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Bullet Time Using 18 Nokia Lumia 800s-Nokia 180 Freeze Snowboarding. Video.

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Bullet Time Using 18 Nokia Lumia 800s-Nokia 180 Freeze Snowboarding. Video.

From Nokia: 

During our recent activity at Burton Snowboard's European Open event in Laax, Switzerland, our Nokia tent hosted a trampoline surrounded by 18 Nokia Lumia 800s spanning 180°. 

Professional snowboarders and attendees were invited to showcase their snowboard tricks on the 180° Freeze Trampoline and then presented with a bullet time video of their tricks after the event. 

For a photo gallery of the event:

Amazon Kindle Fire Software Update Version 6.3, download link.

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Press Release:

Kindle Fire Software Update Version 6.3

We have a new, free over-the-air software update available for Kindle Fire that includes:
  • Sharing: Customers will be able to easily share favorite passages and notes from their books directly from Kindle Fire, without even leaving the book. Customers simply highlight a passage and select "Share" or choose the "Share" option from the toolbar within a book, write a note if they choose, and select which social network to share with. Passages or notes a customer chooses to share will be displayed to other Kindle readers viewing the same book, and customers can also choose to share via Facebook and Twitter. Amazon already has a vibrant community of readers who choose to share favorite passages and notes from their reading through This update brings these notes and highlights to Kindle Fire, so a reader can easily see what other readers are saying about their books.
  • Book Extras: Powered by Shelfari, Amazon's community of book lovers, Book Extras make it easy for customers to see supplemental material about the book they are reading, without even leaving the book. Customers can view descriptions of characters, a glossary of common terms used in the book, information on the authors and common locations referenced in the book, and more. To view Book Extras from within a book, customers simply tap the top of the screen to bring up the toolbar, tap the menu button and select "Book Extras."
  • Archive of Personal Documents: Customers' personal documents will be stored in the Amazon Cloud and available for re-download at any time from the Documents tab on Kindle Fire. Just as with Kindle books, Whispersync will automatically sync notes, highlights and last page read for personal documents.
  • Print Replica Textbooks: Students can buy thousands of print replica textbooks to read on their Kindle Fire and save up to 60% off the list price of the print textbook. Print replica textbooks maintain the rich formatting, color and layout of the print editions, with features including notes and highlights, zoom and pan, linked table of contents, real page numbers and Whispersync of notes, highlights and last page read.
  • Reading View for Amazon Silk: There is a seemingly endless array of interesting and engaging content available on the Internet. Sometimes, unfortunately, that business article, blog post, or sports recap you clicked on is surrounded by a host of competing material. With Reading View on Silk, the content that you're interested in is elevated above the clutter. When invoked by the customer, Silk will load the body of the page in a reading-optimized, single screen view (even for multi-page articles). The full page is still available in the background, allowing the reader to easily toggle back to a traditional view to see other interesting features on the page.
  • Movie Rentals: The rental period for movie rentals that are downloaded to Kindle Fire now starts when a customer starts watching the movie, rather than when a customer starts downloading the movie.
  • Additional Enhancements: This update will also bring some of the features customers have requested, including faster re-connect of Wi-Fi after Kindle Fire has been asleep, and general performance enhancements.
If you are not sure what software version you're running, tap the Quick Settings icon, tap "More," then tap "Device." If your System Version is "Current version: 6.3," you are running the latest software. If your System Version is "Current version: 6.2.2" or earlier, follow the instructions below to take advantage of all of the features available for Kindle Fire.

To update your Kindle Fire, ensure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and that your battery is fully charged. Tap the Quick Settings icon in the upper right corner of your device, then tap "Sync." The software update will automatically download in the background and will be applied once download is complete and the device is asleep.

If you'd like to manually download and install the software update on your Kindle Fire, follow the instructions below. Please note that you'll need a USB cable (sold separately) to transfer the update to your Kindle Fire.

Download Version 6.3

Here's how to download the Kindle Fire software update version 6.3 and transfer it to your Kindle Fire via USB:
  1. Determine your software version: Tap the Quick Settings icon, tap "More," then tap "Device." If your System Version is "Current version: 6.3" you are running the latest software. If you see a System Version other than "Current Version: 6.3," please proceed with the steps below to update your Kindle Fire to the latest software.

  2. Download your software: Click on the link below to download the software update file directly to your computer:

  3. Transfer software to your Kindle Fire: Turn your Kindle Fire on and unlock the screen. Then connect it to your computer using a USB cable (sold separately). Drag and drop the new update file from your computer to the kindleupdates folder on your Kindle drive. (The drive is typically displayed as a "device" icon).
  4. Monitor file transfer and disconnect: Check your file transfer progress to ensure the file transfer to your Kindle Fire is complete before disconnecting. After the file has transferred successfully, tap the "Disconnect" button on your Kindle Fire screen to safely disconnect your Kindle Fire from your computer. Disconnect the USB cable from your Kindle Fire and your computer.

  5. Start the software update: Ensure your battery is fully charged. Tap the Quick Settings icon in the top right corner of your screen, then tap "More..." then Device. Select "Update Your Kindle." (This option will be grayed out if the most recent update has already been installed or if the file transfer was not successful.) Your Kindle Fire will restart twice during the update. After the first restart, you will see the Kindle Fire logo on the screen.

  6. Once the update is complete: The Device screen will display "Current Version: 6.3" when the update is complete.
If you cannot successfully update your Kindle Fire software using the instructions above or encounter any difficulty with your software update, please contact Kindle Support by clicking the "Contact Us" button in the right hand column of this page.

LG´s flexible Electronic Paper Display EPD to hit Europe stores in April.

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LG´s flexible Electronic Paper Display EPD to hit Europe stores in April.

LG’s EPD is a 6-inch, 1024×768 e-ink plastic screen. It’s 0.7mm thick, it weighs 14g, and LG claims it’s resistant to scratches and drops from a 1.5 meter height.

LG claims the screen allows bending at a range of 40 degrees from its center.

“With the world’s first plastic EPD, LG Display has once again proven its reputation for leadership and innovation with a product we believe will help greatly popularize the E-Book market,” said Sang Duck Yeo, Head of Operations for LG Display’s Mobile/OLED division.

LG says the EPD will first be supplied to ODM companies in China, with completed products hitting European stores at the beginning of April. 

Source: Mashable.

Meg Whitman 80%, Apotheker 67% , Mark Hurd 34% approval between employees.

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According to a new survey from the career website indicated that Meg Whitman, who took the reins at HP in September 2011, is more liked among employees than her predecessors.  She had a 80 % approval between employees,  compared to Leo Apotheker's  67 percent and Mark Hurd's 34 percent.

 The approval ratings are based on employees' voluntary responses to one simple question: "Do you approve of the way your CEO is leading the company?"

With a 80% approval , it is clear, Meg is doing the things right in HP.

By the other hand,  taking the most ranked Tech  CEOs, between employees, Apple´s Tim Cook is number one with a  97 % and with a 2% much better than Steve Jobs.

In the second place  was Qualcomm's Paul Jacobs, who had a 95 percent approval rating
 Google's Larry Page came in third with 94 percent approval, followed by Intel's Paul Otellini, with 93 percent, and VMware's Paul Maritz, with 90 percent. Rounding out the top 10 was EMC's Joe Tucci at number six, followed by Sprint's Dan Hesse, Oracle's Larry Ellison, HP's Meg Whitman, and's Jeff Bezos.

VMware's Maritz took the spot as most improved CEO, jumping 15 points, from 75 percent approval last year.

 The CEO to decline the most was Bezos, whose approval rating dropped five points to 79 percent from 84 percent last year.

Source: PCMag

China: Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Foxconn plant . Bloomberg Video.

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China: Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Foxconn plant .

Apple Says Cook Visited New Foxconn Plant in Zhengzhou

 A handout photo shows Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple Inc., center, visiting the iPhone production line at the Foxconn Technology Group facility in Zhengzhou, yesterday.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook visited Foxconn Technology Group’s newly built manufacturing facility for the iPhone in Zhengzhou, China, as the U.S. company seeks to improve working conditions.

The iPhone production line is at the new Foxconn Zhengzhou Technology Park, which employs 120,000 people, Carolyn Wu, a Beijing-based Apple spokeswoman, said in an e-mail today. She didn’t provide other details on Cook’s visit or say how much longer he’ll be in China after having held high-level talks in Beijing earlier this week. 

Source:  Bloomberg.

Samsung NEW Galaxy names: Grand,Premier and Next, just registered.

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Samsung NEW Galaxy names: Grand,Premier and Next, just registered.

Samsung filed applications for the trademarking of names such as Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Premier, and Galaxy Next.

The trademarking of these three names follows a similar move from Samsung made for Galaxy Thunder, Galaxy Express, and Galaxy Accelerate. 

One thing that should be noted here is that Samsung did use some of these names for its devices in other countries around the world, but not in the United States. 

Samsung plans on re-using these monikers, though it remains to be seen what products will be pushed to shelves with these attached to them.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012: Amazon to launch 10.1 and 7 inch new tablets and maybe more.

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2012: Amazon to launch 10.1 and 7 inch new tablets.

According to Digitimes, Amazon will ship a 10.1 inch in July. This news comes from the supply chain, like HannsTouch who is a new supplier of touch sensors in addition to Wintek and TPK Holding, while excluding J Touch from the supplier list.

The 10.1-inch model is likely to be priced at US$249-299.

Amazon is quoting two 7 inch models, one to be priced $199 for shipments in late Q2 and the other $169 which is not so sure to get out to reality, because the suppliers are reluctant to offer quotes for low-margin hardware products.

2012 Amazon tablets PC sales forecast target is 20 million units.

Source: Digitimes

Egypt: German University (GUC) deploys HP networking solutions to connect students and staff.

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Egypt: German University (GUC) deploys HP networking solutions to connect students and staff.

The German University in Cairo GUC has announced a complete overhaul of its network, to replace its existing infrastructure with HP solutions.

The Egyptian university, which has over 8,000 students and was established in co-operation with the Universities of Ulm, Stuttgart, Mannheim and Tübingen, has deployed HP FlexNetwork Architecture, which will integrate with its existing HP Converged Infrastructure solutions. The network will support critical applications for the university, while offering easier network administration and lower TCO.

The university has rolled out dual redundant HP 7510 switches for wire-speed 10Gb connectivity for maximum throughput. In the data centre core, where GUC was already using HP ProLiant Blade Servers and HP Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVA) storage, a resilient HP 8212 switch with high-availability features ensures system continuity and enhances network productivity.

At the distribution layer, 22 HP 5800 switches provide the bandwidth necessary for secure, high-speed communications while 140 intelligent HP 5120 switches at the edge eliminate loops in the network for maximum reliability.

The project also includes HP Intelligent Management Centre (IMC) software to manage all network resources and users. Network security will be safeguarded by HP IMC User Access Management (UAM) and Endpoint Admission Defence (EAD) modules.  HP IMC UAM delivers network access control to help reduce vulnerabilities and security breaches. 

 HP IMC EAD minimises network exposure by integrating security policy management and endpoint posture assessment to identify and isolate risks at the network edge.

HP Network Consulting Services provided installation and training support during the integration.

To meet the growing demands on our IT infrastructure, we need a high performance network that is cost-effective and simple to manage," said Ihab Moneer, IT systems and network administrator, GUC. "With a single operating system and management platform, HP Networking switches allow us to meet our current networking needs and give us the flexibility for future expansion."

LTE: Japan: NTT Docomo to launch the White Samsung Galaxy Note LTE in April 6.

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LTE: Japan: NTT Docomo to launch the White Samsung Galaxy Note LTE in April 6.

Although there are no details regarding the smartphone’s pricing options, the carrier confirms Galaxy Note SC-05D will be available at all NTT Docomo dealers starting April 6.

Aside from the huge 5.3-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display that supports HD (800 x 1280 pixels) resolution, NTT Docomo’s Galaxy Note offers users LTE (Xi) support, allowing for download speeds up to 75Mbps.

Docomo NEXT series GALAXY Note SC-05D device is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core APQ8060 processor and packs 16GB of internal memory, 1GB of RAM and microSD card slot for memory expansion (up to 32GB, 2GB memory card included).

The phone is equipped with the same 2500 mAh Li-Ion battery, which is rated by the carrier for up to 310 hours of standby time (350 hours in 3G mode) or up to 9 hours of talk time (7 hours in 3G mode).

Obviously, the smartphone boasts the usual S Pen stylus that goes along with “S Notes” application, which enables handwriting input and illustration paste-clipping of a photo.

On the back, the device boasts an impressive 8-megapixel rear camera with autofocus, LED flash and full HD (1080p) video recording, while in the front there’s a secondary 1.3-megapixel camera for video calls.

NTT Docomo customers will be able to get the Samsung Galaxy Note SC-05D only in ceramic white. 

However, the carrier might add another color scheme for the Galaxy Note SC-05D later this year.

Australia: Despite Apple is offering customers refund for the not 4G capable new iPad,the ACCC sues them.

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Australia: Despite Apple is offering customers refund for the not 4G capable new iPad, the ACCC sues them.

                     The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is seeking court orders to stop Apple from promoting its new iPad as 4G compatible. The watchdog is making an application to the Federal Court in Melbourne for orders against Apple for alleged contraventions of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). 

According to the ACCC, Apple's recent promotion of the new "iPad with WiFi + 4G" is misleading because it represents to Australian consumers that the product can, with a Sim card, connect to a 4G mobile data network in Australia, when this is not the case. 

The regulator is seeking urgent interlocutory relief to ensure consumers are made aware of the correct technical capabilities of this device. Additionally the ACCC is seeking final orders including injunctions, pecuniary penalties, corrective advertising, and refunds to consumers affected. 

The Australian reports that Apple has already offered to refund customers who bought the new iPad expecting it to work on Telstra's LTE network. However, the company denies it misled the public. The company will also place clarifying statements at the point of sale and to send e-mails to customers to make it clear the company does not claim the iPad works on Telstra's 4G network.           

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LTE worldwide frecuencies band by region. LTE smartphones to drive up to 45-50 million units in 2012.


China: Nokia and China Telecom launch first CDMA Windows Phone Lumia 800C

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Press Release:
China: Nokia and  China Telecom  launch first CDMA Windows Phone Lumia 800C.

Stunning new Lumia smartphone, Nokia 800C, makes everyday moments extraordinary for China Telecom subscribers

Wang Xiaochu (China telecom) and Stephen Elop (Nokia) on stage with nokia 800C
Beijing, China - Today China Telecom and Nokia announced the Nokia 800C, the first CDMA Windows Phone in China and Nokia's first Lumia phone for the world's largest smartphone market. The Nokia 800C combines head-turning design and the fastest way to connect to the people, places and things that matter most, in an experience uniquely tailored for people in China on the country's leading 3G network.

"We're excited to introduce our first Lumia smartphone, the Nokia 800C, to this important market with our exclusive launch partner, China Telecom. Working closely together, we've created a compelling, locally relevant experience on the Nokia 800C especially tailored for people in China," said Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia.

Wang Xiaochu, Chairman of China Telecom, expressed his enthusiasm for Nokia Lumia: "This grand launch for China's first CDMA Windows Phone represents our optimism and excitement for the future of Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia in China."

The partnership between China Telecom and Nokia extends beyond the Nokia 800C with the addition of Nokia's most affordable Lumia smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 610 also arriving in a CDMA variant to China Telecom's portfolio in Q2 2012. The Nokia 610C is targeted at a more youthful audience and provides a perfect introduction to Windows Phone with access to the same core signature experiences as the rest of the Lumia range in a package optimized for quality.

Nokia 800C 

The Nokia 800C makes it easy to stay in touch with the people that 
Nokia Lumia 800C
matter most, get instant access to the Web and all the top applications in the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Offered by China Telecom in black and cyan, the Nokia 800C features a reduced body design flowing seamlessly into the 3.7" AMOLED ClearBlack curved touchscreen display.   

With a 1.4 GHz processor, hardware acceleration and a separate graphics processor, it also features an instant-share 8 Mpx camera with exclusive Carl Zeiss optics, HD video playback, 16GB of internal user memory and SkyDrive storage for accessing pictures and files from anywhere.

The Nokia 800C brings signature Nokia experiences optimized for Windows Phone and available only on Lumia:

- Nokia Maps, providing quick-access, superior, three-dimensional maps in China and over 190 countries worldwide, as well as the ability to discover the top places nearby with local content support from Fantong, Jiepang, Ctrip, Qunar and Soufun. People can easily click on the places to see photos, recommendations and information and quickly dial restaurants to make a reservation.

- Nokia Drive, which delivers a full-fledged personal navigation device with free, voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation for over 100 countries including China, a dedicated in-car user-interface, free offline navigation and speed notifications. 

- Nokia Music which offers a single hub experience for discovering the latest music, including unlimited free music for 12 months for consumers in mainland China.  It also includes MixRadio, a free, global, mobile music-streaming application that delivers hundreds of channels of locally-relevant music, including the ability to listen to music offline and build personalized mixes for listening to favourite music from any location.

Exclusive applications and services for a uniquely local experience

China Telecom and Nokia have worked closely together to bring integrated China Telecom services that target young people including music, games, videos, and integrated reading apps right onto the Nokia 800C home screen.  To reach this target market, the Nokia 800C will be featured prominently in Tianyi FlyYoung shops, a distribution arm and new, youth-centered sub-brand of China Telecom.

People purchasing Nokia Lumia  smartphones in China will have access to exclusive applications such as magazines from Trends and special offers for free downloads of popular gaming titles such as Fruit Ninja and PVZ. 

- Trends, a provider of highly interactive fashion magazine applications, will launch Cosmopolitan first forNokia Lumia smartphones and provide people using a Nokia Lumia phone with free access to For Him Magazine (FHM), Harper's Bazaar and Esquire magazines in Marketplace, opening today.

- As an added incentive for  people using a Nokia Lumia smartphone in China, Nokia will soon offer 100,000 free downloads of the hit gaming titles Fruit Ninja and PVZ through the Nokia Collection in Marketplace.

Nokia and Microsoft also announced the Be Top program, which is designed to encourage and support developers in creating great new applications on Windows Phone specifically for people in China.

These exciting offers and the BeTop development program illustrate Nokia's commitment to the local ecosystem of application developers and service providers. Through joint innovation with leading local providers, Nokia is able to offer Lumia users access to all major Internet services in China including Sina, SOHU, Tencent and Renren. When paired with the choice of nearly 20,000 apps available for download through Marketplace, people using a Nokia Lumia smartphone in China can create a truly personalized and locally relevant experience on their device.

Availability and Pricing

The Nokia 800C will be available for purchase in April through Tianyi FlyYoung shops, a distribution channel of China Telecom; Nokia brand stores; China's top chain electronics stores including Suning, Gome, Funtalk, D.Phone, and CentreYou, as well as regional channels and online shops such as and The Nokia 800C is offered without contract for 3599 RMB. (US$571.-)

Nokia is a global leader in mobile communications whose products have become an integral part of the lives of people around the world. Every day, more than 1.3 billion people use their Nokia to capture and share experiences, access information, find their way or simply to speak to one another. Nokia's technological and design innovations have made its brand one of the most recognized in the world. For more information, visit

Media Enquiries:

Tel. +358 7180 34900

Nokia Lumia Coffee Tab/Pad a Windows 8 tablet. Leaked Video.

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A leaked video made by shows a Nokia Lumia Coffee Tab as a protoype of a future Windows 8 tablet, which might come by Nokia,  powered with a Qualcomm Xiaolong S4 dual-core cpu, display 10 inch, and will allow to connect your music using NFC speakers.

 Video below:

We don´t know is this report is true and if the name of the device is the final one, as Nokia has not official announced nothing yet related.

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China: New iPad going on sale in April. Tim Cook talks with government officials cleared the way.

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China: New iPad going on sale in April. Tim Cook talks  with government officials cleared the way.

According to zdnetasia and allthingsd Tim Cook recent visit to China  helped to clear the way for sales of the new iPad after he talked with the goverment officials to address issues pertaining to the iPad trademark dispute.

As results of this talks, the China Quality Certification Center (CQCC) recently granted the iPad with the compulsory certification necessary for Apple to sell it in China.

Apple has not yet announced a formal launch date for the iPad in China, but the device could debut on shelves as early as April, the report said.

The latest iPad, unveiled by Apple earlier this month, is already available in some Asian markets including Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. Singapore and Hong Kong were previously not among the first countries to sell the iPad 2 device when it was launched, and analysts observed that the inclusion of more Asian countries is a sign of the region's growing significance to Apple.

Bluestacks Emulator allows Android Apps Run on Windows PCs.

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Bluestacks Emulator allows Android Apps Run on Windows PCs. 

 Bluestacks App Player is an emulator that allows Android applications to run on Windows 7, Vista and XP OSes. Users can install the software in Windows and then run around 450,000 Android applications, including Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, the company said in a statement.

Beyond PCs, the App Player could also allow Windows tablets such as Hewlett-Packard's Slate 2 and Dell's Latitude ST to run Android applications.
The emulator has new Layercake technology, which exploits hardware accelerators to improve the performance of Android games in Windows. 
The Bluestacks app is 3.6MB and can be downloaded from the company's website
The software also offered the option to sync apps and contacts with an Android device.
Source: pcworld

HP webOS TouchPad 32GB Wi-Fi for $219.- Refurb on MacConnection and PC ConnectionExpress.

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HP webOS TouchPad 32GB Wi-Fi for $219.- Refurb on MacConnection and PC ConnectionExpress.

MacConnection andPCConnectionExpress are showing refurbished 32GB Wi-FI HP TouchPads in stock for  $219 with free shipping which is the cheapest you'll find for a tablet in the 10 inch realm. 

 GLBenchmark tests for the HP TouchPad  against the Kindle Fire and Motorola Xoom : the HP TouchPad beat the two other well-reviewed tablets in many tests.

The new Isis webOS browser has been benchmarked and shown to be extremely responsive compared to other browsers made for general consumption while webOS has been made open source. 

The  HP TouchPad  has many of the favorite features of the iPad such as email, book reading, video viewing and web surfing.

The HP TouchPad because it has a non-metalic case has been used by doctors it in MRI chambersto serve data. The  HP TouchPad appears in the Wireless and Mobile News' top tablets of 2011 and top trends of 2011.

Samsung Unpacked event invitation for August 10, 2022. Unfold your world.

  Samsung is going to hold an Unpacked event on August 10, 2022, to unfold the new versions of foldable smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and...

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