Monday, January 1, 2018

CES 2018: LG to show the connection between all of its AI ThinQ devices for Smart Home. Video.

LG Electronics' global artificial intelligence brand.  Applied to LG products / services with various artificial intelligence platforms including 'Deep Thinking'.
LG Electronics has launched a full-fledged announcement of an artificial intelligence brand 'ThinQ' for domestic consumers.
LG Electronics launched a TV commercial on May 29 (video above) to announce its global artificial intelligence brand 'Thinking'. This advertisement is the theme of 'Right Idea of ​​Artificial Intelligence Appliances', showing the future of everyday life that is getting better with the help of LG Think. For example, a refrigerator suggests cooking using ingredients stored inside, and a light wave oven recommends recipes that are appropriate for that dish.
It is a very unusual case to advertise an artificial intelligence brand rather than a specific product or service that is equipped with artificial intelligence. Through this advertisement, LG Electronics is actively promoting the strength of the artificial intelligence brand 'Thinking' centered on the consumer electronics field.
'Thinking' is an artificial intelligence brand launched recently by LG Electronics. The combination of 'Think You', meaning 'Thinking of you', and 'Cue', reminiscent of 'Acting', means 'to think in terms of customers and provide substantial customer value' LG Electronics focused on artificial intelligence. Users can naturally think of LG Electronics' artificial intelligence images that they think and act for themselves.
LGE recently launched its ThinQ brand in addition to DeepThinQ, its proprietary artificial intelligence platform, while most companies only own brands for artificial intelligence platforms. Products • To make the image of 'LG Electronics Artificial Intelligence' that consumers experience in various contact points and passages such as refrigerators, washing machines, smart phones, etc., even if the artificial intelligence platform installed in the service is different.
LG Electronics plans to apply 'ThinQ' to products and services equipped with various artificial intelligence platforms including 'Deep Thinking', a proprietary artificial intelligence platform. There is a 'thunk' in all the points of contact and path where consumers experience LG's artificial intelligence.
LG Electronics plans to announce 'ThinQ' to spectators from all over the world by constructing 'ThinQ Zone' in 'CES 2018 Exhibition' in USA in early January.
An LG representative said, "Through various marketing channels, we will actively inform differentiated artificial intelligence images of 'ThinQ' and build up our position as a leading artificial intelligence company."
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