LG G3 first reviews pop up. Official D855 name.

Francisco De Jesùs.

On the LG UK website are  posted the first two favourables reviews 5 stars, one from India and the other from unknown. Also you can see the official name of the LG G3 as D855

The short review from India says:

being a g2 user , no doubt in g3's capabilities but release it with snapdragon 805, otherwise its waste .. hold on the project
The seconds reviewer says:
19 MAY 2014
Pros: PerformanceStyle/DesignEasy To UseFeatures/SettingsQualitylg g3
The LG G3 is more than likely the phone of the year, it is most likely coming in the next week with a QHD Screen, 3GB Ram, The Newest Snapdragon, 5.5" Screen, Slimmer phone and bezels, better software, possibly a fingerprint sensor, premium look and build, revolutinary back button and more. This has to be the most anticipated phone of the year. And the Hype is hopefully right.
1out of 9found this review helpful. LG UK

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