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COMPUTEX 2019: Intel unveils new 10th Gen Intel Core processors for PCs.

Intel 10th Gen chip.

Press Release:

Intel Brings the Most Integrated Platform-Wide Leadership to PCs with New 10th Gen Intel Core Processors and Project Athena at COMPUTEX 2019

Partners with the Industry to Deliver Breakthrough Performance, Artificial Intelligence, Battery Life and Responsiveness for Mobile, Gaming and Commercial Segments.

  • 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors (code-named “Ice Lake”) based on 10nm are now shipping.
  • 10th Gen Intel Core processors with Iris® Plus graphics bring broad-scale artificial intelligence (AI) to the PC for the first time. With approximately 2.5x accelerated AI performance1, approximately 2x graphics performance2 and nearly 3x faster wireless speeds3, these processors bring a new level of integration to power PC experiences for today and the future.
  • First specification for the Project Athena innovation program revealed; compliant 10th Gen Intel Core processor-based systems are expected by holiday 2019.
  • For gamers and enthusiasts, Intel announced the new special edition 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-9900KS, delivering 5 GHz all-core turbo, and Intel® Performance Maximizer.
  • For professionals, Intel launches 9th Gen Intel Core vPro processors, bringing Intel Core i9 to the best-for-business platform for the first time.
Today at COMPUTEX 2019, Intel made a sweeping set of product and technology announcements, spanning the hottest segments of the PC industry. From new 10th Gen Intel Core processors and new details on Intel’s innovation program (code-named “Project Athena”) that will take mobile computing to an entirely new level, to the first-ever gaming processor with an all-core turbo of 5 GHz, Intel again raised the bar for PC experiences.
“No one wants to compromise; people want it all: battery life, performance, responsiveness, connectivity and slick form factors. Our job is to come together as an industry and deliver incredible and differentiated PCs, purpose built to what real people want. 10th Gen Intel Core processors – our most integrated CPU – and Project Athena are great examples of how our deep investments at a platform level will help fuel innovation across the industry,” said Gregory Bryant, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group.
10th Gen Intel Core Processors: Highly Integrated; Broad-Scale AI to the PC
Intel announced the first 10th Gen Intel Core processors, bringing high-performance AI to the PC at scale with Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel DL Boost). The processors are built on the company’s 10nm process technology, new “Sunny Cove” core architecture and new Gen11 graphics engine. 10th Gen Intel Core processors will range from Intel Core i3 to Intel Core i7, with up to 4 cores and 8 threads, up to 4.1 max turbo frequency and up to 1.1 GHz graphics frequency.
10th Gen Intel Core processors will take thin-and-light laptops and 2 in 1s to the next level, offering:
  • Intelligent performance: Intel’s first processors designed to enable high-performance AI on the laptop, delivering approximately 2.5x AI performance1 with Intel DL Boost for low latency workloads. The new graphics architecture delivers up to 1 teraflop of vector compute for heavy duty inference workloads to enhance creativity, productivity and entertainment on highly mobile, thin-and-light laptops. For low-power AI usages on the PC, Intel® Gaussian Network Accelerator (GNA) is built into the SoC.
  • A leap in graphics capabilities: New Intel Iris Plus graphics, based on the Gen11 graphics architecture, nearly doubles performance2 for stunning visual experiences. Reach pro-level content creation capabilities on the go with approximately 2x HEVC encode4; watch 4K HDR in a billion colors5; game with up to 2x faster FPS6 and play thousands of popular titles in 1080p.
  • Best-in-class connectivity: Delivering both integrated Thunderbolt™ 3 and integrated Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) for the first time to enable nearly 3x faster wireless speeds3 alongside the fastest7 and most versatile port available. Intel’s Gig+ implementation of Wi-Fi 6connectivity delivers greater than 1 Gbps wireless speeds8 with enhanced reliability and performance.
Intel’s highly integrated 10th Gen Intel Core processors give OEM partners the freedom to innovate on design and aesthetic by reducing the silicon footprint while still delivering the latest and greatest standards and world-class performance. The new 10th Gen Intel Core processors are now shipping, with OEM systems expected to be available for holiday 2019.
Project Athena: Accelerating the Pace of Innovation
Intel also shared more details on its innovation program code-named “Project Athena,” including the 1.0 target specification9 that will usher in the first wave of laptops in the second half of this year. The company also previewed some of the first designs to come from partners spanning consumer and commercial including Acer*, Dell*, HP* and Lenovo*.

Based on years of research to understand people’s needs, challenges and expectations of the laptop, the program prioritizes enabling experiences that are reflective of real-world conditions as measured by “key experience indicators” (KEI).
Intel developed the new KEI engineering metrics, used during the program’s verification process, to test and drive consistent experiences on the laptop. Metrics are based on day-in-the-life research of laptop users at home or at work under real-world conditions. Intel’s goal for the new metrics is to work with the ecosystem to drive innovation that noticeably impacts people’s experiences on the laptop and evolve those capabilities year over year. The first wave of KEI targets includes:
  • Consistent responsiveness on battery10
  • 16 or more hours of battery life in local video playback mode11 and 9 or more hours of battery life under real-world performance conditions12
  • System wake from sleep in less than 1 second13
The specification that will enable these experiences includes platform-level requirements – such as Thunderbolt 3, Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+), OpenVINO AI on PC compatibility and modern connected standby – across six areas: instant action, performance and responsiveness, intelligence, battery life, connectivity and form factor. For highlights of the 1.0 target specification, see the Project Athena fact sheet.
As part of Project Athena, Intel is providing co-engineering support across the ecosystem – with more than 100 companies signed on – and new tools and Open Labs facilities to support verification and testing of laptops.
Project Athena is a multi-year journey, with today’s announcement on the 1.0 target specifications and design previews representing just the beginning.
Performance Leadership for Gamers, Enthusiasts, Content Creators and Professionals
Intel made several more disclosures, including the announcement of the special edition 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900KS processor, which has been fine-tuned to deliver 5 GHz all-core turbo, making the world’s best gaming desktop processor14 even better. It is expected to be available by holiday 2019.
For the first time, the company also showed the new Intel® Performance Maximizer (IPM), an automated overclocking15 tool that brings overclocking to the masses by making it easy to dynamically and reliably custom-tune unlocked 9th Gen Intel Core desktop processors based upon their individual performance DNA. IPM will be free and is part of the Intel® Adaptix™ Technologies toolkit, a collection of advanced software technology tools that helps OEMs and consumers maximize platform-level performance and experience. The toolkit also includes Intel® Dynamic Tuning Technology, Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility and Intel® Graphics Command Center.
Finally, the company shared updates on three more product lines:
  • Intel launched 14 new 9th Gen Intel Core vPro processors for high-performance mobile (H-series) and desktop (S-series) PCs, the highest performing business processors. Intel® Core™ i9 vPro™ processors – with up to 8 cores and 16 threads reaching up to 5 GHz on desktop and up to 4.8 GHz on mobile – join the best-for-business Intel® vPro™ platform for the first time, delivering superior performance on demanding workloads for an exceptional business user experience, built-in security features, remote manageability and stability.
  • Intel launched 14 new Intel® Xeon® E processors for mobile and desktop workstations that are purpose-built with professional-grade performance, real-time data analytics capabilities, built-in platform security features, and remote manageability features as part of the Intel vPro platform. For the first time, Intel Xeon E processors include: up to 8 cores, 16 threads, 5 GHz turbo frequency, Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+), Intel® Optane™ Memory H10 and 128 GB DDR4-2666 ECC memory support.
  • Plus, Intel announced that the new Intel® Core™ X-series family of processors for premium creators will come this fall. These processors will bring frequency improvements, increased memory speed and updated Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0.
For more information on all of Intel’s client computing platforms, visit the Intel.com processors page.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

What is dumping in business?

Dumping is a term used in the context of international trade. It's when a country or company exports a product at a price that is lower in the foreign importing market than the price in the exporter's domestic market.

dumping, selling goods at less than the normal price, usually as exports in international trade. It may be done by a producer, a group of producers, or a nation.

Dumping is usually done to drive competitors off the market and secure a monopoly, or to hinder foreign competition.

Dumping Explained
Dumping is considered a form of price discrimination. It occurs when a manufacturer lowers the price of an item entering a foreign market to a level that is less than the price paid by domestic customers in the originating country. The practice is considered intentional with the goal of being obtaining a competitive advantage in the importing market.

  • Dumping occurs when a country or company exports a product at a price that is lower in the foreign importing market than the price in the exporter's domestic market.
  • The biggest advantage of dumping is the ability to flood a market with product prices that are often considered unfair.
  • Dumping is legal under WTO rules unless the foreign country can reliably show the negative effects the exporting firm has caused its domestic producers.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Trade Dumping.

The primary advantage of trade dumping is the ability to permeate a market with product prices that are often considered unfair. The exporting country may offer the producer a subsidy to counterbalance the losses incurred when the products sell below their manufacturing cost. One of the biggest disadvantages of trade dumping is that subsidies can become too costly over time to be sustainable. 
Additionally, trade partners who wish to restrict this form of market activity may increase restrictions on the good, which could result in increased export costs to the affected country or limits on the quantity a country will import.

International Attitude on Dumping

While the World Trade Organization reserves judgment on whether dumping is an unfair competitive practice, most nations are not in favor of dumping. Dumping is legal under WTO rules unless the foreign country can reliably show the negative effects the exporting firm has caused its domestic producers. To counter dumping and protect their domestic industries from predatory pricing most nations use tariffs and quotas. Dumping is also prohibited when it causes "material retardation" in the establishment of an industry in the domestic market.
The majority of trade agreements include restrictions on trade dumping. Violations of such agreements may be difficult to prove and can be cost prohibitive to enforce fully. If two countries do not have a trade agreement in place, then there is no specific ban on trade dumping between them.

Real World Example of Dumping Tariffs in International Trade

In January 2017, the International Trade Association (ITA) decided that the anti-dumping duty levied on silica fabric products from the People’s Republic of China the previous year would remain in effect based on the investigation by the Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission. The ITA ruling is based on the fact that there was a strong likelihood that dumping would repeat if the tariff was removed.
Once the competitors are off the market (using dumping in business) the company creates a monopoly and starts increasing their prices. 

This dumping action takes time ,some times years to get there The first signs you see are when that business what ever it is about, starts growing year over year with two digits and the competition  stop growing having negative digits YOY.

Sounds familiar at this time.?

Is any resemblance pure coincidence?

Is it what was happening in the world`s smartphone business?

Saturday, May 18, 2019

LG has developed its own AI chip with LG Neural Engine for home appliances.


New AI Processor with LG Neural Engine Designed for Use in Various Products
Including Robot Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machines and Refrigerators.

As part of its strategy to accelerate the development of AI devices for the home, LG has developed its own artificial intelligence chip (AI Chip) with proprietary LG Neural Engine to better mimic the neural network of the human brain to greatly improve the processing of deep learning algorithms.
The AI Chip incorporates visual intelligence to better recognize and distinguish space, location, objects and users while voice intelligence accurately recognizes voice and noise characteristics while product intelligence enhances the capabilities of the device by detecting physical and chemical changes in the environment. 
The chip also makes it possible to implement customized AI services by processing and learning from video and audio data in order to enhance recognition of the user’s emotions and behaviors and the situational context.
Products utilizing the LG AI Chip take advantage of the On-Device AI to operate even without a network connection. What’s more, LG’s AI Chip employs a powerful security engine to better protect personal data from external hacking. Processing that does not require high security is designed to run in a general zone and jobs that require higher security run in a separate hardware-implemented security zone.
LG’s AI Chip is designed to enhance the recognition performance in the products it powers such as an advanced image recognition engine for simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). For example, its powerful image processing function corrects for distortion caused by wide angle lenses and generates brighter and clearer images in dark environments. 
LG Electronics plans to include the new AI Chip in future robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, refrigerator and even air conditioners. In addition, LG will expand the reach of its artificial intelligence solutions through collaborations with outside companies, universities and research laboratories.
“Our AI C​hip is designed to provide optimized artificial intelligence solutions for future LG products,” said I.P. Park, president and CTO of LG Electronics. 
“This will further enhance the three key pillars of our artificial intelligence strategy – evolve, connect and open – and provide customers with an improved experience for a better life.”

2019 H2: LG is planning to launch the 8K rollable TV.

Resultado de imagen para lg rollable tv

LG will start rolling out the 8K rollable TV first in South Korea, with improved displays and new form factor in the second half of 2019.

LG said it will release an 88-inch 8K OLED TV, which has four times as many pixels as 4K, as well as a 65-inch rollable OLED TV with 4K resolution to cater to various consumer needs. 

The rollable TV can appear and disappear from a base unit with a click of a remote control, offering a way to hide it when not in use.

The 8K OLED TV’s main rival will be Samsung Electronics 8K QLED (quantum dot LED) TV, with its largest screen a whopping 98 inches.

LG claimed that the OLED is a perfect fit for the 8K TV market with its crisp color contrast and flexibility in creating new form factors.

“Demand for OLED will further grow when the TV market shifts (from 4K) to 8K display,” J. S. Lee, vice president of LG’s home entertainment marketing communication, said in a press briefing held at the company’s factory in Gumi, some 260 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

“OLED presents perfect black with a better contrast ratio. As OLED emits lights without a backlight panel, it has more room for changing form factors, like making it razor thin or rollable.”

LG said OLED TV sales were expected to grow 3.6 million this year on the back of rising demand for premium products and to 10 million in 2021.

The company said its OLED TV crossed a “chasm” with cumulative shipments surpassing 4 million as of March since its debut in 2013, vowing to speed up its shift from its traditional LCD to OLED lineup.

“Crossing the chasm” is a popular concept to describe the life cycle of new products that refers to overcoming the gap between “early adopters” and adoption by the mainstream market

According to market researcher IHS Markit, the ratio of OLED TVs is expected to rise from 5.7 percent of total market in 2018 to 10.4 percent in 2023.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

How is Samsung planning the re-launch of the improved Galaxy Fold?

Picture credits: SamMobile.

First Samsung has to wait a month to 45 days to the 3 korean carriers networks tests to determine if the Galaxy Fold will work properly and if it is suitable for them. These test are currently happening at this time.

Besides , Samsung has to obtain a new license for the product that compliments the problem in each country.

Samsung Electronics said it has solved the problems of the screen shield  not attached enough before to the bezel and the influx of foreing subtances in the hinge because it was not blocked by the frame of the device on the upper and lower portions of  it.

We expect the Galaxy Fold will be  on the customers hands around June 15 to June 30. However, Samsung will announce the rigth re-launch timing depending on the test results.

yna korea via sammobile

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