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LG launches Whishen Thinking Air Conditioner. (AI ThinQ).

LG Electronics is introducing a new paradigm in the air conditioner market with the introduction of a whishen air conditioner, which is an artificial intelligence platform, which is a deep-think type.

■ 50 years air conditioner LG Electronics, a new paradigm of air conditioner based on artificial intelligence

LG Electronics held a presentation on the 2018 LG Huizen air conditioner at the LG Twin Towers in Yeouido, Seoul, with Song Dae-hyun, head of the Home Appliance & Air Solution division, and Lee Kyung-gyu, vice president of Air Solutions business.

On this day, LG Electronics unveiled a number of new products, including a whishen air conditioner equipped with its own artificial intelligence platform DeepThinQ. This is the first time that LG Electronics has applied the artificial intelligence brand 'Thinking' to whisper air conditioners.

LG Electronics has accumulated air-conditioning capability for 50 years since launching air conditioner for the first time as a Korean company in 1968. Last year, for the first time, we installed artificial intelligence in air conditioner and opened the era of artificial intelligence air conditioner. We applied 'AI SmartCare' which is stronger to all stand models released this year.

LG Electronics expects that artificial intelligence smart care will not only add a fractional function to air conditioners, but will also lead to popularization of artificial intelligence air conditioners while offering differentiated user experience to customers.

The prices of 37 new LG Air Conditioner air conditioners are based on shipments of 2 million to 4.7 million won.($1860 to $4.371)

Song Hyeon-hyun, president of LG Electronics H & A division, said, "Whisen Thinking air conditioners learn their own living environment and usage patterns so that customers can understand their customers better as they use the product." " "We will firmly establish our position as the No. 1 brand in the air conditioner market."

□ Artificial Intelligence Whisen Thinking Air Conditioner, Listening, Reporting, Thinking, Talking

While the artificial intelligence of the existing Whisen air conditioner learns the space where the person mainly resides, the new product learns the pattern of the air conditioner and the user's language as well as the temperature and humidity, the air quality and the living environment.

As customers use the air conditioner for a long time, they can experience the optimal operation of the product according to the surrounding environment and customer's preference. The air conditioner hears, sees, thinks and communicates with the customers around the situation. Previously, if a customer learned how to use the product, the product will now study the customer on their own.

LG's new product, the Deep Thinking, an artificial intelligence platform, is equipped with voice recognition technology and natural language processing technology developed by the air conditioner. Because Deep Thinking is based on Deep Learning technology, users learn their own language usage patterns. As a result, the more customers use the product, the higher the recognition rate.

The user can control the product by voice only within 3 meters (m) from the air conditioner. After you say "LG whishen", you can control various functions such as power on / off, temperature, wind strength and direction, and dehumidification / air cleaning.

For example, if a user says "LG Whishen" and says "Let the wind go up", the air conditioner changes the wind direction. Also, if you say "Make Smart Care Mode", the air conditioner answers "Smart Care Start" and works in smart care mode.

The new product also recognizes the user's natural response, such as "hot" and "cold," as well as a set of commands, and suggests whether it works first. For example, when the user says "it is hot", the air conditioner asks "Do you want to lower the temperature?" And when the user says "please lower 1", you adjust the desired temperature and answer "I lowered it to 23" .

LG Electronics also acquired different intonation data for each region, considering the use of dialects by customers. Although the accent is different, the air conditioner understands the customer. Also, the air conditioner learns the language usage patterns of the customers themselves, so the more the dialects are used, the higher the recognition rate.

In addition to operating the air conditioner, customers can easily check various information such as indoor temperature and humidity, air quality, filter condition, power consumption, outside weather and fine dust level by voice only.

Among the new product lineups, the LG FWSEN Dual Air Conditioner luxury models (model name: FQ22L8DRA2, FQ22L8DSA2, FQ22L8DCA2) support speech recognition.

□ Artificial intelligence smart care learns not only space, environment, pattern It is custom cooling

The biggest feature of the air conditioner of 2018 LG FuSen is "Artificial Intelligence Smart Care," which has greatly expanded the application range of the artificial intelligence platform Deep Thinking.

Artificial Intelligence SmartCare uses indoor and outdoor sensors to detect indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and air quality as well as the space in which customers stay. Especially, it learns about living environment and usage patterns of customers, and air conditioner operates air conditioner, dehumidification, and other suitable course, and it is cooled in a manner optimized for surrounding environment and customer.

For example, if the customer's house is in a sunny south, the room temperature is getting slower in the middle of the day, even if the temperature reaches the desired temperature. At this time, the air conditioner detects the surrounding situation by itself and adjusts the cooling intensity to lower the room temperature faster. It works more efficiently to maintain a comfortable temperature even after reaching the desired temperature. Likewise, when the environment is changed to a situation where the cooling is maintained well due to the sunrise, the air conditioner judges whether or not to save power by itself, and the power saving operation is performed.

Artificial Intelligence SmartCare judges the load on the air conditioner according to the surrounding environment and maintains the customer's favorite temperature, so customers can experience pleasant indoor temperature even without continuously controlling the air conditioner. Depending on the situation, energy efficiency is improved because the cooling is controlled in real time.

According to LG Electronics' own test results, new products equipped with artificial intelligence SmartCare have a maximum power saving effect of 18.7% compared to existing products.

□ LG's Artificial Intelligence Speaker 'Thinking Hub' is interlocked with various AI speakers

LG Electronics has also expanded connectivity to allow customers to control their products using artificial intelligent speakers. The new products will work with artificial intelligence speakers from companies such as Google, Amazon, Naver, SKT, and KT as well as LG's artificial intelligent speaker 'ThinQ Hub'.

In addition, customers can check how the air conditioner is cooling the room indoors, such as rapid and comfortable, in real time according to the surrounding environment through the smartphone application. With the Home Chat function, it is convenient to control the product with a messenger program such as Kakao Talk or Line.

LG Electronics is continuing to expand the connectivity of air conditioners based on the 'openness strategy' pursued in the field of artificial intelligence. In addition to Deep Thinking, our proprietary platform, LGE utilizes a variety of external artificial intelligence Industry's most advanced inverter control technology, the most advanced artificial intelligence

□ 'Dual Inverter Micro Control' for optimal artificial intelligence

It is thanks to the industry-leading inverter control technology that LG Electronics can implement deep-sinking algorithms precisely in its products. The software, DeepSync, can only be implemented in a hardware product if the technology to control the speed of the motor is supported.

Inverter control technology of the air conditioner is to operate quickly until the desired temperature is reached, to cool the room quickly, and to operate only slowly enough to maintain the temperature when the desired temperature is reached.

LG Electronics has applied 'Dual Inverter Microcontrol' technology to new products in order to implement the Deep Thunking algorithm more precisely. The control algorithms are optimized for 'fast' mode, which speeds the room faster depending on the environment that the Deep Thinking judges, and 'comfort' mode, which increases efficiency.

The new control technology is faster and more efficient than the conventional method which controls both the rapid mode and the comfort mode with only one algorithm. The rapid mode allows the room to cool more quickly, and the comfortable mode works more efficiently to keep the room temperature stable.

LG Electronics has greatly enhanced the performance and efficiency of the air conditioner by finely implementing the AI ​​algorithm based on the differentiated inverter control technology. New products are 30% more energy efficient than before. Particularly, over time, the range of changes in the room temperature has been reduced by 10%. The fact that the air conditioner keeps the room temperature stable means that the cooling intensity is controlled finely.

□ Concerns about air conditioner electricity costs, the secret, the 'dual inverter compressor'

LG Electronics has installed a dual inverter compressor with two cylinders, which compress refrigerant in new products. The ability to compress more refrigerant at a time increases performance and energy efficiency.

The energy efficiency of the new product is 15% higher than that of a general inverter compressor, and energy consumption is reduced by 63% compared to constant speed compressor models. In a household with a power consumption of 300kWh per month, the price of one month's electricity increased by using the Whisenwinkyukyu air conditioner (Model: FQ17D8DWBN) for 8 hours a day is 15,160 won. The electricity cost per day is only 500 won.

LG Electronics is applying dual inverter compressors to all stand-type air conditioners based on their confidence in differentiated component technologies. Wall-mounted products are applying inverter compressors to low-end models, while products using dual inverter compressors are also expanding. LG Electronics provides a 10-year free guarantee for inverter compressor, a key part of air conditioner.

■ LG Fisen air conditioners continue to evolve into premium products for the four seasons

□ The industry's first 2-in-1 air conditioner with 1 pye ... More spacious air conditioning area

LG Electronics has increased the cooling area of ​​its stand-type air conditioner up to 13% last year for the first time in the industry last year, and the cooling area of ​​the wall-mounted air conditioner sold in 2 in 1 (2 persons) Type (22.8㎡) increased by 22%. In recent years, architectural trends have changed, for example, by expanding balconies or expanding the size of bedrooms, as more customers are buying air conditioners in 2 in 1.

Now customers can experience the cooling performance of a whistle air conditioner not only in the living room but also in the bedroom or study. 2 in 1 is a packaged product that can use both stand and wall air conditioner at the same time with one outdoor unit.

□ Air conditioners that evolved into premium household appliances ... Increase the number of models with air cleaner by 50%

The air conditioner, which was a typical summer household appliance, is now firmly established as a seasonal premium appliance that can be used for 365 days. This is because the air conditioner is equipped with functions that are the same as those of a dedicated air purifier or dehumidifier.

LG Electronics has increased the number of stand-type air conditioner models equipped with air purifying functions from 10 last year to 15 this year. These products are all certified by CAC (Certification Air Conditioner) awarded by the Korea Air Cleaning Association. ▲ Remove dust, fine dust, and fine dust from the air ▲ Remove odor and harmful gas ▲ Sulfur (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide NO2) Removal of viruses and bacteria, including a total of six stages to provide air cleaning function. Removes up to 99.9% of dust and dirt as well as general dust.

LG Electronics launched full-blown air conditioning production lines in mid-March, more than a month earlier than last year. This means that the demand for the four seasons is increasing and the air conditioner is produced evenly throughout the year compared to the past, where production is concentrated in the first half of the year. The air conditioner that LG Electronics produced in the fourth quarter of last year is close to 20% of annual production. Last year, the operation rate of the air conditioner production line located in Changwon, Gyeongnam was 113%, the highest ever.

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