Samsung filed in August 2013 a round smartwatch patent application. Pics.

Francisco De Jesùs.

This past Thursday, the U.S. Patent office published the particulars of a Samsung patent application, filed last August, that describes a round faced smartwatch. 

What these images show? 
1.- Different watch faces, weather reports and fitness tracking/mapping with built-in features that could include a heart rate monitor.

2.-The round main unit can be removed from a wristband and attached to a clip, necklace, keychain and even utilized as a TV remote.

3.-A camera built into the wristband, but mounted slightly lower on the band. the built-in camera offers a new set of touch-less gestures to control the device. 

4.-Images from the camera can be run through image/object recognition, barcode scanning and even text OCR with translations.

All these information and more can be found on the patent file.


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