Friday, September 26, 2014

A Quiz Master robot, Made in Japan.

Researchers have developed a robot that hosts quizzes. 
Why? Because the scientists see it as a step toward establishing cutting-edge artificial intelligence capable of understanding who is saying what.
     The group aims to apply the technology to nursing care and household robots.
     Groups from Kyoto University and Waseda University teamed up to equip a commercially available humanoid robot with artificial intelligence. The group is led by Kyoto University instructor Kazuyoshi Yoshii.
     IBM of the U.S. is trying to use its Watson artificial intelligence system -- which rather than acting as quiz show host answers questions -- for business. The Japanese researchers intend to enhance the knowledge and flexible judgment of robots with artificial intelligence based on the quiz master robot.
     The Japanese robot can discern which contestant speaks up first by a margin of 0.06 of a second. The robot then judges whether the answer is right based on storage banks of right answers.
     During an experiment, the robot was interrupted by a contestant while it was reading out, "Books and CDs that have sold more than 1 million copies are......" in Japanese. The robot then identified the contestant, and when the contestant answered "million-sellers," the robot said, "Correct."

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