Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ecuador govermment approved 4G Network concession to Telefònica Movistar and America Mòvil Claro.

Ana Proaño National Telecommunications Secretary and Augusto Espin, Telecommunications Minister, talk about the 4G network concession to Movistar and Claro.

Ana Proaño, secretaria Nacional de Telecomunicaciones y Augusto Espín, ministro de Telecomunicaciones, hablan sobre la concesión a Movistar y Claro para la red 4G. Foto: Jenny Navarro / EL COMERCIO

The Ecuadorian government and private Claro and Movistar phone carriers, materialized the concession of the spectrum for 4G and 3G expansion, as reported today, Monday February 2, 2015, by the Telecommunications Minister Augusto Espín, at a press conference . 

The National Telecommunications Council (Conatel) was the entity that approved the negotiation of additional spectrum, this afternoon. As a result, the Ecuadorian State will receive USD 330 million 180 correspond to Claro for 60 megahertz (MHz) and 150 to Movistar  for 50 MHz .

The spectrum is allocated in the bands of 1900 and 1700 and the lease time is up to  2023. 

"The value is USD 3 million per MHz per year." 

"The value is favorable to the state (...) is an important value in the region compared to slightly more than double that claimed in other countries," said the Minister. Espín

 Claro has a higher amount of allocated spectrum due to the larger number of users concentrated in the country. 

On the expansion of import quotas for cell phones, something that was included in the negotiation, Espín said to it is to be discussed at the Committee of Foreign Trade (Comex). 

The Minister said  between this and next week the agendas for to sign the  contracts will be ready and and after sign, spectrum is delivered". 

One of the commitments the telephones companies made,  is  they have to cover nearly 1000 kilometers of roads throughout the country with wireless voice and data. "This assignment will improve the service (cell phone) immediately," said Espin.

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