Friday, June 29, 2018

Gold Samsung Galaxy Note 9 renders pictures made.

Phone Arena has made some pictures of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in August 9, based on the information they have and on before released colors Samsung has made for different galaxy devices in GOLD.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Boeing has plans for making a hypersonic jet flying at Match 5.

Boeing hypersonc jet concept.

Boeing plans to put a mind-bogglingly fast hypersonic jet in the skies in the coming decades. The Washington-based firm released the first sketch of an early prototype during a conference in Atlanta.

CNBC reports the yet-unnamed plane will be able to cruise at Mach 5, which corresponds to approximately 3,900 mph. That’s over seven times the average cruising speed of a commercial jet like the Airbus A330. And it means you may arrive in 3 hours to Tokyo from the USA Pacific coast.

The picture above is a render concept Boeing presented at the Atlanta conference.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Samsung invites to the Unpacked 2018 event for unveiling the Note 9. S Pen shows up with a control button

Samsung today posted a  video on youtube as an official invitation to the UNPACKED 2018  event where it is going to unveil the Galaxy Note 9 in August 9, 2018. The event will take first in NY and simultaneous with Korea.

The video is more about showing the S Pen which  clearly seems to be assembled in two parts one is a dark gold color and the second is more a clear light gold color. In this last part is showing a button. (third picture below)

On a before post we wrote the following about the Galaxy Note 9 new S Pen:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen is coming with extra features in Auguts 9, 2018.

1.-Added remote control function of smartphone.
2.-With Bluetooth module.
3.-Added power supply for independent function addition.

New functions number 1 and 2 are clear and easy to understand but number 3 apparently means a charger exclusive for the S Pen.

Before Patent information was saying the S Pen could arrive with a microphone and a breathalyzer with a gas sensor, if Samsung decides to put them aboard.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S10 5.8 inch and Galaxy S10+ 6.3 inch may arrive with Fingertip On Display (FOD) technology.

Samsung is studying the possibility of including once for all the FOD Fingertip On Display recognition technology.

The tech FOD sensor is developed by Qualcomm, Synaptics and Taiwanese Institute of Technology , but Qualcomm`s is the closest to commercialization.

The FOD technology will mean innovation, cost reduction and less weight for the Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ smartphones.

In addition to FOD, Samsung is considering a Galaxy S10/S10+ with a Face ID function using a 3D sensing camera. Mantis Vision of Israel and Samsung Electronics Institute of Technology are conducting the algorithm development tasks required for the 3D sensing module. 

If Samsung includes the TWO options, finger and face ID recognition, there is no reason to keep the iris authentication technology, which  is two years old from Samsung Electronics. It is relatively unfit for the Galaxy S10, which has to be given 'innovation' in commemoration of its 10th anniversary.

Samsung Electronics has given the development code name 'Beyond' to Galaxy S10 in early May of this year and has been developing samples with partner companies in earnest. In the case of display, the number of inches was confirmed as follows: Samsung Galaxy S10  5.8 inch and Galaxy S10+  6.3 inch.

the Bell KOREA

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Samsung new patent shows a futuristic Galaxy smartphone design.

The American patent office USPTO published a patent from Samsung Electronics on June 19, 2018, requesting protection for a futuristic smartphone design. In the patent that was applied for last year in September, the design of a smartphone is shown with an extremely high screen-to-body ratio. This is the design that Galaxy smartphones are waiting for. The edges on the sides and bottom are minimal while also the upper edge is reduced in thickness. In the thin edge there is still room for the speaker and a front camera. 

The futuristic design is not only visible on the front of the device. A second display can still be found at the back of the smartphone. At least, it seems. The patent does not show a description of the design so that this can not be said with certainty. In the illustration, this delineated space is shown as a display.

It is therefore possible that this room is used for something other than a display. However, the front of the device shows that Samsung is working on a Galaxy smartphone with a higher screen-to-body ratio than ever before. Moreover, it is noticeable that there is no physical fingerprint scanner present; not at the front but not at the back.

Is this the real design for the Galaxy S10?

samsungpatent via mobielkopen  and forbes

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

CES 2019: Samsung Galaxy S10 prototype picture surges.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be unveiled at CES 2019 in January in Las Vegas, USA . Meanwhile, before  the event, a picture of a prototype has surged  as Beyond.

The phone is sporting an even higher screen-to-body ratio than the 93.8% offered by the newly announced Oppo Find X.

Some rumored specifications:

6.2 inch Infinity display curved edges
In display fingerprint scanner.
3D sensing front camera.
capable of emiting sound without speakers.
dedicated Bixby button

iceuniverse via phonearena

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Research Team Discovers a Way to Enhance Plant Productivity, in Korea.

Wild plants (above) and plants that promote increased energy distribution (below). The use of stem genes, which control the development of sieve tubes, can increase the number of sieve tubes. This process promotes energy distribution within plants and increases plant productivity.
Wild plants (above) and plants that promote increased energy distribution (below). The use of stem genes, which control the development of sieve tubes, can increase the number of sieve tubes. This process promotes energy distribution within plants and increases plant productivity.

The National Research Foundation of Korea announced on June 4 that a research team led by professor Hwang Il-doo, professor Cho Hyun-woo and doctoral student Cho Hyun-seop of POSTECH has succeeded in identifying the process of controlling the development of sieve tubes inside plants for the first time.

A sieve tube is a connection path inside a plant. Sugar, which is energy produced through photosynthesis, is distributed to stems, roots, young leaves, and so on through sieve tubes.

The research team found specific protein involved in tubal development in vascular plants such as thale-cresses and tobaccos.

This protein was named “julgi” in Korean, which means “stem” in English.

The research team also developed plants with increased sieve tubes by controlling “julgi” protein in stems, which increased productivity such as seed size and weight by up to 40 percent.

They also found out the specific process of julgi protein controlling the development of sieve tubes.

The research team believes that the stem protein and its control of the growth of sieve tubes of target genes played a crucial role in the evolution of vascular plants, which make up the majority of the earth's vegetation.

"This study has proved a connection between an energy transfer (distribution) capability and productivity in a plant that has thus far been proposed only theoretically," professor Hwang said. "This study is expected to play an important role in solving the problems of food shortage and a drop in plant productivity due to climate change."

The research was carried out with support from the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Basic Research Project of the National Research Foundation of Korea and the Rural Development Administration's Woo Jang-chun project.

The paper on the achievements of the study was published in the Nature Plants, the most authoritative academic journal on plants, on May 28. The June issue carried it as a cover paper.

A Device will control the speed of light.

Korean researchers have developed a device that can control the speed of light.

Korean researchers have developed a device that can control the speed of light. The new device is expected to accelerate the development of next-generation optical communication equipment.

Professor Kim Teun-teun of the Center for Integrated Nanostructure Physics (CINAP) of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) announced that his team has developed a graphene-based metamaterial device that can control the speed of light, in cooperation with a research team led by Professor Min Beom-ki of KAIST.

Traveling faster than anything in the world, light is the most useful means for data transmission. However, light should be converted into electrical signals to transmit data. In this process, the speed of light is slowed down due to the limitations of electronic signal processors.

By combining graphene with a metamaterial, the researchers have developed a device that can slow down the speed of light and then accelerate it. The new device is expected to help develop next-generation optical communication devices.

A metamaterial is a material engineered to have a property that is not found in nature. Graphene is a single, tightly packed layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice.

Samsung Bixby AI coming in every Samsung device by 2020.

Image result for samsung bixby ai

Amid the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Samsung Electronics has made a strong effort to beef up its presence in the sector.

Since the Korean tech giant released its AI assistant Bixby last year, Samsung has applied the AI to its products ranging from the firm's signature Galaxy S and Note phones to other home appliances.

Moreover, Samsung is taking further steps in AI as it already declared all of its devices will have AI features by 2020. 

To pursue the ambitious 2020 plan, Samsung reportedly will not use AI platforms developed by other companies in its AI-assisted speaker scheduled to be rolled out later this year.

A Samsung official said it has not been long since the company began using the Bixby AI platform in earnest but it will continue strengthening its own AI platform. 

"We have adopted Bixby into our products other than smartphones since early this year," the official said. "It is our strategy to use Bixby in every Samsung device."

This is a somewhat different move from the firm's home appliance rival LG Electronics which has adopted AI platforms made by Google and Amazon. Though LG owns its own AI platform DeepThinQ, the company also uses the Clova AI platform, developed by local internet giant Naver.

In the AI platform market, Google and Amazon are market leaders with their AI platforms Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Industry watchers said Samsung made the decision to use only Bixby after more than six months of internal studies.

If Samsung can make the plan a reality, Samsung's Bixby will become one of the major players in AI platforms as the company has shipped more than 500 million devices across the world.

Larry Heck, a renowned AI guru who works as a senior vice president of Samsung Research America, said Samsung is positioned to be a leader in the AI business. 

"Samsung Electronics is uniquely positioned to bring this world of connected AI services to life, based on the almost half a billion connected devices the company sells every year," Heck wrote in a contribution on the Samsung Newsroom website in January. "In fact, given the typical lifecycle of a device, there are more than a billion Samsung devices actively used around the world at any given time."

Samsung has not been shy about its desire to become the leader in the AI platform league. Last month, Samsung Research, the firm's research and development (R&D) hub for AI technology, opened three new research centers in the U.K., Russia and Canada. It already has AI research labs in Korea and the U.S. With the five AI research centers, Samsung aims to secure 1,000 of the top workers in the sector by 2020.

Samsung launches new marketing campaing for the Galaxy S9/S9+. Video.

Image result for galaxy s9 gold and burgundy

Samsung Electronics Co., which released its Galaxy S9 smartphone earlier this year, is carrying out various marketing programs around the globe to bolster weaker-than-expected sales of its flagship device, industry watchers said Wednesday.

The South Korean tech giant joined forces with Ya Ge, a popular restaurant in Taiwan, showcasing a new menu to promote the new gold edition of the Galaxy S9, which was released in the market earlier this month.

Samsung also introduced the Galaxy S9 Marvel giftbox in China, which comes with smartphone accessories inspired by Marvel superhero characters.

The company also opened the Galaxy Studio throughout major cities in South Korea, where users can try out the new red and gold editions of the Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy S9 posted sales of 1 million units in around 60 days since its official release in March. Industry watchers, however, said the overall performance of the new device lags behind the predecessor, the Galaxy S8 series.

Eugene Investment Co. estimated the annual sales of the Galaxy S9 at 30 million units, lower than Samsung's earlier target of 40 million units.

Following the lower-than-expected sales of the Galaxy S9, industry watchers expect the mobile division of Samsung Electronics to post around 2.3 trillion won (US$2 billion) in operating profit for the second quarter, down 40 percent from the previous three month period.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pictures of 64, 256 and 512 GB versions leaked.

Official pictures (above) of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaked for a moment and now are removed, of the version 64, 256 and 512 GB of RAM on the korean site ollehstore

Rumors were saying the 512GB RAM version will not arrive to America neither Europe and  it is  only for Korean and China markets, but it is still not official.

Samsung will hold an UNPACKED 2018 event in New York in August 9 to unveil the Galaxy Note 9.

LG introduces the LG Tromm ThinQ washer F21VBV, with DeepThinQ AI to understand voice commands.

LG Electronics on June 19 released a washer equipped with its artificial intelligence system dubbed “DeepThinQ,” which is capable of understanding users’ voice commands.

The Korean tech giant said the LG Tromm ThinQ washer, F21VBV, is capable of understanding voice-based orders and recommending optimized washing programs for users. 

LG said the new washer is the second home appliance produced by the company that comes with a voice-recognition system, after the LG Whisen ThinQ air conditioner.

The company said once the new product is connected to a Wi-fi network, it can be activated through a person’s voice and is able to deliver information to users.

Connecting to the latest weather reports, LG said the washer is capable bolstering its drain cycle in case of rain.

LG Electronics said it will continue to release more home appliances equipped with the AI technology to improve everyday lives of its customers.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

LG G7 ThinQ Ai smartphone UNLOCKED is now available.

The LG G7 ThinQ Ai smartphone in two versions 64GB  and 128GB UNLOCKED are now available at Amazon store:

LG New G7 ThinQ 64GB Single SIM AI Camera 6.1" Snapdragon 845 (New Aurora Black).

Use your credit card to finance it.

LG New G7 Plus ThinQ 128GB Single SIM AI Camera 6.1" Snapdragon 845

Use your credit card to finance it.

Monday, June 11, 2018

iPhone X Plus 6.5 inch with 3 cameras and iPhone X 6.1 inch 2018 models schematics leaked.

Apple is going to announce at least two new iPhone models this year in September. However rumors said there is another third mysterious iPhone in the pipeline.

Meanwhile  take a look at leaked schematics of the iPhone X Plus 6.5 inch smartphone and the 6.1 inch iPhone X new model 2018.

The iPhone X Plus will have a 6.5 inch 19:9 OLED display 157.2 m.m x 77.1 m.m and with an steel chasis. This model is thinner than the iPhone 8 Plus with measures 158.4 m.m x 78.1 m.m. The notch is smaller and will sport Face ID 2.0

And probably confirming latest rumors about the rear 3 cameras on.

The new iPhone X 2018 model will have a 6.1 inch display, Face ID 1.0, single camera,, larger notch than the iPhone X Plus, 147.12 m.m x 71.52 m.m . It is taller than the iPhone X 2017 model 5.8 inch. Not coming with 3D Touch.

Apple might lower the prices of the new iPhones in $300.- over the 2017 models.

Before related post:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 renders, screen protectors and cases surge.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be unveiled in August 9 at a NY event. However  a few concept renders ,screens protectors and cases surged around the web, that we post here below:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will sport a 6.4 inch display, 6GB RAM, with Exynos 9810 or Qualcomm SD 845 cpu, 3850 mAh battery, dual camera , fingertip scanner at the rear, Android 8.1, and will have 3 versions 64GB, 128GB and 512GB of storage. 

The S Pen will have bluetooth and remote control capabilities.

Samsung have to comfirm all these rumored specifications at the UNPACKED  2018 event.

Before related posts:

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen coming with Bluetooth and remote control functions.

Image result for S Pen 2018 with microphone

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen is coming with extra features in Auguts 9, 2018.

1.-Added remote control function of smartphone.
2.-With Bluetooth module.
3.-Added power supply for independent function addition.

New functions number 1 and 2 are clear and easy to understand but number 3 apparently means a charger exclusive for the S Pen.

Before Patent information was saying the S Pen could arrive with a microphone and a breathalyzer with a gas sensor, if Samsung decides to put them aboard.

What of those features would you like to have on the S Pen the most?


Simultaneous launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Bixby AI Speaker linked to home appliances.

Image result for samsung bixby ai speaker

Samsung Bixby AI Speaker concept.
In June 4 , 2018 on BBSRuliweb forums of Korea Landsknecht  member posted information about a Project code name VEGA and it is about the upcoming BIXBY speaker alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in August 9 this year. On before news we knew the Bixby Speaker was confirmed to be launched in the second half of 2018.

The Bixby Ai Speaker will be linked to Samsung Home Appliances.

We are supposing the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone will also be linked to the Bixby AI speaker besides coming with the Bixby version 2.0 in.

Amazon introduces FIRE TV CUBE first hands-free streaming media player with ALEXA.

Fire TV Cube is the first hands-free streaming media player with Alexa, delivering an all-in-one entertainment experience. From across the room, just ask Alexa to turn on the TV, dim the lights, and play what you want to watch.

With far-field voice recognition, eight microphones, and beamforming technology, Fire TV Cube hears you from any direction. Enjoy hands-free voice control—search, play, pause, fast forward, and more. Plus, control your TV, sound bar, cable or satellite box, receiver, and more with just your voice.

Do more with Alexa. Fire TV Cube has a built-in speaker that lets you check the weather, listen to the news, control compatible smart home devices, and more—even with the TV off. Fire TV Cube is always getting smarter with new Alexa skills and voice functionality.

Experience true-to-life picture quality and sound with access to vivid 4K Ultra HD up to 60 fps, HDR, and the audio clarity of Dolby Atmos.

Enjoy tens of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills. Get over 500,000 movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, NBC, and more.

Access YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and more websites with Silk and Firefox browsers.

An Amazon Prime membership unlocks thousands of movies and TV episodes including "Thursday Night Football" and Prime Originals like “The Big Sick” and “Sneaky Pete”.

Enjoy unlimited access to tens of millions of songs with Amazon Music, starting at just $3.99/month.

We want you to know:

With Alexa on Fire TV Cube, you can control compatible TVs, sound bars, cable and satellite boxes, and A/V receivers from top brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, and more. While Fire TV Cube supports a wide range of brands, the capabilities of your specific device may vary. Learn more about supported devices.

Use Alexa on Fire TV to control playback of content (play, pause, resume) in many of your favorite apps. Additionally, many apps including Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, SHOWTIME, NBC, and others have integrated even further with Alexa, which will allow you to browse, search, and change channels within supported apps. Voice control is getting smarter all the time.

Fire TV Cube will support sleep timers later this year. Alexa Calling & Messaging, multi-room music, and Bluetooth connections to mobile phones are not currently supported on Fire TV Cube.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Infocomm 2018: Panasonic Expands Its Award Winning Laser Projector Portfolio.

New SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors Include Features Such as 4K+ Resolution and LinkRay™ Light ID Technology.

Panasonic Systems Solutions Company of North America, Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, a leader in developing and delivering exceptional audio visual solutions, will showcase its expanded portfolio of professional laser projectors. 

The expanded portfolio now includes the new PT-RQ22KU 21,000lm 3-Chip DLP™ laser projector with 4K+ resolution, and two (2) new 1-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE laser projectors featuring super high brightness: the PT-RZ120 providing 12,000lm of brightness, and the PT-RZ870 offering 8,500lm of brightness. Also included will be the new PT-MZ770 Series 8,000lm LCD laser projectors. All of these new projectors will be on display in the Panasonic booth C3185 at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas, NV from June 6-8, 2018.

 “We’ve designed and engineered these new laser projectors to create impressive, engaging and immersive environments,” said John Baisley, Senior Vice President, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America Professional Imaging & Visual Systems. “By listening to end-users in growing vertical markets such as education, corporate, museums, house of worship, and rental and staging, we’ve responded with new laser projectors, offering cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance and reliability that will meet our customer’s rigorous requirements for many years.”  

PT-RQ22KU 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE Laser Projector with 4K+ Resolution.

Image result for PT-RQ22KU 3-Chip DLPâ„¢ SOLID SHINE Laser Projector with 4K+ Resolution
The new compact and lightweight PT-RQ22KU 3-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE Laser 4K+ projector is perfect for a wide range of large-venue applications, delivering 21,000lm of maximum brightness. The PT-RQ22KU with 4K+ resolution (5120 x 3200-pixel*1) incorporates Quad Pixel Drive technology which creates extra pixels vertically and horizontally, quadrupling pixel density and by doing so, produces film-like image quality with the finest details in exquisite 4K+ resolution. 

Key features and advantages of the PT-RQ22KU include flexible 360-degree installation, long-distance HDBaseT™-based DIGITAL LINK video/control transmission, Multi-Screen Support Systems and Geometry Adjustment software for network management over LAN complete with optional plug-ins for simultaneous auto-calibration of multiple projectors and expanded multi-screen support functions. 

Coupled with a 240 Hz-capable Real Motion Processor for fluid motion reproduction, Detail Clarity Processor 5+ technology with 4K optimization, System Daylight View 3 analysis technology, and digitally laser light-source modulated 20,000:1 dynamic contrast for spectacular visuals from fast action scenes to film-like text and graphic reproduction. The PT-RQ22KU also provides 4K BT.2020 color-space emulation and supports HDR standard for accurate handling of next-generation video formats. Other important features include highly desirable Quick On/Off, mechanical shutter functionality, and power management functions to ensure smooth, energy-efficient, virtually continuous 24/7 operation in long-term or temporary installations. The PT-RQ22KU will be available in August 2018.

New 1-Chip DLP™SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors - PT-RZ120 and PT-RZ870

Packing 12,500 lm*1 Brightness into a Compact Body, the PT-RZ120 Dual-Drive SOLID SHINE Laser Projector Lets You Do More


Rugged SOLID SHINE Laser Projector Extends Maintenance-Free Imaging Brilliance to 20,000 Hours*1, Leading Class in Low TCO for Professionals

The new 12,000lm PT-RZ120 with 4K signal input and 8,500lm PT-RZ870 projectors blend crisp and vivid imaging with bright, dual-laser-module and dual-phosphor-wheel SOLID SHINE laser drives designed to support mission critical applications. A unique color-wheel system enhanced by dual heat-resistant phosphor wheels works in harmony to maximize color accuracy while reducing energy loss from the light sources. 

Both projectors are capable of maintenance-free operation for up to 20,000 hours thanks to air-tight and dust-resistant optical units and cooling systems negating the need for air filters. These projectors offer the flexibility for 360-degree installation and DIGITAL LINK (based on HDBaseT™ technology) for single-cable connection. 

The PT-RZ120 and PT-RZ870 projectors will suit the needs of many industries, such as education, corporate, museum and House of Worship venues. The customers will have options to decide which high brightness, high reliability projector will best meet their needs. The PT-RZ120 will be available in October 2018, the PT-RZ870 begins shipping in July 2018. 

PT-MZ770 Series of SOLID SHINE LCD Laser Projectors
Bright SOLID SHINE Laser LCD Projectors Blend High Performance and Low Running Costs for Best Value in Mid-sized Venues
The PT-MZ770 Series of SOLID SHINE LCD laser projectors offers a compact, lightweight design that delivers 8,000lm of brightness and high contrast to ensure exceptional picture quality. With Detail Clarity Processor 4 and System Daylight View 3, the PT-MZ770 Series delivers high resolution, sharp and vivid images in virtually any environment. Quick start/quick off and wireless capability*2 also make the PT-MZ770 Series great for use in a classroom, a meeting room or in an executive boardroom. 

Featuring an airtight dust-resistant optical unit, one-way airflow, and a long-lasting ECO filter, the PT-MZ770 operates up to 20,000 hours with virtually no maintenance, significantly reducing operating costs. 

The ultimate projector for flexibility, the MZ770 Series provides powered lens shift, zoom, and focus, 360-degree installation, DIGITAL LINK (based on HDBaseT™ technology) for single-cable connection as well as Panasonic’s LinkRay™ Light ID technology to enable delivery of information to smartphones, making it a great match for signage and other exhibition/display applications. 

The PT-MZ770 Series includes two models, the PT-MZ770 that features WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution and 4K signal input, the PT-MW730 with WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution. Both models are available with a standard lens or without a lens, six (6) optional lenses are available to choose from. The PT-MZ770 Series will be available in July 2018.

*1 Luminance measured at center of screen.

*2 Needs the optional ET-WM300 wireless module.      

DLP and DLP logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Texas Instruments.

“LinkRay” is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation

Product features, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.

For more information on Panasonic visual solutions for business, please visit our website at

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Panasonic Systems Solutions Company of North America
Panasonic Systems Solutions Company of North America specializes in creating technology solutions for the entertainment, rental & staging, sports, and professional AV markets including house of worship, education, broadcast and cinema. The company’s customized systems and technologies incorporate high-performance projectors and professional displays; broadcast, cinema and pro video equipment; and professional audio systems. A division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, Panasonic Systems Solutions Company of North America is based in Newark, NJ, with offices in Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA; Orlando, FL; and Coppell, TX.

Panasonic Corporation of North America Newark, NJ-based Panasonic Corporation of North America is a leading technology partner to businesses, government agencies and consumers across the region. The company is the principal North American subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based Panasonic Corporation and leverages its strengths in Immersive Entertainment, Sustainable Energy, Automated Supply Chains and Connected Solutions to provide secure and resilient integrated solutions for B2B customers. Panasonic was highlighted in Forbes Magazine’s Global 2000 ranking as one of the Top Ten Best Regarded Companies for 2017. The ranking is based on outstanding scores for trustworthiness, honesty with the public and superior performance of products and solutions. Learn more about Panasonic’s ideas and innovations at

Samsung Unpacked event invitation for August 10, 2022. Unfold your world.

  Samsung is going to hold an Unpacked event on August 10, 2022, to unfold the new versions of foldable smartphones. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and...

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