Monday, July 22, 2013

LG announces worldwide rollout of the Optimus G Pro


Following its successful debut in North America and Asia, LG Electronics (LG) today announced the global rollout of its premium Full HD LTE smartphone, Optimus G Pro, in select markets in Europe, Central/South America, Middle East, Africa and Commonwealth of Independent States. 
Featuring advanced hardware and differentiated user experience (UX) features, LG’s Optimus G Pro is one of the most advanced smartphones currently on the market. It was recently honored with the Best LTE Device/Handset Award at LTE World Summit 2013 in recognition of the device’s industry-leading performance and features. The smartphone was also recognized soon after its debut at Mobile World Congress 2013 by the Red Dot Design Awards for excellence in the field of design. 
“We are excited to be bringing our award-winning Optimus G Pro to a worldwide audience,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “The Optimus G Pro showcases the next generation smartphone trends with its large display, high-performance features and innovative mobile experience.”
The Optimus G Pro is equipped with the swift Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, long-lasting 3,140mAh battery and a 2GB RAM. With its expansive 5.5-inch 1080p Full HD IPS display delivering a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels at 400ppi, the device offers vivid and superb picture quality with wide viewing angles. Even with its extra large diplay, the device delivers a comfortable in-hand experience and great “pocketability.” It also features a number of unique UX features such as Dual Recording, Virtual Reality Panorama and QSlide.

Monday, July 8, 2013

For 2014: LG´s smart TV with webOS platform.

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For 2014: LG´s smart TV with webOS platform.

At the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Matthew Durgin, director of smart TV content for LG Electronics, was asked if Android would ever find a home on LG sets.

"Not that I can see, to be frank with you, Durgin said. "I think that LG's TV platform has evolved to the point where it's become a very strong differentiator for us in the market. We do have a motion remote which actually has a better experience than most smart TVs out there. 

Also, we've recently made an investment in WebOS. We purchased WebOS from HP. Now we have  a development team in Silicon Valley who's developing for the 2014 platform using WebOS."

Source: streamingmedia

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

iPad 5, iPad mini 2,and iPhone 6 release date Sept 6th.

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iPad 5, iPad mini 2,and  iPhone 6 release date Sept 6th.

Apple is strongly hinting that the release date for the iPad 5, iPad mini 2 and iPhone 6 is coming on or shortly after September 6th, offering a promo to college students which gives them a fifty dollar iTunes gift card with the purchase of an iPad or iPhone until that date. Apple has made such offers to students in the past, and they’ve typically ended up coinciding with the launch of new generations of whichever of its mobile products were included in the deal. The offer is a way of blowing out remaining inventory of the new models in the interim.

The week of September 6th starts off with the Labor Day holiday, making it unlikely Apple will unveil the new iPad 5, iPad mini 2 and iPhone 6 during that week, but will instead allow the college offer to expire on the 6th and then introduce the new models the following Tuesday, September 10th. They would each see their release dates at retail stores shortly thereafter. Apple has often held press events on the second Tuesday of September in order to introduce its fall lineup of new products. In past years the new iPads have debuted in the fall and the new iPhones in the summer, but Apple has since shifted those dates such that the iPad 5, iPad mini 2 and iPhone 6 will all reach their one year anniversaries in the fall.

Apple’s own college iTunes promo coincides with retailers offering significant price cuts on the iPhone 5 to clear out inventory ahead of the iPhone 6 release date, along with more modest price cuts on current iPads ahead of the release date for the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

HP stills thinking on a smartphone

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It is very hard to know if  HP will come out with a new webOS smartphone maybe an LG´s at this time. Rumors have said HP is more alike to launch an Android

However HP´s CEO Meg Whitman says:

"Being late you have to create a different set of propositions. There are still things that can be done. It's not late. When HP has a smartphone, it will give a differentiated experience."

When asked about a chances of a future HP smartphone, she said: "The answer is yes but I cannot give a timetable. It would be silly if we say no. HP has to be in the game."

How HP is going to give a differentiated experience, you might have some:

1.- Low Cost
2.- Better software helpful apps than the competition.
3.- webOS resurrected much better.
4.-Better hardware


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