Monday, January 1, 2018

Samsung patents a rollable display device with fingerprint sensor.

Samsung patents a rollable OLED display device that works with magnets and features a fingerprint sensor.

The patented flexible display panel from Samsung can curl around a main body. The main body will be made from a metallic material, while the display includes one or more magnets, to easily attach the rollable display to the body. The patent shows rollable display devices with different form factors, including one with a square and cylindrical body.

The cylindrical model has a roller that can rotate to spirally wind the flexible display panel. When the flexible display panel is being spirally wound around the main body, the display can be fixed to the body by a magnetic force of the magnet.

 In CES2013 Samsung showed a futuristic video of how this rollable display device may look like alongside with a in-out foldable smartphone:

Is Samsung going to show a final product of this device at CES 2018?

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