .

The founder Hermen van den Burg, a renowned designer Pa Netherlands, now has its office located in Guangzhou , China , where his factory has established a research center and exhibition hall . Burg makes a variety of smartwatches for men, women and children , wearing a fashionable appearance , casual or sporty . 
The price range is from 149-399 dollars.

What makes the Dutch smartwatch designed by Burg , exceeds the designs of Samsung and Apple is that Burg watches have a normal SIM card , which makes the watch operates fully and independently as a phone. 

His rivals , however, need a Bluetooth connection between the watch and phone . That is, without the connection, are just ordinary watches , and just smart .

Burg 's mission is to use the Dutch design to produce smartwatches fun, useful and original products that change both the watch industry as the lifestyle of people.

 Burg what is intended to :

- Create a group of unique , carefree and fashionable ;
- Revolutionize the watch industry using aa high tech watches because watches are an everyday ;
- Provide a complete service to customers through SIM cards , Burg and cloud services like health , safety , sports and payments;
- Becoming a brand l , smartwatches known for its cutting-edge , high quality and modern .

Awards and Recognition :
- April 2009 , China ; Most Innovative Product in Canton Fair
- March 2011 , Germany , 1st place , German Trend Sellers Award
- October 2012 , India , Most Innovative Product in New Delhi Franchise Fair
- August 2013 , France , Carrefour Approved Technical Audit

OS Android 4.0, 3G & WIFI , GPS, SIM card , 1.54 -inch 240 × 240 pixel, 2.0Mp camera , Bluetooth 3.0, two v as communication , Sisvel , MPEGLA , Micro SD 32GB

Introduction :
IFA 2013 will take place from 6 to 11 September at the Berlin Messe , Berl n , Germany. Come meet Burg -5 at booth 101 in Hall 9.

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