Thursday, May 8, 2014

Japan: LG to launch its first WQHD 5.5 inches smartphone, the ISAI FL LGL24 with KDDI carrier.

A few hours ago we just posted that LG  5.5-inch Quad HD (QHD) AH-PS LCD panel for smartphones was certified as a QHD display after passing verified tests by NEMKO, the Norway-based international testing and certification organization for electrical products and that the certification comes shortly before the new Quad HD LCD panel will be unveiled with the forthcoming LG’s flagship smartphone to be launched in the first half of the year, that could be the G3.

However LG is going to launch its first WQHD 5.5 inches smartphone, the ISAI FL LGL24 in Japan where it will be released on the network of wireless carrier KDDI.

The specifications are:

The new LG Isai FL (LGL24) is set to become available for purchase at KDDI in Japan by the end of July, in White, Blue and Pink color options. 

Unfortunately, no specific info on the phone’s pricing has been provided as of now.


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