Friday, January 19, 2018

New Technological Trends will change our way of life.-

After observing some of the offers in different products for the consumer of the recent event CES 2018 (Consumer Electronics Show)  the reality of a new era that is coming is unobjectionable.

From the solar and eolic energy and electric vehicles, we enter the phase of connecting all the domestic services such as washing clothes, drying clothes, cleaning the floor, watching television, turning on an air conditioner, regulating it, likewise a heater, the lights of the home, the kitchen, the oven and so many other appliances connected to each other by a single AI artificial intelligence system that can be a speaker or a mini robot and to the system the internet of things IoT. All connected also with our smartphone, and even our vehicle, without each household appliance or household service function, lose their individuality in their operation already equipped with AI and integrated into the IoT system.

We could dare to say "my Smart Home is everything"

Many will begin to buy apparatus by device, until completing their Smart Home, others will want to have everything once integrated from the beginning and start at once with a total change to your complete Smart Home. Others will want to buy their first Home Smart Home, which would make the real estate business also start offering new alternatives compared to what it offers now.

We are sure that a lot of personal and business information will not need the cloud but will be hosted in some of the smart home systems such as a desktop PC, or a laptop, or one of the other appliances that could be coming with information storage devices such as a hard disk or an SSD or a new high-capacity flash memory.

By 2019, the first truly flexible smartphones will arrive, the most developed robotics offering even the services of a butler, and all will be part of the Smart Home.

LG is one of the companies that has presented at CES 2018 with greater depth and dedication in this area with its DeepThinQ systems based on ThinQ AI applied to almost all appliances.

Samsung is following the steps very closely to LG and will come new companies like SONY and others to join this new development of the Smart Home.

Who will finally be the market leader with the best offer? Time will tell.

You can watch a sample of how your future Smart Home will work, on this video:

So let's start saving to acquire and manage a Smart Home so we do not stay out of this new era.

Francisco De Jesus
Chief Editor

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