Thursday, September 27, 2018

It`s Official :LG announced the V40 ThinQ 6.4 inch display smartphone with 5 cameras. Video.

LG is clearly teasing the V40 ThinQ with PENTA cameras, 3 for the rear and 2 for the front.

On the video, LG said it used sand-blast technology for the surface of the smartphone's body, making it feel smoother in users' hands.

To give the smartphone a more simple look, the company said it concealed sensors on both sides of the LG V40 ThinQ. The product also comes with curved lines on all edges for improved design.

LG said it has reduced the bezel of the new smartphone and it will have a 6.4-inch display.

It will be released in  New Platinum Gray, Morokan Blue and Carmine Red.

The company earlier said the V40 ThinQ will come with five cameras, including standard, wide and telephoto lenses at the back. LG claims the feature will allow users to take a variety of photos without having to move about.

LG will officially showcase the smartphone on Oct. 4.

27th Strategy Premium smartphone LG V40 ThinQ design introduction video on YouTube, Facebook, SNS and posted.  Focusing on the three elements of smartphone design such as touch, color, and molding in the image of about 30 seconds, emphasizing the beauty that shows the cleanliness and neatness, it concentrates on the harmony of the convenience instead of the glamor which emphasizes the technology. Not stressed comfortable charm.

Samsung releases the Galaxy Watch Golf Edition with Smart Caddie app.

Samsung Electronics Co. on Friday September 28th, 2018, released the Galaxy Watch Golf Edition, a smartwatch specialized in providing golf-related features.

The smartwatch comes with the Smart Caddie application developed under cooperation with GolfzonDeca Inc.

The app provides information on some 60,000 golf courses around the globe and supports various features assisting golfers, including tracking shots and keeping records.

The company added the 46-millimeter edition of the Galaxy Watch Golf Edition, which comes with a battery capacity good enough for three rounds, or 54 holes.

The Super AMOLED display will also allow users to clearly read the screen outdoors with sunglasses on, it added.

The 46-mm edition will be sold at 409,700 won (US$370), with the price tag on the 42-mm version set at 389,900 won. (US$352)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Samsung awarded with patent for foldable smartphone display mechanism to keep shape steady.

According to sources, Samsung’s first foldable smartphone is said to feature a 7.3-inch OLED display, which can be folded inward with a curvature radius of 1.5 millimeters. An extra 4.6-inch OLED display is said to be installed on one side of the phone.  (The patent shows an LCD flexible display instead an OLED flexible  display. Well it was 2015 when the patent was applied)

Now, to keep  steady an flexible structure shape  ,when you open and close it , from smartphone to tablet or viceversa, like the one above described Samsung has found a way to do it, in a mechanism, making the device recognize when the user opens or close the foldable mobile and feeling comfortable when is using it. Nothing forced. As a Natural use.

For this purpose Samsung has been awarded by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with a patent, which we show you,  some of the technical draws presented by the company:

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Samsung Galaxy P30 LCD coming with 64/128GB storage, 6GB RAM and in 4 colors.

Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy P30 at the 4x fun event in October 11 and it is coming in 64GB and 128GB of storage versions with 6GB of RAM. Model number SM-G6200.

The smartphone will arrive in Black, Red, Pink and Blue in gradient colors.

The Galaxy P30 and the Galaxy P30+ are expected  to debut in China first.

The display of the two models might be a LCD option for a low cost offer and are not coming with an in display fingerprint sensor.

At this time Samsung will probably unveil in October 11, the Galaxy A9 Pro with 4 rear cameras , the Galaxy A7 with triple cameras already announced ,the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy P30  which means the 4x (4 unkown devices ) are completed, unless the Galaxy Watch is just a rumor.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018. 

Galaxy Watch.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Japan: Two small robotic rovers landed on the asteroid Ryugu.

Imaging Ryugu from an altitude of 6km

Two small robotic rovers that had been released from Japan's space probe Hayabusa2 successfully landed on the asteroid Ryugu, Japan's space agency said Saturday.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) released images taken by the two MINERVA-II-1 rovers on the asteroid, which is about 300 million km from Earth.

The rovers are also to perform functions such as measuring the surface temperature on the asteroid ahead of the planned landing of the probe on the asteroid in late October.

Each rover is about 18 centimeters in diameter, 7 cm in height and weighs around 1 kg. They have been designed to "hop" along the surface of the asteroid as its low gravity would complicate the traditional way of robotic explorers rolling on wheels or tracks.

Hayabusa2 reached its intended destination on June 27 near the asteroid, after traveling for more than three years, JAXA said.

According to the agency, the 600-kg Hayabusa2, which was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in southwestern Japan in December 2014, has experienced no problems throughout its journey totaling 3.2 billion km.

The agency said that in total, Hayabusa2 is scheduled to make three landings on the asteroid and collect rock samples and will stay close to Ryugu for one and a half years.

During this time it will, according to JAXA, conduct a number of exploratory activities in an attempt to try to find clues about the solar systems evolution and the beginning of life itself.

Hayabusa2's mission will be completed when it returns to earth in 2020 with the samples of rocks it has collected from Ryugu, which is thought to contain water and other materials that could possibly support life.

In 2005, Hayabusa2's predecessor failed to land an explorer robot on the asteroid Itokawa.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S10 coming in 3 models for the West World.

The Samsung Galaxy S10  4 models were found on a SG S9+ application system detailed by xda.developers  this week and one of them was a 5G version ready, but  it is for the Korean market only.

So, for the west world we will see 3 models only as follows:

SM-G970F 5.8" flat display. single rear camera
SM-G973F 5.8" edge display. dual rear camera
SM-G975F 6.44" edge display. triple rear camera and dual front camera.

All 3 will run Android 9.0 Pie OS.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Factory Unlocked Phone with 6.4" Screen and 128GB (U.S. Warranty), Lavender Purple or Ocean Blue.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy A9 Pro alongside the A7 at the October 11-4x Fun event.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy A9 Pro smartphone probably with a price around US$539.- and 4 cameras on the back at the Kuala Lumpur event in October 11. 

Huawei unveiled in the first half of this year a similar smartphone P20 Pro but with a higher price US$898.- and with 3 cameras.

LG is coming with the V40 ThinQ with 3 cameras on the back and two on the front.

Samsung will start selling right after the Oct 11 event the Galaxy A7 with 3 cameras, that will be presented alongside the Galaxy A9 Pro.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Factory Unlocked Phone with 6.4" Screen and 128GB (U.S. Warranty), Lavender Purple or Ocean Blue

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Samsung launches the Galaxy A7 with triple camera lens 24MP and a 24MP front camera. Specifications.

Capture the world as you see it with the new Galaxy A7, featuring a powerful triple lens camera

Samsung Electronics today announced the Galaxy A7, the latest addition to the Galaxy A series family. With a powerful rear triple camera, sleek design and must have everyday features, the innovative Galaxy A7 is the ultimate device for wherever life leads you. 

“Samsung is committed to delivering meaningful innovation to all consumers across the Galaxy family, no matter who they are or where they are in the world” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. 

“That’s why we’re excited to introduce innovative new features to the A series with the Galaxy A7, a practical but powerful device that is built to help make your everyday both convenient and extraordinary.” 

Snap and share experiences with the Galaxy A7’s powerful triple camera; 

Never miss a moment with the Galaxy A7’s 8MP 120° Ultra Wide Lens. With the same viewing angle as the human eye, the Galaxy A7 captures the world exactly as you see it for unrestricted wide-angle photos.

With the 24MP Lens and Depth Lens, the Galaxy A7’s Live Focus feature lets you control the depth of field by allowing you to adjust the bokeh effect to create stunning photos.

Get crisp clear photos in both bright and low light conditions. The Galaxy A7’s 24MP Lens automatically lets more light in by combining four pixels into one pixel in low light conditions.

The Galaxy A7 brings out the best in what it sees. Featuring Samsung’s intelligent Scene Optimizer, the Galaxy A7’s camera categorizes your subject and adjusts the color, contrast and brightness to instantly optimize image quality1.

Snap bright, clear selfies any time of day and never worry about searching for the ideal lighting again, with the Galaxy A7’s 24MP front camera and adjustable LED flash. Take bokeh effect selfies with Selfie Focus, and mimic professional studio lighting with Pro Lighting Mode. Add a personal touch and express yourself with AR emoji, and flattering filters. 

Featuring a premium 6.0-inch Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy A7 lets you experience and share the world as you see it. Adding on, Samsung’s signature Infinity Display makes the most of uninterrupted, immersive viewing. The Galaxy A7 also supports Dolby Atmos®2 immersive sound technology, which brings entertainment to life through moving audio that flows all around you. When it comes to style, the Galaxy A7 does not compromise. 

Coming with a premium glass design, a side fingerprint sensor for greater convenience and smooth seamless curves, it’s both practical and comfortable in your hand. Available in four stylish colors to suit your personal style – blue, black, gold and pink3 – expressing yourself with the Galaxy A7 has never been easier. 

Designed to make life more convenient, the Galaxy A7 comes with Bixby4, Samsung Pay5 and Samsung Health. 

The Galaxy A7 will be available in select European and Asian markets from this fall and expand to additional markets in the near future. 

On October 11, 2018, Samsung Electronics will welcome a new member to the Galaxy family. To celebrate the launch of the upcoming device, the company is hosting a Samsung A Galaxy Event on October 11, 2018 at 5:00pm (MYT). 

For more information about Galaxy A7, visit,, or

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

SUMITOMO CHEMICAL and KOLON INDUSTRIES to supply transparent folder PI for Samsung foldable phone.

Transparent polyimide (PI) film developed by Kolon Industries. It is heat-resistant and flexible like paper, attracting attention as a next-generation display material. (Offered by: Kolon Industries.

Sumitomo Chemical will supply transparent polyimide (PI), a core material for Samsung Electronics' foldable smartphones. Transparent PI is the material that protects the foldable display. In the meantime, Sumitomo Japan and Kolon Industries of Korea compete for the supply of Samsung Fold folder. Kolon Industries equipped them with mass production equipments. 

According to the industry on December 18, Samsung Electronics has confirmed Sumitomo Chemical as a supplier of transparent double-layered PI. Samsung's first foldable smartphone will be released in November and early next year. 

A transparent PI is a cover window that protects the display. So far, smartphone cover windows have been used with tempered glass. Corning Gorilla Glass is the leading smartphone cover window. However, it can not be used for folder-based smartphones. The folder button is required to fold the display, but the glass is broken. 

On the other hand, transparent PI is flexible. Because it is engineering plastic, it is resistant to heat and has high durability. Unlike the conventional PI that is colored here, it was noted as a substitute material for the glass in the folded folder because it is transparent. 

As Flexible Display was introduced and Samsung Electronics developed FolderBoop, it competed to develop a flexible cover window material for the global parts and materials industry. Glass makers such as Corning and Shorts also developed flexible glass and responded to folder bills. However, Samsung Electronics weighed in toward adoption of transparent PI, and Sumitomo Chemical and Kolon Industries competed for the final PI for transparent PI.

According to industry sources, Sumitomo is not equipped with mass production facilities. On the other hand, Kolon Industries invested 90 billion won in August 2016 and completed the transparent PI mass production line at the Gumi plant in the first half of this year. 

It seems that Kolon Industries will have an advantageous position when the Samsung Fold folder is finally mass-produced. However, it is estimated that Sumitomo will be able to cope with the small volume of production as the folder bubble is attempted for the first time in the world. Sumitomo had many evaluations of quality ahead of other competitors. 

"As Sumitomo does not have a mass production line, it is expected that it will procure transparent PIs by pilot plant or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) method," said an official who knows the circumstances of the transparent PI industry. "Sumitomo is a 100% subsidiary of Dongwoo Fine- "We will hard-coat transparent PIs and deliver them to Samsung." 

Sumitomo mentioned the supply of Samsung Electronics in June. Sumitomo Chemical President Tokura Masakazu said in a briefing on the management strategy, "Samsung Electronics decided to adopt the foldable smart phone, which will be launched in 2019," the Japan Daily reported. At that time, there was no confirmed authenticity among those involved in the actual development. This is because several companies were testing transparent PIs. 

As Sumitomo becomes a supplier, Kolon Industry's attention is focused on its response. Kolon Industries is expected to have a chance to supply Samsung once again as the Samsung fold-back mobile phone boasts popularity and its production volume will increase or the next model will emerge. It is also expected to actively promote diversification of customers. 

The current folder is known to be prepared by Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi in addition to Samsung Electronics. Foldable display is being developed by Samsung Display, LG Display, and BOE. Kolon Industries is expected to supply them to these smart phones and display makers. 

Kolon Industries said, "As the launch date of the folder is not yet known, we are continuing to work on quality approval (specification), responding to changes in specifications and requests for improved products."


4 Samsung Galaxy S10 models coming in 2019. One will be 5G ready.

Developers  searching on the applications sytem of the Galaxy S9+  Android Pie Update have found 4 upcoming models of the Galaxy S10 code names beyond 0,  beyond 1 , beyond 2,  and beyond 2 5G

beyond is for every Galaxy S10 model , 0 is for the size and it is the smallest, 1 for the middle option and 2 for the largest model.

If you observe on the list below you will notice that the model beyond 0 lte has not a q so it is coming with and Exynos chip and the  model beyond 0 q lte with a Qualcomm chip and so on . But the beyond 2 model has 4 options and 2 of them indicate a 5G option with Qualcomm chip and 5G with Exynos chip. This 5G model is a derivate of the S10+

According to xda developers these might be the 4 models  of the Galaxy S10:


Monday, September 17, 2018

LG V40 ThinQ coming with triple rear cameras 40MP and dual front cameras 13MP . Specifications. Video teaser.

LG Electronics sent an invitation letter to the media to announce the launch of its next strategic smartphone 'LG V40 ThinQ '.

LG Electronics will launch LG V40 ThinQ next-generation strategic smartphone on the 5th floor of 'LG Science Park' integrated support center located in Magok district, Seoul on October 4 at 10 am .

At 5 pm (local time) on October 3, a public event will be held as a global media event in New York, USA.

The invitation was composed of 10 seconds of animation. It captures one subject at three angle of view and out focus, such as standard, super wide angle and telephoto, suggesting a more powerful camera performance.

Video Teaser:

LG V40 ThinQ specifications:

6.5 inches 

P-OLED Quad HD + Resolution Ratio 19: 9

SnapDragon 845 RAM 6GB 

64 GB / 128 GB 

Android 9.0 Pie

Rear triple camera (12MP + 16MP + 12MP)

(Key functions PDAF, OIS, 4K video recording, 2X optical)

Front dual camera (8MP + 5MP)

158.7 X 75.8 X 7.79

Weight 169 grams

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy A9 Star Pro world`s first w/4cameras smartphone at Oct 11 event. Renders surged.

Samsung is clearly teasing a new device as 4X Fun for an Online event  in October 11, and renders has surged about a new Galaxy smartphone with 4 rear cameras that will be called A9 Star Pro. This information came from a tweet around 5 hours ago here.

We will take this information as a rumor just yet.

Below you can see what might Samsung unveil in the event:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Factory Unlocked Phone with 6.4" Screen and 128GB (U.S. Warranty), Lavender Purple or Ocean Blue

Friday, September 14, 2018

LG WebOS 4.0 software update is rolling out for 2018 Smart TVs models.

Image result for lg webos logo

Since August 27, 2018 LG is rolling out a new version of its software on 2018 Smart TV Models version 4.0. Global software update will begin rolling out gradually.

This update includes speech recognition, external device connectivity, error correction as well as a update to the user agreements related to updated  software.

For more information and FAQs please visit LG

Samsung will hold A Galaxy Event in Oct 11 to unveil a new "4x fun" device. ???

Samsung is very misterious about this invitation not saying what is the device the company is going to unveil in October 11, 2018. Not mentioning a particular place but just via online live streaming.

Could be a tablet, Galaxy A series new smartphone with 4 rear cameras or just with 4x zoom, a Galaxy smartwatch etc. However the message says BRINGING MORE WAYS TO EXPRESS YOURSELF THAN EVER BEFORE. It looks more than a new a tablet with S Pen included. Samsung Galaxy foldable phone ??? It was supposed to show it for Nov 7-8 at SDC. or a Galaxy camera with 4x zoom?

Finally it looks more like a new  Samsung Galaxy A 2018 smartphone with a quad rear camera.Will see.

Samsung’s newest Galaxy device is bringing more ways to express yourself than ever before.
Capture the fun with Samsung as the company celebrates the launch of the new device with A Galaxy Event on October 11, 2018. 

Live streaming of the event will be available at, and

LG sends out invitation for Oct 4th event where is going to unveil the LG V40 ThinQ smartphone w/triple camera.

The unveiling event will take place at 10 a.m. on Oct. 4 at the company’s LG Science Park R&D complex in Seoul, and a separate media conference to launch the new phone is also planned to be held in New York at 5 p.m. on Oct. 3 (local time).

The LG V40 ThinQ will feature a triple rear-facing camera setup standard, ultra wide angle and telephoto lenses. OLED display, notch design, 6.3 inch screen.

The LG V40 ThinQ is the sucessor of the V35 ThinQ.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Apple announced 3 Octa Core iPhones: XS, XS Max and XR. Video Introduction.

Finally the 3 long rumored Apple`s new iPhones have beeen announced today . No more home button at all.

The interesting  thing is  about the cpu A12 Bionic that has  an octa core processor (neural engine) and is included in the 3 new iPhones, no differences.

The new iPhones are the XS 5.8 inch and XS Max  6.5 inch both with OLED display in 64, 256 and 512 GB of storage, pre-orders start in September 14th with deliveries in September 21st , and the XR with 6.1 inch LCD Display in 64,128 and 256GB of storage, pre-orders start in October 19th.

Monday, September 10, 2018

USA and Europe new iPhones XC, XS and XS Plus prices. Coming in 64, 256 and 512GB.

According to Ben Geskin on Twitter the upcoming new iPhones prices for the USA and European countries are:

2018 iPhone Price List for EU/US:

XS Plus (Max) - 1149€/$999
XS - 1029€/$899
XC - 799€/$699

XS Plus ( Max ) - 1349€/$1149
XS - 1189€/$1049
XC - 969€/$849

XS Plus (Max) - 1479€/$1299
XS - 1369€/$1199

Before related post: 

iPhone XC 6.1 inch, iPhone XS 5.8 inch and iPhone XS Plus 6.5 inch prices leaked in China. Availability Sept 21.

Why Samsung is unveiling the foldable smartphone at Samsung Developer Conference in Nov 7-8 ?



The planned unveiling is aimed at helping Samsung’s conference -- equivalent to Apple’s WWDC and Google I/O -- receive more spotlight and attract seasoned developers to grow its mobile ecosystem.

Apple and Google showcase new products and solutions at their respective conferences for developers each year, receiving a huge deal of attention from the media and consumers.

With the unveiling of the foldable phone, developers will likely be able to get an idea of what Samsung’s first foldable smartphone is likely to be like before rolling out tailored services.

“Before the foldable smartphone hits shelves early next year, Samsung is expected to unveil details of the hardware specifications, design, user interface and user exchange at the conference,” an industry official was quoted as saying by local daily Chosun Ilbo on Sept. 10.


The November showcase is also intended to keep Chinese smartphone maker Huawei in check, as it plans to launch its own foldable smartphone in the same month.

Samsung mobile division CEO Koh Dong-jin said at a press conference in August that the tech giant does not want to lose the world’s first tittle.

According to sources, Samsung’s first foldable smartphone is said to feature a 7.3-inch OLED display, which can be folded inward with a curvature radius of 1.5 millimeters. An extra 4.6-inch OLED display is said to be installed on one side of the phone. 

iPhone XC 6.1 inch, iPhone XS 5.8 inch and iPhone XS Plus 6.5 inch prices leaked in China. Availability Sept 21.

According to slashleaks  these prices and names were leaked during China Mobile meeting. These information was posted yesterday Sept 9/2018 on that site:

iPhone XS (5.8-inch) 7388元 (1079$)
iPhone XS Plus (6.5-inch) 8388元 (1225$)
iPhone XC (6.1-inch) 5888元 (860$)
Available starting 21/09/2018

We don`t speak or understand chinese, cantones or mandarin or if the money conversion is right from yuan or renminbi to US dollars. However take it just as a reference and remember prices could vary according to each country. So don`t freak yourself just yet. 

Finally the iPhone with a 6.5 inch OLED display  will be called XS Plus instead of XS Max name rumored before.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Microsoft sends out invitations for Oct 2 event in NYC. New Surface hardware with Intel Core 9th Gen coming.

Microsoft is going to hold a press conference in October 2nd in NYC at 4PM ET (1PM PT) where is expected to unveil new Surface Pro line models and Surface Laptops with the new Intel Core 9th Generation chips since is has been reported Intel will launch the new chips in October 1st

The Intel Core 9th Gen will have quad and octa core options.

News about Windows 10, Office 2019 and other Microsoft products and services might be announced as well.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

BREAKING: Samsung confirms in-folding foldable smartphone with extra display outside for Nov 7-8 event. 7.3"OLED Display.

Foldable smartphone concept design that appeared in Samsung's public image. The first folder that Samsung is preparing is expected to be similar to this one.

Samsung Electronics has decided on the specifications of its upcoming foldable phone, an in-folding phone with an extra display outside, according to industry sources on Sept. 6. 

The phone being developed under project name Winner will feature a 7.3-inch OLED display when unfolded like a notebook. The display will have a 1.5R curvature, which means the display can be folded to wrap around a 1.5 millimeter-radius circle. 

In order to boost the phone’s usability even when folded, an extra 4.6-inch OLED display will be attached outside. 

The supply volume and schedule of key parts have also been confirmed. Samsung Display, the sole display producer, is expected to start placing parts orders from October, with plans to produce a monthly 100,000 to 120,000 units of the foldable display. 

Industry watchers are paying keen attention whether foldable phone could replace the market for tablet PCs and bring fresh breath into the stagnant smartphone market. 

Along with Samsung, other Chinese smartphone makers like Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi have started developing their own versions of a foldable phone. Samsung and Huawei, in particular, are competing head-on to earn the “world’s first” title. 

In the meantime, sources predicted Samsung’s foldable phone would be highly priced considering it uses two OLED screens and some parts that have never been mass-produced. 

The foldable smartphone is scheduled to be unveiled at the Samsung Developer Conference in November 7-8, 2018 in San Francisco.

Translated from Korean using Google Translate, Original news from ETNews via the investor :

Samsung First Foldable, Small Diary Form ...Added 7.3 inch main display with 4.6 inch

When Samsung Electronics folded it, it decided to design smartphone, and expanding the design and specifications of the foldable smartphone which becomes a tablet. The design of the first folder is similar to a small diary. It is an in folding structure in which the display is folded inwardly about the longitudinal axis. Add a separate display on the outer side to solve the problem that the screen is not visible when the product is folded. 

According to industry sources, the Samsung foldable smartphone is designed to fold in a vertical (Y) axis on a 7.3-inch organic light emitting diode (OLED) display. In folding means that the screen is folded inward. It is the same way as folding and spreading the diary. 

You can not see the screen when you fold the display in. Samsung Electronics plans to add a 4.6-inch flexible OLED to solve the drawbacks of the in-folding method. It is intended to be used like a smartphone even when folded. 

Technical specifications and mass production plans were also revealed. The main display, 7.3-inch folder-type OLED, will be manufactured by Samsung Display. The touch function is a touch-integrated OLED built into the display. The display curvature supports 1.5R. The curvature is a value indicating the degree of warpage. 1.5R means that the display is folded enough to wrap a circle with a radius of 1.5mm. 

Foldable display is expected to produce between 100,000 and 120,000 units a month.Samsung Display is expected to place orders for parts used in foldable OLEDs from 150,000 to 180,000 units per month starting in October. The difference in order volume and production is due to the yield. It has also been confirmed that a major supplier of key parts and materials to the display of foldable displays, such as transparent polyamide (PI), polarizing film, tape adhesive (OCA) and substrate material (PI varnish) 

Smartphones were booming as Apple launched the iPhone in 2007. However, ten years later, the market entered a period of stagnation. As performance and quality have improved, demand for new products has decreased, and technology has also been upgraded, making it difficult to create differentiated products. It is hard to find breakthroughs because competition is heated. 

This is why FolderBoons get attention. New smart device replacement demand is expected if innovation shows in new form factor that smartphone and tablet are concurrent. 

According to the industry, Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi have begun to develop folder blueprints in addition to Samsung. Samsung and Huawei have become more and more nervous about the initial public offering to market. However, Samsung is the world's No. 1 smartphone maker. It has accumulated folder-based smartphone technology for many years and seems to be highly productive. It is noteworthy that the Samsung FolderBoop will make a difference in absorbing the tablet market beyond the smartphone. However, the price of the first product is expected to be considerably high because there are few parts and materials that use two displays and commercialize for the first time in the world.

The name of Samsung FolderBohn's development project is 'Winner'. There is a growing interest in achieving results in the global mobile market. 

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BREAKING: Samsung foldable smartphone coming this year at Samsung Developer Conference.

Samsung Unpacked event invitation for August 10, 2022. Unfold your world.

  Samsung is going to hold an Unpacked event on August 10, 2022, to unfold the new versions of foldable smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and...

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