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LG say the G3 has more pixels than the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S on Video Ad.

LG in a recently uploaded video ad on YouTube: "Bursting with Brilliance" say the new LG G3 smartphone has more pixels than the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S. What do you think ?


Apple introduce Apple Watch 3 collections and 2 sizes on Video Ad.

Apple just introduced in a 10:34 minutes video the recently announced Apple Watch in 3 colllections and two sizes with different straps  materials. The Apple Watch is all with stainless steel straps, the Sport comes with colored straps and the Apple Watch Edition is all made of Gold 18K and have leather colored straps.  

Apple Watch is the most personal product Apple has ever made, because it’s the first one designed to be worn. Narrated by Jony Ive, Senior Vice President, Design at Apple.

Buy the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

3 Companies are making the mobile WiFi wireless charging possible.

Energous, , uBeam and WiTricity from the USA are on the way to offer consumer products of Wireless Router capable to send power to charge your mobile.

Computerworld have made a long research about what these 3 companies have on track for this new technology, that could come up available for consumers in 2015.

Lets`take a read of each way of transfering power wireless, by Company:

Energous from California:

Rizzone, CEO of Energous, is pitching a wireless charging technology called WattUp that can send power in a 15-ft. radius using radio frequency transmissions.
The Pleasanton, Calif.-based company, which raised nearly $25 million when it went public this year, plans to have consumer products out by Thanksgiving 2015.
So what is it?
The WattUp transmitter works much like a wireless router, sending radio frequency signals that can be received by enabled mobile devices, such as wearables and mobile phones. A small RF antenna in the form of PCB board, an ASIC and software make up the wireless power receivers.
The Bluetooth wireless communication specification is used between WattUp transmitters and receivers.
Because the amount of wattage WattUp can send is limited, Energous is focused on powering small mobile devices rather than laptops or batteries that require higher capacities.
A single WattUp transmitter can charge up to 24 devices, all under software control that enables or disables charging. The maximum amount of power -- 4 watts -- can only be delivered to four devices simultaneously. So as more enabled and "authorized" devices enter a room, the charge to each device is reduced.

Also, as the distance between transmitter and receiver becomes greater, the power transfer dissipates. For example, a WattUp transmitter can stream 4 watts within a 5-ft. radius. At a range of 5 to 10 feet, that power drops to 2 watts per device; at 10 to 15 feet, the router puts out 1 watt per device (4 watts total). 
George Holmes, vice president of sales and marketing at Energous, said that within 5 feet a mobile device can be charged at the same rate as if it were plugged into a wall socket.
WattUp's RF transmission, which operates at 5.7MHz and 5.8MHz, is referred to in the industry as "far-field" wireless charging. Energous is not the first company to come up with the idea.
Startup uBeam landed $750,000 in seed funding for technology that uses ultrasound waves to transmit electricity to mobile devices. The specifics may differ, but the principle is similar to the approach Energous has taken, according to Ryan Sanderson, an analyst at IHS.
Wireless charging over distance is nothing new, but most other technologies use magnetic resonance to achieve power transfers at relatively short distances. For example, WiTricity has been licensing its charging technology for use in appliances and the automotive industry.
WiTricity's technology can transmit power between two copper coils that form a magnetic field. But distances from hand-size transmitters have typically been limited to a foot or so. Devices called "repeaters" can extend that distance, but generally speaking, the larger the coil, the longer the distance.
Sanderson does not consider WiTricity's technology far-field charging. "Magnetic resonance is near-field wireless charging, no matter how you spin it," he said.
Loosely coupled magnetic resonance technology, offered by Duracell and other manufacturers, enables wireless charging pads that can power up multiple devices at the same time -- as long as they're all placed on the charging surface. That, Sanderson said, is the main problem with magnetic resonance wireless charging: You have to put your mobile device down somewhere in order to charge them.
"Those technologies really don't support the notion of mobility," Holmes said. "Mobility is the idea of walking around an office or home and having your device charge passively rather than actively.
"We're not wireless but wire-free," he added.
Nick Spencer, a senior director at ABI Research, said the primary concern government regulators will likely have with wireless charging technology is that it could potentially waste electricity. On average, 40% of the electricity sent from a utility's grid into a home is wasted as it moves through various transformers. That loss is greater with wireless charging systems.
Most magnetic resonance wireless charging devices have an efficiency rating of between and 80% and 90%, meaning up to 20% of the electricity is lost in transmission.
Still, Sanderson and Spencer believe Energous' WattUp technology has massive potential.

Big market appeal

Technology like WiTricity's is already expected to make up the lion's share of the market someday, because it's relatively easy to use.
According to Pike Research, the revenue worldwide from wireless power devices will exceed $15 billion by 2020, and systems based on highly resonant magnetic wireless power transfer will account for more than 80% of the overall market.
"I see huge potential for [Energous' technology] as long as it can be proven to work," Sanderson said. "We're seeing a huge increase in wearables. And the key thing about wearables is that if you have to take them off every day, it becomes a pain. From a consumer point of view, that will be the one thing that makes or breaks that industry."
According to a recent study by IHS, 69% of consumers still don't know or understand what wireless charging is. When people think of "wireless," they don't picture the charging pads of today that use magnetic resonance technology.
"What they often conjure up in their minds is a system like Wi-Fi," Sanderson said.
That same IHS study revealed that 78% of consumers would purchase a wireless charging accessory and 38% would pay to charge their mobile devices wirelessly in a public place.

Product partnerships

Energous has been securing partnerships with Tier 2 suppliers, the companies that sell parts to big manufacturers like automobile and smartphone makers.
For example, Energous is working with Dialog Semiconductor, a German company that makes integrated circuits for audio and display processing used mainly in mobile phones and the automotive industry. Japan-based Dong-Hwa, one of the world's largest mobile equipment suppliers, is also working to embed WattUp wire-free charging receivers in smartphone cases
Energous has also partnered with rechargeable battery makers such as Highpower International, and is developing reference designs for WattUp-enabled batteries. Holmes sees a day when common objects in a house will have WattUp wireless charging routers embedded in them -- everything from refrigerators, televisions and even picture frames. The company is also working on a smaller charger (less than a 1-watt charge) that people could place on nightstands to charge wearables as they sleep without having to take them off.
"We decided to go after the low-hanging fruit first. The quickest way to get visibility to the consumer is through enabling battery packs and wearables," Rizzone said.
While Energous has created prototype wireless power routers and receivers, it doesn't plan on selling hardware. Like other wireless power companies, it is licensing its intellectual property for other companies to build into products.
The company plans to demonstrate the first iteration of its product and enabled mobile devices at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.
"With our solution, you can continue to wear your device 24/7. Your watch will be topped off at night, and that's a significant difference from what Apple offered with its watch this week," Rizzone said.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Unlocked

Microsoft announced Windows 10. Video Preview. Press Release.

Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive vice president, Operating Systems, says Windows 10 will be “built from the ground-up for a mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

Microsoft offered today in San Francisco (USA) details of the next major upgrade to its operating system is expected to go on sale next year with the name of Windows 10 and not Windows 9 as would have been appropriate. 

The next version of Windows, the key of Microsoft software empire piece, with some 1,500 million users worldwide, is "the first step in creating a new generation of Windows," he said today at a press conference the group executive vice president of Microsoft operating systems, Terry Myerson. 

The manager said that corporate users will find that Windows 10 is "familiar, consistent and productive." 

"Windows 10 will be our best business platform of all time," said Myerson. 

The new operating system will be a unified platform on all devices, from computers to phones and tablets, and available on screens from 4-80 inches. 

The new system visually reminds both Windows 7 and Windows 8, with many of the features in the latest version but still present a more traditional interface. 

The new system will adjust their behavior depending on whether the device is being used, for example, with or without a keyboard. 

Joe Belfiore, VP also division of Microsoft operating systems, offered during the conference demonstrated the evolution of Windows. 

Belfiore said the company wants to focus on customization and ensure that the program meets the needs of users with different preferences and tastes. 

"We're trying to strike the right balance," the executive said today. 

Microsoft will make available a limited number of users of the technology community from Insider Wednesday the Windows program with a preview of the technical specifications for laptops and desktop group. 

Myerson emphasized that the program for "savvy" is intended for those who feel comfortable trying out a program of pre-release software, whose quality will vary and may not always be optimal. 

"We want the expectations are correct," said the manager, adding that the company plans to share more than ever before and emphasized that Windows 10 will be the most collaborative platform to date. 

Phones are expected to have a different interface, but Microsoft has not announced many details about it today. 

Contrary to what was expected, Microsoft decided to skip the name of Windows 9, which would have corresponded chronologically. 

"When you see the whole product I think you will agree that is a better name," said Myerson. 

The presentation focused on corporate customers, who ekes Microsoft after complaints with Windows 8. 

Last update of Windows, in 2012, represented a major change from the version that preceded it, Windows 7, and created dissatisfaction among many customers in the absence of the familiar start and desktop icon. 

Research firm Forrester Research said today before the presentation of the new system that address the complaints of corporate clients was key to Microsoft. 

"Right now, only about one in five organizations have Windows 8 for their employees," he recalled Tuesday Forrester analyst David Johnson. 

Microsoft has spent months talking about his strategy for Windows and already anticipated during its developer conference in April that the new platform developers will find it easier to create applications that work on all devices.

From the  Windows Blog: ( Please read after this note the Press Release)

Windows 10: The first step of a whole new generation of Windows

Windows 10 “represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows,” writes Terry Myerson, executive vice president, Operating Systems, in a blog post. “Windows 10 unlocks new experiences for customers to work, play and connect. Windows 10 embodies what our customers (both consumers and enterprises) demand and what we will deliver.”

Windows 10 will run across an incredibly broad set of devices – from the Internet of Things, to servers in enterprise datacenters worldwide. “Some of these devices have 4-inch screens – some have 80-inch screens – and some don’t have screens at all,” he writes. “Some of these devices you hold in your hand, others are 10 feet away. Some of these devices you primarily use touch/pen, others mouse/keyboard, others controller/gesture – and some devices can switch between input types.”
We’re not talking about one user interface to rule them all, he writes. “We’re talking about one product family, with a tailored experience for each device.”
Windows 10 will be “built from the ground-up for a mobile-first, cloud-first world. This new Windows must help our customers be productive in both their digital work and their digital life. This new Windows must empower people and organizations to do great things.”
Windows 10 will “deliver the right experience on the right device at the right time. It will be our most comprehensive platform ever.” 
Suzanne Choney

Microsoft News Center Staff


Microsoft unveils the future of Windows
Sept. 30, 2014
Company gives first look at Windows 10, highlighting enterprise advancements and open collaboration.

SAN FRANCISCO — Sept30, 2014 — Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday unveiled its next Windows operating system, Windows 10, and gave a first look at an early technical preview for the PC available Oct. 1. The announcement highlighted advancements designed for business, including an updated user experience and enhanced security and management capabilities. The company also introduced the Windows Insider Program, kicking off its largest-ever open collaborative development effort to change the way Windows is built and delivered to best meet the needs of customers. Program participants will receive the technical preview of Windows 10 and a steady stream of builds through the development cycle to use and give feedback on.
“Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows, unlocking new experiences to give customers new ways to work, play and connect,” said Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Operating Systems group at Microsoft. “This will be our most comprehensive operating system and the best release Microsoft has ever done for our business customers, and we look forward to working together with our broader Windows community to bring Windows 10 to life in the months ahead.” 
Windows 10familiarity and consistency across devices
Windows 10 adapts to the devices customers are using — from Xbox to PCs and phones to tablets and tiny gadgets — and what they’re doing with a consistent, familiar and compatible experience, enabling even greater productivity. Windows 10 will run across the broadest range of devices ever from the Internet of Things to enterprise datacenters worldwide. Microsoft is also delivering a converged application platform for developers on all devices with a unified app store. Developers will be able to write an application once and deploy it easily across multiple device types, making discovery, purchase and updating easier than ever for customers. 
Windows 10designed for the challenges of modern business
Windows 10 builds nearly everything that businesses need right into the core of the product — including enterprise-grade security, identity and information protection features — in ways that can reduce complexities and provide better experiences than other solutions. One area of advancement is in the work Microsoft has done with user identities to improve resistance to breach, theft or phishing. Windows 10 will also help advance data loss prevention by using containers and data separation at the application and file level, enabling protection that follows the data as it goes from a tablet or PC to a USB drive, email or the cloud.
Management and deployment have been simplified to help lower costs, including in-place upgrades from Windows 7 or Windows 8 that are focused on making device wipe-and-reload scenarios obsolete. Businesses will also have the flexibility to choose how quickly they adopt the latest innovations and influence continued improvements. In addition, organizations will be able to customize an app store specific to their needs and environment. The intent is an app store that will allow for volume app licensing, flexible distribution, and the ability for organizations to reclaim or reuse licenses when necessary.
Technical preview PC productivity
The early technical preview of Windows 10 demonstrates new levels of flexibility, navigation and familiarity through the Windows experience. Features include these:
  • Expanded Start menu. The familiar Start menu is back, providing quick one-click access to the functions and files that people use most, and it includes a new space to personalize with favorite apps, programs, people and websites.
  • Apps that run in a window. Apps from the Windows Store now open in the same format that desktop programs do. They can be resized and moved around, and have title bars at the top allowing users to maximize, minimize and close with a click.
  • Snap enhancements. Working in multiple apps at once is easier and more intuitive with snap improvements. A new quadrant layout allows up to four apps to be snapped on the same screen. Windows will also show other apps and programs running for additional snapping, and it will even make smart suggestions on filling available screen space with other open apps.
  • New Task view button. The new Task view button on the task bar enables one view for all open apps and files, allowing for quick switching and one-touch access to any desktop created.
  • Multiple desktops. Instead of too many apps and files overlapping on a single desktop, it’s easy to create and switch between distinct desktops for different purposes and projects — whether for work or personal use.
Open and collaborative development
The introduction of the Windows Insider Program demonstrates Microsoft’s continued commitment to working closely with customers to help shape the future of Windows. Windows Insiders will be able to give feedback on early builds of the product throughout the development cycle. The program will include various ways for Windows Insiders to engage in a two-way dialogue with Microsoft, including a Windows Feedback app for sharing suggestions and issues and a Windows Technical Preview Forum for interacting with Microsoft engineers and fellow Insiders. More information on the Windows Insider Program and the technical preview can be found athttp://preview.windows.com.
Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.
Note to editors: For more information, news and perspectives from Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft News Center at http://www.microsoft.com/news. Web links, telephone numbers and titles were correct at time of publication, but may have changed. For additional assistance, journalists and analysts may contact Microsoft’s Rapid Response Team or other appropriate contacts listed athttp://www.microsoft.com/news/contactpr.mspx

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge specifications and features infographic.

Samsung Tomorrow have posted today a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge specifications and features infographic, as 5 Features of the Edge Screen of Galaxy Note Edge.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has the same display as the Galaxy Note 4 Quad HD (2560×1440) Super AMOLED display.

Lets`take a look all the way down:

Galaxy Note Edge Infographic
*All functionality features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 worldwide availabiltiy infograph.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 worldwide availability infograph.

South Korea and China Sept 29 and 30, UK Oct 10th, USA and Canada Oct 17th, Mèxico , some countries of Europe, Africa and  Asia Oct 24th, More countries of south China Oct 25th, North Africa Oct 28th, Central America Oct 30th and finally Nov 5th another country of Central America.

The SONY Xperia Z3 UNLOCKED is now available.

The SONY Xperia Z3 UNLOCKED is now available. We have posted all the alternatives you can check them out on Amazon store just clicking on the banners below:

Is Apple`s iPhone 6 Plus #bendgate true ? Video debate.

As we know the gadget reviewer Lewis Hilsenteger answered to people who did not trust the #bendgate with a new video in front of witnesses live bending again the iPhone 6 Plus and it came out worst than  the first time.

Consumer Reports Lead Electronics Editor Glenn Derene and Gadget Reviewer at Unbox Therapy Lewis Hilsenteger debate their Apple iPhone “bendgate” findings on “Bloomberg West.”

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Video: BlackBerry Passport: Using Calendar App features.

This is a very detailed video of what you can do with the calendar app features .

Spend less time managing schedules and tasks – BlackBerry® Calendar makes managing your busy schedule simple.

Video: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Unboxing. Availability Oct 17 in America.

Samsung just launched the Galaxy Note 4 in South Korea and in China. Samsung Tomorrow have made a unboxing video of the device but it is in Korean. However you can see clearly  what is in the box. The South Korean version is LTE-A (Advanced) since the 3 carriers have 4G LTE-A networks.

The Galaxy Note 4 will come to all four major U.S carriers; Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, and Samsung stores in the UK.

The newest giant smartphone will be released on October 17th with pre-orders began on September 19th for Verizon and AT&T, pricing the phablet at $299.99 when customers sign up for a new 2-year contract. 

T-Mobile announced that pre-orders will begin on September 24 as they have already laid out their Galaxy Note 4 plans for the 32 GB at $749 unlocked. While, Sprint will be a little late to the party, with pre-orders beginning on September 26, priced at $350 for the 32 GB Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

UK will get to take home the newest model early with Galaxy Note 4 release dates on October 10th. Pre-orders have already begun at select Samsung Stores and will be available for pre-orders for the rest of the carriers on September 26.

Octa Core Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910 Factory Unlocked International Model:

Video: Surprise Concert with New ASUS Fonepad™ 7

Enjoy big surprises in a sleek, palm-sized package with the new ASUS Fonepad™ 7. Featuring dual front speakers for immersive musical experiences, the 7-inch tablet and dual SIM 3G phone will change the way you stay entertained and connected. Equipped with the intuitive ASUS ZenUI™ user interface, a 64-bit Intel® Atom™ processor, and Android 4.4 KitKat, the new ASUS Fonepad 7 builds upon its predecessor to give you a more powerful and productive communications device.

The new ASUS Fonepad™ 7 is a 7-inch tablet and 3G dual SIM phone in a sleek, palm-sized package that will change the way you stay connected. Featuring the intuitive ASUS ZenUI™ interface, a 64-bit Intel® Atom™ processor, and Android 4.4 KitKat, the new ASUS Fonepad 7 builds upon its predecessor to give you a more powerful and productive communications device. Its narrow 7.25mm bezel maximizes the display area to boost your mobile work and play experience, while the dual SIM phone with over 20 hours of 3G talk time keeps you connected wherever you go.


·         Operating System
AndroidTM 4.4
·         Display
7" LED Backlight WXGA (1280x800) Screen

IPS Panel
10 finger multi-touch support
Anti-fingerprint coating

·         CPU
Intel® Atom™ Z3560 Quad-Core, up to 1.83 GHz, 64bit
·         Memory
·         Storage
8GB/16GB eMMC *1

5GB Life Time ASUS Webstorage Space *2
; with an additional 11GB for the first year

·         Network Standard

HSPA+ UL:5.76 Mbps/DL:42 Mbps
3G :
2G :
EDGE/GSM : 850/900/1800/1900,

·         Wireless Data Network
WLAN802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth V4.0
Support Miracast

·         Camera
2 MP Front Camera 

5 MP Rear Camera with Auto focus( 720p Video Recording )
·         Audio
Front Speakers with SonicMaster technology
·         Interface
•1 × 2-in-1 Audio Jack (Headphone / Mic-in)

•1 × Micro USB
•1 × Micro SD Card Reader,up to 64GB
•2 × Micro SIM card slot(Dual SIM SKU)*4
•1 × Micro SIM card slot(Single SIM SKU)*4

·         Sensor
G-Sensor / Proximity / Light sensor /

E-compass / Hall sensor
·         Battery
11.5 hours battery life; 15Wh Li-polymer Battery *3
·         Talk Time
21 hours(3G)
·         Navigation
·         Color
·         Dimensions
108.9 x 194.3 x 9.8 mm (WxDxH)
·         Weight
299 g
·         Note
*1: May vary by SKU and country.Some storage capacity has been set aside for the operating system and pre-installed apps. Actual usable storage space may differ from advertised storage.

*2: Please visit www.asuswebstorage.com for more details.
You will receive a membership expiry notification email when your ASUS WebStorage account is about to expire. Once your membership expires, you can only download files from your ASUS WebStorage account. You will not be able to edit existing files or upload new ones into your account. 

In light of this, ASUS is providing ASUS WebStorage members a one-month grace period after their account expires. If you do not wish to renew your ASUS WebStorage membership, you have one month to download your files from your account after it expires. Your expired ASUS WebStorage account will be closed one month after your membership expires and your files will be deleted.

*3: Battery life will vary according to use. Battery life measured by looping 720P video, brightness at 100nits, external microphone, WLAN/3G on and Gmail logged in for email and updates.

*4: ASUS Fonepad uses the latest Micro SIM standard. Please acquire the standardized Micro SIM card from your mobile service provider. If you cut the SIM card yourself, the tablet may not be able to detect the SIM card due to improper contact points between the SIM card and the tablet.

·         Package Contents(Included in box)
Adapter & Power plug, USB Cable, Manual, Warranty card

·         All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Products may not be available in all markets.
·         PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.
·         Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

Samsung Unpacked event invitation for August 10, 2022. Unfold your world.

  Samsung is going to hold an Unpacked event on August 10, 2022, to unfold the new versions of foldable smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and...

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