Monday, February 16, 2015

LG WebOS now on a BIG 98" Ultra HD Large Display for commercial market.

LG Electronics was present at the ISE 2015 (Integrated System Europe) February 10-12  in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to strengthen the market in a variety of commercila displays.

LG Electronics Digital Signage with "Web OS 'TV  will bring up transparent display, mirror display,  for  restaurants, educational institutions, hotels, airports, office, several innovative products available in a variety of environments to capture the attention of visitors is expected.

■ Signage 'Web OS' with digital and Hotel TV
LG Electronics has unveiled signage and hotel TV equipped with its own platform, "Web OS 'in the exhibition.

Signage, Web OS 'mount provides digital phone, tablet PC, smart devices, and linked it to use solution. By utilizing this solution, menu, price, nutritional information, and any necessary changes are easily updated from time to time through a smart device. Another wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) with the ability to have an Internet connection is easy.

"Web OS 'with hotel TV provides information such as the hotel description, its attractions, entertainment through easy and convenient UI (User Interface) of the web OS. Also light through a TV, air unit, can be controlled and the like curtains.

■ transparent displays, exhibition displays and mirrors
LG Electronics is also using the transparent display showcase 'LG transparent cooler door. If you replace the door of the refrigerator in the store as' LG transparent cooler door "is visible item in the refrigerator without opening the door are. Transparent display can show a variety of content is suitable for use in food and beverage retailers such as convenience stores and supermarkets.

LG Electronics is available both as a mirror and a Touch Screen Display Mirror (Mirror Display) 'showcase too. "Mirror display" shows the figure is usually used as a mirror while there in the store when a customer uses a "fitting clothes (Virtual Fitting) 'function dressed without seeing the actual fitting clothes. Also with a simple touch can change the color of the clothes have become a steady convenient shopping.

LG Electronics is the digital signage, beacons Service (Beacon Service, using the Bluetooth short-range communication technology, smart phones), as smartphone customers to visit the store to apply for promotion details and product information, a variety of information, such as customer rating had to be resolved.

Signage various sizes of ultra-HD ■
LG Electronics 105 type at the exhibition, 98 type, 84 type, 65 type, such as signage showcase maps of various sizes of ultra-HD. Ultra HD signage delivers a more detailed and vivid picture quality with a resolution of up to four times the original full-HD.

LG Electronics 105-type, 98 type, 84 type was equipped with an electronic blackboard features such as Ultra HD signage. Send an electronic board gives little information on the chalkboard at the meeting or school in a notebook or tablet PC.

84 type Ultra HD signage has applied a 10-point touch technology to detect the ten fingers simultaneously. Shopping and galleries, and suitable for utilization, etc. institution, to apply the mar-proof film also easy to manage.

LG Electronics ID Business Division Managing Director bakhyeongse he said, "but continued to use the product side information prior calendar is outstanding digital signage showcase will strengthen the commercial display market."

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