Monday, February 2, 2015

MWC2015: LyncShield is now offering the Ultimate Lync security suite for the Enterprise.

LyncShield is now offering the ultimate Lync security suite to organizations looking for secure Lync connectivity, allowing them to safely connect users to Lync servers from smartphones, tablets and any other external device.

LyncShield is an innovative enterprise solution that prevents unauthorized devices (mobiles and desktops) from connecting to the corporate network, avoids the usage of Active Directory (AD) credentials and protects against account lockout/DDoS.

LyncShield offers the following Lync security features:
  • Two Factor Authentication (TFA)/Device registration – verifies that Lync connection is achieved only from registered devices. The solution includes a website with several registration workflows offering either a self-service enrollment or a central management approval process to register devices.
  • Block DDoS attacks and prevent account lockout – prevents a network account lockout situation in Denial-of-Service (DoS/DDoS) attacks. The solution offers a unique site defense approach handling an attack going through all authentication channels (HTTP/S, SOAP, SIP and more).
  • Restrict Lync to corporate or managed devices – limits access to the organization's Lync server only to corporate or managed devices that have the MDM client installed. The solution offers several approaches depending on the MDM implementation and supports most of the MDM vendors in the market.
  • RSA Token Authentication – eliminates the need to use AD credentials for users of secure tokens wishing to connect to Lync servers from external devices and enables Two Factor Authentication based on the token. RSA solution also handles Exchange connectivity.
  • Exchange Protection – protects Exchange Web Services (EWS) against account lockout and limits access to the EWS only from registered device (TFA).
"Connecting to the organization's server using the Lync client from smartphones, tablets and any other device outside the organization poses serious security risks," said Guy Eldan, CEO of AGAT Software, which developed LyncShield. "These risks derive from the need to authenticate a user connecting externally from non-managed environments and devices."

About AGAT Software
AGAT Software is focused on developing solutions related to mobile authentication Security and Smart Card PKI solutions for both authentication and digital signature. AGAT is focused on security solutions for mobile devices using Enterprise Apps requiring Active Directory authentication such as Microsoft Lync and SharePoint.

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AGAT Software 
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