Thursday, May 1, 2014

USA: LG Electronics W Watch capable of wireless comunications with smartphones, tablets and computers.

Francisco De Jesùs.

The trade mark registered in the USA as W Watch LG Electronics smartwatch wristband will recieve and transmit  messages in the nature of data, text, language, sound , image and  video, will sport a digital electronic media player,  and wireless comunication for recieving, processing, transmiting and displaying information of exercises/body fat/BMI. Portable terminals for personal use for recording, organizing, transmiting, controlling, reviewing the health and health care.

The W Watch will be capable of measuring your heartbeats.

The device will also communicate with smartphones, tablets, PDA and computers, wirelessly.

The W Watch will run on the Android Wear OS. All the devices that will run Android Wear will start launching after the Google Developer event in June 25. The  W Watch will have Ok Google voice recognition.

LG has also registered the W Watch in Japan and China.


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