Thursday, December 31, 2020

Samsung is sending out invitations for the UNPACKED 2021 event on January 14th.

 It is official now, Samsung is sending out invitations for its UNPACKED 2021 event on January 14th.

The Live stream will start through Samsung's Official Website at 3PM GMT / 8:30PM IST

This information came on Dec30, 2020 thanks to Ishan Agarwal.

The invitation includes a GIF

Samsung teases the Galaxy S21 on Video. A NEW GALAXY AWAITS.

Samsung US has uploaded a teaser video on youtube about the upcoming Galaxy S21. Samsung is offering NEW WAYS TO EXPRESS YOURSELF and goes through the before Galaxy S model versions, finishing with the S20, but the video ends with A NEW GALAXY AWAITS and 2021 suggesting the Galaxy S21 for the year 2021. Video:

Samsung is expected to hold a virtual event to announce the Galaxy S21 models on January 14th, 2021, probably at CES2021 

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the World's First mobile to support WiFi 6E.

 Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ specifications leaked.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

CES 2021 LG to unveil first QNED Mini LED TV


With Up to Nearly 30K Tiny LEDs, Outstanding Peak Brightness and
Ultra-High Contrast, LG’s Latest Raises the Ante in LCD TVs

Press Release.

LG Electronics (LG) will introduce its first-ever QNED Mini LED TVs at the all virtual CES® 2021 as its top-of-the-line offering among LG’s 2021 premium LCD TV lineup. LG’s newest TVs represent a giant leap forward in LCD TV picture quality. Thanks to quantum dot and NanoCell technologies with Mini LEDs as the light source, brightness and contrast are far superior to that of conventional LCD televisions. The 2021 lineup includes 10 new 4K and 8K models covering a wide range of large screen size up to 86 inches.

With OLED at the pinnacle of LG’s TV offerings with its self-lit pixels and independent dimming control, the arrival of LG’s QNED Mini LED TVs to offer a compelling option for consumers. Thanks to a new panel structure enhanced by LG’s advanced Mini LED backlighting, these TVs deliver a truly immersive viewing experience in the LCD space. As the first TVs to combine quantum dot and NanoCell in one product, LG QNED TVs produce incredibly accurate colors while the advanced LED backlight offers better contrast and deeper blacks for images of exceptional vibrancy and realism. And with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, these TVs render motion smoothly and more naturally.

LG’s innovative Mini LED backlighting comprises up to almost 30,000 tiny LEDs that produce incredible peak brightness and a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 when paired with up to nearly 2,500 dimming zones and advanced local dimming technology.* This results in excellent HDR image quality with outstanding contrast and blacks, a wide color gamut, and incredible color accuracy. For stunningly life-like images that seem to shed the confines of the screen and enter the user’s space, it’s not hard to see why LG QNED Mini LED is the new LCD TV to beat.

“Our new QNED series is a premium home entertainment option that expands and improves the LCD TV space and gives consumers another terrific viewing choice,” said Nam Ho-jun, senior vice president of R&D at LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “These TVs deliver an experience that set them apart from other LCD TVs and speaks to our commitment to innovation and pushing the standard forward.”

LG’s top-of-the-line 86-inch 8K QNED TV will be on display in LG’s virtual exhibition booth during CES 2021 starting January 11.

* For the 86-inch 8K QNED.

MANTA AIRCRAFT Hybrid Electric ANN1 and ANN2 will take off and land vertically. Video.


The name 'Manta' will probably ring a bell with older readers of Up in the Sky. It was a legendary coupe from car manufacturer Opel. In the 1970s and 1980s, more than a million were manufactured. A Manta is a large fish, a ray that lives in tropical and subtropical oceans and has a mouth at the front instead of the bottom. With some imagination, the shape of the aircraft designs of Manta Aircraft can be traced back to the striking ray. This also applies to the logo. 

To design

Manta Aircraft is based in Lugano, in the southern canton of Ticino. The company is engaged in consultancy and the design of (hybrid) electric aircraft. This concerns aircraft with 1 or 2 seats for the Urban and Regional Air Mobility. The planes are S / VTOL: they can use very short runways or take off and land vertically. The Mantas are suitable for personal use, but can also be used for special operations such as environmental inspection, emergency assistance, and search and rescue. Partners of the Swiss company are automotive manufacturer YCOM and software giant BSIM Engineering.



Manta Aircraft has two aircraft in its range. The ANN1 is a type of racing aircraft. The single-seater has a length of 7 meters and a wingspan of 5.5 meters. The device has a high maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour and excellent climbing performance and is very maneuverable. The two-seater ANN2 is to become the showpiece for General Aviation. The aircraft is a stroke larger than the ANN 1 and has a considerable range of 600 kilometers. This is achieved, among other things, by not ascending vertically, but horizontally. 


The ANN2 is made of composites and has 8 tiltable ducted fans; 4 in the wings, 2 in the fuselage, and 2 in the back. Other features include a cockpit with very good all-round visibility, a fly-by-wire system and a human-machine interface that is easy to use. The aircraft is equipped with canards for high efficiency during level flight. Operational costs are expected to be significantly lower than for a helicopter. Also handy, the ANN2 can be transported by road in a trailer. Manta Aircraft is currently working hard to complete a 1: 3 model of the ANN2.

New Atlas

Monday, December 28, 2020

CES 2021: LG sent invitation for press conference.


LG Electronics sent an invitation to the global media to announce the LG Press Conference of the world's largest consumer electronics and IT exhibition CES 2021 to be held in January next year.

The theme of the conference is A precious daily life continues. Life is ON-Make yourself at Home with LG.

The online press conference will be held for 30 minutes from 8 am on the 11th of next month Eastern time in the US and will be broadcast live on the CES website, LG Electronics online exhibition site, and LG Electronics global YouTube channel.

At this conference, LG Electronics presents a lifestyle suitable for the new normal era while presenting a variety of new products and services that make customer's valuable daily life more secure, convenient, and fun.

LG Electronics will also hold an online LG Future Talk for 30 minutes starting from 10:15 am on the 12th, the next day. CTO President Il-pyeong Park explains open innovation in various fields with industry experts and introduces a vision for the future in which customers can enjoy a better life in a new way in a rapidly changing era.

LG Electronics plans to operate various exhibition platforms such as internet broadcasting and 3D virtual exhibition halls on separate LG Electronics sites so that CES 2021 is 100% online, but customers can experience similarly to existing offline exhibitions.

Internet broadcasting provides a variety of content such as new product news, documentaries, lifestyle shows, and product reviews around the clock, providing a vivid and colorful experience to visitors.

Visitors can experience LG Electronics differentiated products and services in a 3D virtual exhibition hall as if they were at the exhibition hall.

Customers can continue to use the exhibition platform until February 15 next year, after the end of CES 2021.

Jinhong Kim, executive director of LG Electronics Global Marketing Center, said, "We will sincerely deliver the appearance that customers can enjoy their precious daily life more comfortably with LG Electronics innovative technology"

LG CES2021

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the World's First mobile to support WiFi 6E.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will support the fastest WiFi speeds that any smartphone can at this time.

WiFi 6E has an extended standard technology using a 6 gigahertz band. 

Mobiles are using today WiFI 6.

WiFi 6E the new standard technology enables twice faster transmission of data at the highest speed of 2.4 gigabits per second.

The speed supports viewing 8K content and smooth operations of virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

Samsung will hold a presentation event of the Galaxy S21 models on January 14th, 2021. and will be released on January 29th, 2021.

Before related post: Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ specifications leaked.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ specifications leaked.


The Galaxy S21 measures 151.7×71.2×7.9mm, weighs 171g, and will be sold in four colors: Grey, Pink, Purple, and White. The Galaxy S21+ measures 161.4×75.6×7.8mm, weighs 202g, and comes in three colors: Black, Purple, and Silver.

Samsung is expected to hold a presentation event of the Galaxy S21 models, on January 14th, 2021 at CES2021 maybe. The event will be virtual as the pandemic continues.

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Monday, December 21, 2020

Samsung invites you to The First Look 2021.

Samsung Electronics is bringing its innovative technologies to screen experiences in a way you’ve never seen before. At The First Look 2021, Samsung will introduce its latest products, technologies, and visions for the future of the display.


Join us at Samsung Newsroom and on January 6 for a Livestream of the event, which begins at 11 a.m. EST. See for yourself where a new vision for screens is set to begin.


Sunday, December 20, 2020

LG Electronics is launching a new 2021 LG Gram 16 inch model in the domestic market.


LG Electronics introduced a new 16-inch model, LG Gram 16, following the existing 14/15.6/17-inch size. It is planning to further strengthen its leadership in the premium notebook market with a variety of ultra-lightweight and large-screen lineups.

On the 16th, LG Electronics held an online launch event for the 2021 model LG Gram. In the public video, the popular singer Henry appeared, listening directly to the product planning, design, and development managers of Gram's features, and the process of producing Gramsong. In addition, famous IT YouTuber B-NOTE unboxed and introduced the features of LG Gram 16 in detail, such as portability, design, performance, and large-capacity battery of LG Gram 16.

The LG Gram 16 weighs only 1,190g and has been certified as the World's Lightest 16-inch Laptop' by the World Guinness Association. The 80 watt hour (Wh) large-capacity battery is mounted even in light weight to maximize ease of use.

LG Gram 16 is equipped with a WQXGA (2560×1600) high-resolution IPS display with a 16:10 aspect ratio, and the picture quality is clearer and clearer than the existing 15.6-inch FHD (1920×1080) resolution display. In addition, it meets 99% of the DCI-P3 standard color gamut of the Digital Film Association (DCI), so the color expression is rich and natural.

The LG Gram 16 design is a strong point of minimal beauty and solidity. In particular, elegant sophistication is exuded from the corners finished at right angles. The immersion of the screen is enhanced by minimizing the exposure of the hinge connecting the screen and the keyboard. Even though it is a large 16-inch display, its compact design makes it portable.

LG Gram 16 is equipped with Intel's 11th-generation processor Tiger Lake, which increases data processing speed by about 20% compared to existing products. In addition, Intel's built-in graphic processor Iris Xe is also installed to show high-definition images clearly and support a realistic gaming environment.

On the other hand, it acquired the certification of Intel EVO platform, a new standard for next-generation notebooks presented by Intel, and has strong performance, a long-lasting battery, and fast charging function.

LG Gram 16 has excellent durability by passing 7 items (shock, dust, high temperature, low temperature, vibration, salt mist, low pressure) of the U.S. Department of Defense Reliability Test (MIL-STD; Military Standard)'. It comes in three colors: Snow White, Quartz Silver, and Obsidian Black, and the shipping price is 2,900,000 won (based on 16Z90P-GA50K) and varies by model.

From the 17th of this month to the 3rd of next month, LG Electronics will pre-sell the 2021 LG Gram at home appliance stores nationwide, including LG Electronics Best Shop, and official online stores. Customers who participated in the pre-sale will receive a gram box package containing wireless earphones LG Tone Free, 512GB SSD (storage device), and Starbucks pouch as a gift.

“LG Gram has been leading the ultra-lightweight and large-screen trend with constant new challenges and innovations,” said Kim Sun-hyeong, head of HE Marketing at LG Electronics Korea Sales Headquarters. I will strengthen it.”

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Friday, December 4, 2020

SPACE: US-based firm Aevum to launch satellites into space from mid-air with world's biggest drone.

The giant Ravn X drone is 80 ft long, 18 ft tall and has a wingspan of 60 ft

Jay Skylus, founder and CEO of Aevum, stands in front of the newly unveiled Ravn X drone

US-based firm Aevum, has just unveiled a gigantic drone called the Ravn X that is designed to act as an autonomous, airborne launch system for small satellites.

Aevum hopes to improve access to space with a novel launch system that can deliver payloads to orbit with high frequency. Aevum solution to this was to develop what it says is the biggest drone in the world, which can autonomously take off and land on runways as short as one mile (1.6 km) long and requires only 8,000 square feet (743 sq m) of hangar space.

The giant Ravn X drone is 80 ft (24 m) long, 18 ft (5.5 m) tall, has a wingspan of 60 ft (18 m) and uses the same jet fuel as a regular airplane.

Aevum says the Ravn X is almost weather agnostic and can launch in nearly all conditions, while 70 percent of the drone is reusable, with the company eyeing something closer to full reusability down the track.

The Ravn X won’t require pilots onboard to operate, therefore removing the risk to human life. Safety issues aside, Aevum says a full fleet of autonomous RavnX vehicles will be capable of firing a payload into space every 180 minutes.

“Aevum is completely reimagining access to space,” says Jay Skylus, founder and CEO of Aevum. “The current definition of rocket science doesn’t work for us. With Aevum, everyone will be able to say, ‘It is rocket science and I can do it.’ Aevum is pushing logistics to the next generation with software and automation technologies.”

Aevum may have just whipped the covers off its autonomous launch system, but says it has already earned more than US$1 billion in launch contracts. Among its customers is the US Space Force, which will use the Ravn X system to launch its ASLON-45 mission to place a set of small satellites in low Earth orbit.

“I’m excited to see the bold innovation and responsiveness in development today by our small launch industry partners to support emerging warfighter needs,” says Lt. Col. Ryan Rose, Chief of the Space and Missile Systems Center’s Small Launch and Targets Division. 

“The U.S. Space Force is proactively partnering with industry to support U.S. space superiority objectives. Having a robust U.S. industry providing responsive launch capability is key to ensuring the U.S. Space Force can respond to future threats.”




Samsung Unpacked event invitation for August 10, 2022. Unfold your world.

  Samsung is going to hold an Unpacked event on August 10, 2022, to unfold the new versions of foldable smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and...

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