Monday, September 8, 2014

LG G Watch R vs Samsung Gear S. LG is winning in South Korea.

LG Electronics' design-focused circular smartwatch ― the G Watch R ― is receiving positive reviews from industry and influential consumer review sites since its debut.

On Friday,  Cetizen, an influential website in the South Korea technology community, said the latest LG smartwatch received higher ratings than Samsung's Gear S-branded wristwatch in its latest survey.

Cetizen conducted an online survey of some 700 adults for eight days from Aug. 28, about whether they prefer the R or Gear S.

Among 718 respondents who participated in the survey, 557, or 78 percent chose the G Watch R, while only 161, or 22 percent voted for Samsung's Gear S.

Respondents favoring LG said they were impressed by the circular design of the R. Those supporting Samsung, on the other hand, noted the company's proven track record for on-time delivery and output commitment for their wearable products.
But Samsung and LG had different views over the functionalities of their latest achievements as LG put more emphasis on their product's surface design, while the Samsung Gear S highlighted improvements of health-related solutions inside the wristwatch.

Samsung partnered with Nike to make the Nike Plus Running app, a popular activity tracker program, available for the Gear S, which uses the Tizen OS, a result of collaboration between the company and U.S.-based chip giant Intel.

Meanwhile, the G Watch R adopted Google's Android Wear operating system.

Lee Young-hee, executive vice president of the mobile business division at Samsung, said the Gear S is "not a watch, but a smart device" at IFA, while LG claimed its G watch R feels like a real, everyday watch with which it hopes to attract customers who wear regular wristwatches.

"The G Watch R claims to be a regular watch with cutting-edge smart technology. Consumers can easily notice that its identity is basically a wrist watch, if they see the Always-on feature of the device," said an official of LG Electronics.

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