Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Next SONY Xperia smartphones will sport an LG OLED Display.

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SONY is going to partner with LG Display in order to launch its upcoming new Xperia smartphones with OLED Display technology and rise up the company mobile business that has been struggling by some years now.

SONY has experienced a success on the OLED Display for the premium TV business and now  is ready to boost Xperia smartphones with Flexible OLED Display by LG.

Japan:  Sony’s market share in the global smartphone market is not high and remaining at a single digit, but ranks second to Apple in Japan. In the first half of last year, Sony enjoyed a market share of 14.9%, already beating Samsung Electronics (8.2%), Sharp (7.3%) and Fujitsu (8.9%).

SONY Xperia smartphones are here to stay: In order to embody user experience (UX) that Sony pursues and integrate various services, Sony has to maintain its smartphone business. This is the reason why Sony has not given up its smartphone business despite sluggish sales and deficits.

"Sony is expected to implant its success factors in the TV business in its smartphone business and develop products such as foldable phones."

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