Monday, September 15, 2014

The Future: Windowsless Planes. Video.

Imagine you flight on a comfortable travel to the Galapagos Enchanted Islands in Ecuador South America, on a plane with no windows at all. Yes you are reading right. Instead you will see a full sorrounded screen of whatever is outside thanks to pre-installed cameras out the plane that give you all the panorama in real time flight. The upper screen also can be used to project any wallpaper view.

You can also use part of the screen near your seat to see TV programs, make a conference call for a business or office meeting during the flight or displaying photos.

This is a video of Technicon France concept of its windowsless plane:

  • Concept uses external cameras to capture a panoramic view outside plane.
  • Images are beamed onto display screens on walls and ceiling of cabin. 
  • Screens can be used for video conferencing or displaying photos.

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