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HP CEO Meg Whitman and Todd Bradley on the New HP ElitePad Tablet. Videos.

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HP CEO Meg Whitman and Todd Bradley on the New HP ElitePad Tablet.Videos.

HP is announcing the ElitePad 900 enterprise-ready tablet. Business people will love its sleek beauty, and IT managers will love its security, manageability and serviceability.

And HP's Ajay Gupta shows a new business tablet from HP, the ElitePad 900. The tablet also features Smart Jackets which allow users to customize their tablet computing experience.

HP unveils the Elite Pad 900 for Business.

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HP Elite Pad.

HP unveils the Elite Pad 900 for Business.

HP is unveiling today the new tablet for business,the HP ElitePad 900 offers a 10.1-inch diagonal display, weighs just 1.5 pounds and measures 9.2 millimeters (mm) thin. The 16-by-10 aspect ratio maximizes the display area for ideal viewing of traditional business applications, as well as video content. Precision crafted, with an eye toward fit and finish, the HP ElitePad uses stylish, premium materials such as CNC-machined aluminum and Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2.

Powered by next-generation Intel® mobile processors (Atom-based Intel Clover Trail processor), buffered by up to 2GB of RAM and with Windows 8 in. On the back are two slots: one for microSD cards, and another for 3G / 4G SIMs.

The HP ElitePad tablet's 1080p front-facing video camera and 8 megapixel (MP) rear camera with an LED flash and included CyberLink YouCam software help users easily communicate face to face, create high-definition (HD) web videos or record training videos without high production costs.

In stores in January 2013.

Press Release:

HP Unveils a True Tablet for Business
Smart Jacket ecosystem delivers complete computing solutions Designed for business and government, it features HP ElitePad Smart Jackets, which add connectivity options and an additional ultra-slim battery for longer runtime, along with specific add-ons that customize the tablet for specialized uses.

The HP ElitePad is an ultrathin, lightweight tablet designed for Windows 8 that delivers features to keep IT managers happy and touts a design that employees will crave. It offers the full serviceability, enhanced security and manageability found in HP Elite PCs, and military-grade durability for drops, vibration, dust, temperature extremes and high altitude.

"Businesses used to face a tough purchase decision: How to find a product that will delight employees and help them be more productive, while also making sure IT can secure and manage it," said Todd Bradley, executive vice president, Printing and Personal Systems, HP. "The HP ElitePad meets all those tests. It combines the great style and user experience consumers demand with the features IT requires."

A tablet that is made for business
Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand, the HP ElitePad offers a 10.1-inch diagonal display, weighs just 1.5 pounds and measures 9.2 millimeters (mm) thin. The 16-by-10 aspect ratio maximizes the display area for ideal viewing of traditional business applications, as well as video content. Precision crafted, with an eye toward fit and finish, the HP ElitePad uses stylish, premium materials such as CNC-machined aluminum and Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2.

Powered by next-generation Intel® mobile processors, the HP ElitePad delivers PC productivity for those on the go and Intel x86 compatibility for existing business application support. It is designed for Windows 8 and supports touch-, pen- or voice- based input. The HP ElitePad also provides power efficiency and smartphone-style convenience with compatibility for familiar Windows applications, as well as easy integration into existing IT environments.

The unique, productivity-enhancing ecosystem of HP Smart Jackets and additional accessories designed specifically for the HP ElitePad expand the tablet's potential, turning it into a total enterprise solution:

- HP ElitePad Productivity Jacket - includes an integrated keyboard, connectivity ports, SD card reader and adjustable viewing angles for a complete computing experience.
- HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket-adds USB, HDMI and other connectivity to get more done on the go. Adds even longer battery life when bundled with the optional HP ElitePad Jacket battery.
- The HP ElitePad Rugged Case- provides military-grade reliability and enhances the stylish profile of the ElitePad for added protection.
- HP ElitePad Docking Station- delivers an enterprise-class desktop experience with an added keyboard and monitor and also charges the tablet. Or, use it to set the tablet up as a secondary screen for phenomenal multitasking.
- HP Executive Tablet Pen-lets customers write messages and notes in their natural handwriting directly on screen and then save or convert to typed text for use in other applications.

Loaded with tools for mobile work or play
The HP ElitePad tablet's 1080p front-facing video camera and 8 megapixel (MP) rear camera with an LED flash and included CyberLink YouCam software help users easily communicate face to face, create high-definition (HD) web videos or record training videos without high production costs.

Powered by technology from HP Labs, the company's central research arm, new HP PageLift is an application that automatically trims, correctly lights and orients a captured image of a whiteboard, paper contract or other document so it is ready to use or share without requiring manual editing.

Users can easily print directly from their HP ElitePad to any ePrint-capable HP printer or to a networked HP printer without the need for downloading drivers. HP ePrint software allows users to print remotely at more than 24,000 public locations such as hotels and business service retailers. The HP ElitePad also helps small workgroups connect with HP Wireless Hotspot, a desktop application that allows users to share a wireless internet connection and network bandwidth.

Additional user-experience software includes the CyberLink Media suite, which enables users to manage and create audio and video content with the same easy-to-use interface as other HP business PCs. Plus, users can record and listen to audio with a stereo microphone and headset jack that feature the richness of SRS Audio.

Information management is made easy with Evernote, which captures, saves and synchronizes information across devices with impressively quick search capability, and Skitch software that eases collaboration with colleagues by quickly marking up images with captions or sketches.

Manageability, deployment and security for IT environments
The HP ElitePad offers a long life cycle, stable image and HP Global Series Support, all of which IT managers expect in an enterprise tablet. It also features a one-year standard warranty, with the option for a three-year warranty via HP Care Pack Services. The HP ElitePad is fully serviceable with an optional, industry-unique service tool for HP Self- Maintainers that allows customers to access the panel, battery, motherboard and unibody chassis, helping reduce downtime and keep sensitive data and devices in-house.

In addition, organizations will appreciate the enterprise-caliber data, device and identity protection from HP Client Security, including HP BIOS Protection, Security Manager and HP Drive Encryption. Additional security features include Device Access Manager, Computrace and Sparekey.

Device deployment and ongoing support and maintenance are made easy with x86 compatibility and support for HP Client Management solutions. The LANDesk Management Suite also increases security and eases management by providing exclusive tools to locate and protect data on lost devices, remotely capture SIM card info for mass WWAN activation and enforce geographic policies to remotely lock, full wipe or selectively wipe data

The HP ElitePad 900 is expected to be available in the United States in January 2013. Pricing information will be announced closer to availability.

This announcement follows HP's unveiling of touch-enabled notebooks on Aug. 30, all-in- one desktops on Sept. 10 and a new lineup of consumer and business PCs on Sept. 20.

Get the true tablet for business.
Our premium thin and light tablet is easy to deploy, effortless to manage, and simple to secure, with an elegant design and touch experience that puts productivity at your fingertips. Customize the HP ElitePad for your business using a complete suite of thoughtfully designed accessories. 

In stores January 2013.

LTE: France: SFR to launch services in November.

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LTE: France: SFR to launch services in November.

French mobile operator SFR plans to launch 4G LTE service on 28 November this year. The operator had earlier scheduled the launch in early 2013 but now it has advanced the launch date. SFR will introduce LTE first in Lyon followed by other cities.

Operator had started 4G deployments during this year including Lyon and Montpellier and currently doing advanced pilot.

SFR also announced that its 3G+ (HSPA) network now covers 98.6% of the population and will reach the level of 99.3% population at the end of 2013. Operator also plans to provide Dual Carrier HSDPA + (DC-HSDPA+) coverage to 60% of the population by the end of 2012. Operator had started DC-HSDPA + deployments in 2011.

LTE: Mexico: Telefonica to deploy LTE in October.

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LTE: Mexico: Telefonica to deploy LTE in October.

Telefonica Mexico is deploying LTE in the country  through its Movistar brand. The LTE service will be available from October this year. The announcement was made by Juan Antonio Abellán, CEO of Telefónica Mexico.

Telefónica will launch the first stage of the LTE network initially in the area of Polanco, Mexico City, Zapopan, Jalisco, and San Pedro, Nuevo Leon. 

At this time the company has one of the most modern mobile networks in the country and plans to invest more than three billion dollars in next generation networks during the remainder of 2012 and during 2013.

Games: Bubblis, words and puzzles in 44 languages for Android and iOS.

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Games: Bubblis, words and puzzles in 44 languages for Android and iOS.

The objective is to construct the words Bubblies proposed from its interface with letters bubbles falling from the top of the screen. Each screen starts with the proposal of a word that the player must complete horizontally. 

As the player is placing letters are new words to fill in lines above. The characters Bloob Bleeb and also part of the game. Bleeb is an ally at first light circles indicates where to place the letters. It also provides wings to slow the decline of letters and more time to complete the items. Furthermore, the evil Bloob impedes the progress of the game by bubbles filled with: fog, smoke, ink, bombs, mines or resonance. These obstacles are overcome by their own specific functions some consoles but are new to mobile gaming. For example, to remove the smoke screen needed physically blow into the microphone of the device.

 Each screen has a different background design. These have worked individually by artisans with devices that simulate the drawing on paper, and their creators is like a little piece of art. Each fund represents a place in the world, easily identifiable. There are 15 designs in total, each with animations, music aesthetics and characteristics of the country or region they represent. Has beginner, advanced and expert, and each of them has 15 screens that can last between 5 and 45 minutes. 

The game is available in 44 languages ​​distributed in 154 countries around the world. The language can be changed at any time by accessing the setup menu of the game. The languages ​​in which it is available, sorted by the potential of language. Bubblis is available for iOS and Android to USD 1.99.

Science: Revive a mammoth is possible.

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Science: Revive a mammoth is possible.

This is not science fiction. The cloning of an animal it is possible and, oddly controversial, revive a mammoth species extinct for 4500 years is considered a scientifically viable project.

The investigator and veterinarian Hwang Woo-suk, stem cell specialist, leads the initiative.

Through an agreement with the Federal University Northeastern Russia, South Korean scientists Sooamd Research Foundation will attempt to clone a woolly mammoth through their tissue samples with eggs from a current Indian elephant.

After applying the cell nuclear transfer process, common step in the process of cloning, the egg is implanted in the uterus of a live elephant, the mammoth  gestates for 22 months.

The agreement with the Russian university comes six months after the two sides signed an initial pact for South Korean researchers could use the samples taken from mammoth remains found in the glaciers of the Sakha Republic in the Russian Federation. Hwang Woo-suk was once considered a pioneer in the field of stem cells to clone a dog in 2005.

Experts believe that it is possible to clone a mammoth, since prehistoric animal cells that can be found both in the blood and internal organs such as the skin and bones. A César Paz y Mino, academic and geneticist, not surprised with this possibility. "The mammoth cloning is possible because the animal is found male and female Indian elephant is. The egg is always more important than sperm. "

Although for Eugenia del Pino, director of the Laboratory of Developmental Biology at the Catholic University of Quito,Ecuador this type of cloning has already been made with live animals, the mammoth and the elephant, even if they have close relationship, are different species.

 Paz y Mino holds that in any case, after cloning animals will try to play to achieve purification of information. However, from a hybrid gene never achieve a 100% pure. What is the desire to clone a mammoth? "There's always the hope of resurrecting an extinct species," said Del Pino, who in his role as biologist would see again the kind of Lonesome George, of the Pinta Island.

She is aware that science has advanced, but the project certainly stem cell specialist because previous attempts have falsified evidence to confirm their novel theories about human cloning.

 In 2009, a Seoul court sentenced him to two years in prison for falsification of genetic data and use public funds for their scientific projects. Additionally, the hypothetical cloning could affect the environment. "It is best to protect our planet, with its plant and animal species. You have to let the mammoths as beings of the past, "adds the researcher. Geneticist Ecuadorian emphasizes that cloning projects are also ethical questions. 

"Why do not respect the essence of the animal species?, Do we need to relive?" Asks Paz y Mino. "While it is true that doing so violates the essence of the species, the scientific whim always wanted to demonstrate their ability and progress."

The chronology:

1996 Dolly the sheep was the first mammal cloned from an adult cell. Ryuzo Yanagimachi 1997 The researcher cloned 22 mice alive, with good parenting. 2000 In Scotland also made history and controversy when the first cloned pigs. 2001 On this date, the American researcher Mark Westhusin Copycat created. 2002 cats were obtained and cloned and genetically modified to glow under ultraviolet light. 2003 Futi was created thanks to the DNA of a cow with a record in milk production. 2006 The researcher Hwang Woo-suk cloned the first dog, an Afghan named Snyppy. 2009 In Camel Reproduction Centre in Dubai for the first time cloned a camel. Got 2010 was the first cloned fighting bull in Spain. With it opened the possibility of creating a tissue bank. 2012 The Research Foundation Sooamd Federal University in Seoul and Northeast of Russia initiated a project to clone a mammoth with an Indian elephant.

Ecuador: Montañita will host World surf tournament 2013.

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Surfing- Montañita

Ecuador: Montañita will host World surf tournament 2013.

The International Surfing Association (ISA) confirmed, after agreement with the Ministry of Sports of Ecuador, Montañita Beach mainland will host the Senior World Surfing the 2013 season.

The signing took place during the World Cup that takes place in Playa Colorado, Nicaragua, from 14 to 22 July, and which the Ecuadorian delegation participates.

"We believe this is the way to encourage this sport. The advantage of surfing is that the court is always ready for the sea in Ecuador is ideal for this activity. With the advent of world-class surfers, who include world champions this year, we want to motivate people surfing, "said Augusto Moran, vice minister of Sport.

Samsung to spread Music Hub pre-installed in a bunch of other Samsung devices.

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Samsung to spread Music Hub pre-installed in a bunch of other Samsung devices.

"One of the great advantages we have over our rivals is that Music Hub is pre-installed in our flagship product and will be available later in a bunch of other Samsung devices," said Kang, who developed the Hangul 2000 software, a Korean equivalent of Microsoft's Word processor, and was poached from mobile operator KT Corp in 2010.

Music Hub, available on Samsung's Galaxy S III smartphones in the United States and several European markets, combines all the key available music service options on a single platform - offering paid digital downloads like iTunes, a personalized radio service like Pandora, music upload to cloud like iTunes Match and Cloud Player. Users can access a catalogue of over 19 million songs - including the Korean hit 'Gangnam Style' that has taken the pop world by storm and topped iTune's download charts - and stream seamlessly to mobile devices. Apple says its iTunes Store has more than 28 million songs.

"Amazon, Google and Apple should really take note of Music Hub's radio service," Billboard said recently. "Whether or not the service is good, great or equal to something like Pandora really isn't the point. What's important is that Samsung has put the most mainstream of music products (radio) with less mainstream music products (downloads, cloud storage)," it said.

The toughest challenge is to turn around consumer perception that Samsung is only good at hardware, and to add killer apps to bind consumers to their Samsung devices.

"Pre-installing Music Hub on the Galaxy is powerful, but not enough," said Kang, adding there be more aggressive promotions, including month-long free trials and give-away albums.

That will put the squeeze more firmly on Pandora, Spotify and other online music firms that lose money as they depend on paid subscriptions and advertising but have no hardware to sell.

"We have an internal target to break even in software. But, in general, selling content won't make much of a contribution to the bottom line. We see other new business opportunities associated with content," Kang said.

Samsung plans to have Music Hub working on a range of consumer devices - from smartphones to Internet-enabled TVs and fridges - and is likely to ultimately want to monetize it by hooking up with an ad platform.

"We're preparing new services for launch early next year. With these offerings, people will start to think Samsung is good in software, too," said Kang, declining to elaborate on those launches.


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webOS Open està listo para teléfonos, tablets y PCs.

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webOS Open està listo para teléfonos, tablets y PCs.

Hoy HP por intermedio de su compañía filial Gram  en su portal webosopenproject, anunciò la disponibilidad del sistema operativo webOS antes de Palm, como abierto y gratis para fabricantes de móviles, tales como teléfonos inteligentes , tablets y PCs.

Para tal efecto HP en un video hace una demostraciòn de como webOS Open puede ser portado fácilmente a una PC, en este caso una HP Touchsmart.

webOS sigue siendo único y de fácil desempeño. Es considerado el mejor frente a otros que  emulan especialmente su multitareas sin llegar a ser exactamente igual, asì como la simpleza y eficiencia de su UI.

Algunos de los diferentes programas que inicialmente acompañaron a webOS cuando fuè lanzado en el año 2009 y que no eran  de su propiedad, fueron reemplazados con programas propios y se añadieron nuevos como OpenEmbedded que permite una experiencia webOS completo se ejecuta dentro de un emulador de la OE. Han añadido las aplicaciones básicas - Correo electrónico y navegador - sin dejar de apoyar el entorno de escritorio de generación.

La versión 1.0 también ofrece soporte para Enyo2. Ahora puede disfrutar de aplicaciones construidas en uno de los mejores marcos de JavaScript multiplataforma y fácil de ejecutar estas mismas aplicaciones en webOS abiertas u otras plataformas.

En los últimos 9 meses, han entregado más de 75 componentes Open webOS. Esto suma más de 450.000 líneas de código. El código fuente de Open webOS se puede encontrar en los repositorios de webOS abiertas en GitHub.

¿Qué significa 1,0
La combinación de los componentes de hoy con los de las versiones anteriores, webOS Abierto ahora puede ser portado a nuevos dispositivos.

Esperan tener más anuncios de webOS Open en el futuro y trabajar con la comunidad para entregar actualizaciones.

El futuro
Van a seguir innovando y desarrollando webOS en los próximos meses, incluyendo las mejoras previstas que son:

· QT5 / WebKit2
· Medios de código abierto y los componentes de audio
· Bluetooth stack BlueZ
· ConnMan de gestión de red
· Optimizado sysmgr arquitectura de representación

Nokia to launch the Lumia 920 and 820 in Italy, Russia and Germany. Prices and carriers.

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Nokia to launch the Lumia 920 and 820 in Italy, Russia and Germany. Prices and carriers.


Nokia has announced its first carrier deals to launch the new Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones. A statement from Nokia Italy said the Windows phones will be available from mid-November with all four operators in Italy (Telecom Italia, 3 Italia, Vodafone Italia and Wind). The Lumia 920 is priced at EUR 599 including VAT, and the 820 will cost EUR 499 without a contract.


Nokia plans to start sales of its Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones in Russia in the fourth quarter, reports RIA Novosti. A statement from Nokia Russia said that the Lumia 920 will cost RUB 24,990, and the Lumia 820 is priced at RUB 19,990. Pre-orders for the Windows phones have already started.


Nokia has confirmed that the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8 smartphones will be available in Germany from start-November. Vodafone Germany and Mobilcom-debitel will sell both models, with O2 Germany and Deutsche Telekom offering the Lumia 820. At launch, the phones will be available in yellow, red, white and black. 

webOS Open 1.0 is Here and running on a HP Touchsmart PC. Video.

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webOS  Open 1.0 is Here and running on a HP TouchSmart PC. Video.

webOS architect Steve Winston demos open webOS 1.0 running on a HP TouchSmart PC.

Finally the webOS Open roadmap is accomplished with the release of the  1.0 Edition today.

Some enhancements will follow: Qt5 / WebKit2, Open sourced media and audio components, BlueZ Bluetooth stack,ConnMan network management and  Optimized SysMgr rendering architecture.

What is saying the webOS Open project team, right here below:

Open webOS 1.0 Edition.

Today is a great day for Open webOS. We have completed our initial roadmap and are releasing Open webOS 1.0 on schedule, as promised.

Our combined efforts with the community and hard work have paid off, and we are now ready to move on to the next phase together. With this release we have affirmed our commitment to meet our goals and create a vibrant open source community.

What 1.0 contains
We now have an OpenEmbedded build that allows a full webOS experience running inside an OE emulator. We have added core applications — email & browser — while continuing to support the desktop build environment.

The 1.0 release also brings support for Enyo2. You can now take apps built on one of the best cross-platform JavaScript frameworks and easily run these same apps on Open webOS or other platforms.
In the past 9 months, we have delivered over 75 Open webOS components. This totals over 450,000 lines of code. (Can I get a hell yeah!). The source code for Open webOS can be found in Open webOS repositories on GitHub.

What 1.0 means
Combining today’s components with those from the previous releases, Open webOS can now be ported to new devices. 

We expect to have more Open webOS port announcements in the future and will work with the community to deliver updates here.

The future
We will continue to innovate and develop for Open webOS over the coming months, including the following planned enhancements:

·         Qt5 / WebKit2
·         Open sourced media and audio components
·         BlueZ Bluetooth stack
·         ConnMan network management
·         Optimized SysMgr rendering architecture

Come join in the chatter on our mailing list and forums; your collaboration is encouraged.

Community activity
Last month’s Beta release delivered collaboration tools for community members. Today’s 1.0 release includes new forums, and our project infrastructure now includes an integrated login across the website, forums, and the JIRA bug tracker.

The 1.0 launch includes contributions by expert community members made after the beta release.  These contain bug fixes, resolution of dependencies, and substantive commentary which guided our decisions on code structure and other issues.  Across the repos, the bug tracker and the mailing lists community members are helping each other.

The webOS-Ports team also continues to enhance the user experience on LunaCE with their latest release which includes shortcuts, bug fixes and several user-facing feature additions such as gesture-based app switching and improved card stack management. 

Thank you
Today is a day to celebrate our engineers. Martin Risau, our SVP, said that he was, “proud that we did what we said we would do in January. This achievement gives us the credibility to execute our future plans.”

Together, with the open source community, we have achieved great results over the last few months. Both internal and external engineers have put a lot of time and effort into getting us to where we are today, and they deserve a lot of credit.

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation, echoed the importance of reaching this benchmark:
“By using the build framework for embedded Linux, the Yocto Project with OpenEmbedded-Core, Open webOS is poised to deliver an open source build environment that developers will thrive from. Open webOS continues to hit its milestones, and we expect the community around the project to continue to grow. All the right tools are in place.”

As we strive to make Open webOS an open platform of choice, we are excited to continue working with a great community whose members continue to amaze us with their innovation and creativity.

That’s all for now folks. See you on the Interweb and at community events.

Fastest Goal in the World.Video.

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Fastest goal in the world 2 seconds.Video

A Serbian soccer player kicked the ball just after the referee whistle to start the game, and scores a goal right from the center of the field, the start point.

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Texting? You should know these 20 text abbreviations.

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Texting? You should know these 20 text abbreviations.

More people use text messaging to communicate then ever before. You can’t go anywhere (a bus, a restaurant, a meeting…anywhere) without seeing someone staring down at their phone frantically two-thumb typing away.

In order to save on typing out every single word, a new shorthand language has developed. There are single letters, number and symbols (b=be, 2=to, @=at). You can use by themselves, in combination with other letters (called logograms like, b4=before, 2day=today) or you can use pictograms ( :-)=smile, ;-)=wink, :-@=scream) to represent words.

There are thousands of these new text abbreviations being used and created every single day. Here are 20 to get you started:

^5 – High Five
YSK – You Should Know
YBS – You’ll Be Sorry
WOTAM  – Waste Of Time And Money
WOG – Wise Old Guy
TY - Thank You
TISC – This Is So Cool
TISL – This Is So Lame
TAW – Teachers Are Watching
RUNTS – Are You Nuts?
OTOH – On The Other Hand
I 1-D-R – I Wonder
FOMCL – Falling Off My Chair Laughing
DUNA – Don’t Use No Acronyms
COS – Change Of Subject
AYOR – At Your Own Risk
303 – Mom
143 – I love you
1432 – I Love You Too
*$ – Starbucks

Which of these do you think will make it into our everyday language?

Intel Inside Scoop.

Samsung Unpacked event invitation for August 10, 2022. Unfold your world.

  Samsung is going to hold an Unpacked event on August 10, 2022, to unfold the new versions of foldable smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and...

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