Monday, January 29, 2018

Vanderhall Edison EV, three wheels and retro adrenaline.

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Las Vegas, Vanderhall surprised with his Edison, a three-wheeled electric car with a lot of power.
This vintage-style vehicle, a direct competitor of the Morgan EV3, makes use of two electric motors that offer 180 Hp and 240 Lb-ft. With a weight of just 635 kg, this car can reach 100 km / h in only 4 seconds, far surpassing the EV3 for less than half the time. Its maximum speed, on the other hand, is 168 km / h.
Its range of autonomy also surprises, with the ability to roll for 320 km with a single charge of its 30 kWh battery. In addition to this, its mechanics is completed with traction control and Brembo single piston brakes with braking assistance.
Inside the car we can see an analog panel with a very interesting retro look. To combat the cold, the synthetic fabric seats are heated, in addition to a dual ventilation system. The 600W system with Bluetooth and LED lighting give the model its special touch. Of course, there is not much to see in terms of customization, because the Edison is only available in black.
Vanderhall is receiving reservations for this car, with a view to delivering the first units before mid-year ... the price? A Vanderhall Edison quotes at just over USD 35,000.

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